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Please read the two additional articles listed under Week 3 (either on the "Week 3" page or on the "Additional Articles" page on Canvas) before answering this question. Use these two articles as well as the textbook and/or personal experience to answer the questions below. Also, please pay special attention to using complete sentences and not using fragments or run-ons in your discussion post this week. 

1. Mellinger (2015) discusses coaching styles and the ways they can be utilized to foster positive youth development. He states that the "most effective styles of coaching, according to Self-Determination Theory are those that establish a greater sense of autonomy, relatedness, and competence within the athletes’ minds" (para. 6). Why do you think that is? What are some ways to create an environment that allows youth autonomy, competence, and relatedness?

2. In the article "Coaching for Positive Youth Development: The Right Environment," Senior (2015) suggests eight ways that a coach can be intentional in providing a setting for positive youth development to take place. Which of these do you think is the most important (or do you think there is something more important that the author missed)? Why? Think back to a coach you had who made a difference in your life. What made him or her such a great coach? Did he or she do any of these eight things? to an external site.

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