Case Analysis -The Case Analysis is a comprehensive analysis and strategy recommendation that connects the experiences you are having at your externship to the content of the courses in which you are currently enrolled


Case Analysis: 

Page length: 10 pages (this does not include the cover page and Reference page(s)

  • APA format is mandatory
  • Double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1 inch margin
  • References page(s) is mandatory with at least 5 outside references


Case Analysis:  Your goal in preparing the case should be to create a solid analysis of the situation and a set of recommendations about which managerial and/or technology related actions should be taken. 

{Just FYI -For my Computer Science Management program, in my current semester i have 2 subjects/courses -1. International Business Management 2, Disaster  & Recovery Planning}

In writing your analysis and evaluation, bear in mind four things:

1. You are expected to offer analysis and evidence to back up your conclusions. Do not rely on unsupported opinions, over-generalizations, and platitudes as a substitute for tight, logical argument backed up with facts and figures.

2. If your analysis involves quantitative calculations, use tables and charts to present the calculations clearly and efficiently.

3. Demonstrate that you have command of the course concepts you are applying in your analysis.

4. Your interpretation of the evidence should be reasonable and objective. Avoid presenting a one-sided argument that omits aspects not favorable to your conclusions.

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