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Research Paper  

Every student in the class is expected to do a research paper.   You will need to decide on a topic you would like to research. Please choose carefully, as you may use this same topic in chemistry 2 to construct a power point presentation.

You may choose any topic related to a concept in chemistry.  You will need at least three sources for your paper and they should be from databases or websites ending in .org or .edu.   You will write a research paper on the topic you choose.   

The purpose of the research paper is for you to gain experience in creating one.   My hope is that students will get experience in looking at several sources and be able to put that information in their own words.

To ensure that students write the paper in their own words you will be submitting your papers to "Safe Assignment."   Safe assignment is a tool used by instructors to make sure students are not simply cutting and pasting information from sources.   While it is expected that students will have some quoted information, you should by no means, have most of your paper coming from your sources, verbatim. The goal is for you to put information from your sources in your own words.  Remember, you cannot use goggle docs, you must convert the paper to a word document before submission.

Since your paper is an expository one, you will be explaining a topic to the reader.   You should have one inch margins, double-spaced with a font of 12.   The length of the paper should be 4-6 pages typed. This does NOT include the title page and the bibliography page.

Your paper should include an introduction to let the reader know what you are going to talk about.   The body of the paper should expand on all ideas from your introduction.   The conclusion should be a summary and a place where you share personal opinions or feelings on the topic.   Your title page should include the following:

 Title page:

Title of paper in the middle of the page

Your name at the bottom right of the page

Name of the class under your name

My name under the class name

Although this is not an English class, the paper should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.   Make sure you proofread your paper.   If you need additional help,  MATC has a writing lab that is at your disposal.

Again, you should have three sources that make up your bibliography from reputable databases or websites ending in .org or .edu.   You can find out how to develop a bibliography by using MATC's library website at the link below:  

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.

Topic                                                                1.  Lidocaine  27. Any scientist that relates to chemistry2.  Grelhin (hunger hormone) 28. Bioluminescence3.  Love Canal, 1978  29. How ants communicate4.  Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources  30. History of Matches5.  Agent Orange(2,4-dichlorophenoxyl acetate and(2,4,5-Tricholrophenoxyacetate)Dioxin, defoliation 31. Chemotherapy6.  Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, Scurvy Linus Pauling  32. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales7.  Carbon dating 33. Mining 8.       Arsenic 34. Global Warming9.  Rust: what is it?  How does it form?  How do you prevent it?  35. Atomic Structure10.  Folic acid and your body  36. The History/Development of the Periodic Table11.  Water pollution, PCB’s 37. Fighting Cancer with Proton
Therapy12.  Flame retardants 38.  Important uses for Noble gases13. Alchemy 39. Uranium and nuclear fission14. How batteries work  40. The Gulf oil spill:  What caused it?15.  Antibiotics  41. The Gulf oil spill: How are the ecosystems affected16.  Aspartame  42. The Gulf oil spill: How is it being cleaned up?17.  Black mold and it’s toxins  43. The Gulf oil spill: What is the plan to keep this from happening again?18.  Medicinal uses of gold 44.  Chemicals in cigarette smoke19.  Caffeine  45. The process of purifying our drinking water20.  Harmful effects of atmospheric pollutants: CO, H2S, CO2, N  46: Any element from the periodic table21.  Fireworks  47. Percy Julian--Chemist22.History of Lewis and Bohr Structures  23.  Lead Poisoning  24.  Silicon and Semiconductors  25.  Fluoridation  26.  Dental fillings  

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