C++ coding exercise about Lighting Equations (GLM)

  1. (4 pts) Complete the following function found in light.cpp
    1. (4 pts) color totalColor(const Material &mat, const LightColor &lightColor,
          const dvec3 &v,
          const dvec3 &n,
          const dvec3 &lightPos,
          const dvec3 &intersectionPt,
          bool attenuationOn,
          const LightAttenuationParameters &ATparams);
      For nowYou may assume that attenuationOn will be false. That attenuation is turned off.
  2. (6 pts) Complete the following method in the PositionalLight class:
    1. color PositionalLight::illuminate(const dvec3 &interceptWorldCoords,
         const dvec3 &normal,         const Material &material,         const Frame &eyeFrame, bool inShadow) const;
      1. (4 pts) If light is on and not in shadow, return the value computed by totalColor.
      2. (1 pt) If the light is off (i.e., not on), return black.
      3. (1 pt) If in shadow, return only the ambient contribution.
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