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This assignment consists of one short paper and one informal presentation, and it is 10% of your final grade.

Assignment Overview:

You will analyze an article taken from the business press focused on one of the five topics listed below. The goals of the assignment are to learn how to synthesize information from a contemporary business press resource and reflect on how you will use this information for your own success. The deliverables for the assignment include an informal presentation to educate your peers on your topic as well as a paper that will answer the questions below. 

For the paper, respond to the following questions in no more than two pages, double-spaced, APA format:

· Why is the topic relevant in today’s business world? Be sure to reference specific examples from your article.

· What did you find useful from the article that will contribute to your own future success? Give specific examples.


Be sure to include the title and author of the article and use APA-style in-text citations and a reference list.

Choose one of the following topics for your paper: 

· Problem Solving

· Cultural Awareness

· Motivation

· Self-Management

· Self-Efficacy

For information on how to search for a relevant article, use the instructional video and InfoGuide below:

Articles can be taken from any of the following:

-- The Wall Street Journal 

-- Forbes

-- The New York Times 

-- The Washington Post

-- Harvard Business Press

-- The Financial Times

-- The Economist

-- Bloomberg Businessweek (formerly BusinessWeek)

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