Building Plan Reading Assignment



  1. Where is this project located (cross streets)?
  2. Where do you find this information and why is it important?
  3. Metal stud walls are dimensioned from where to where?
  4. Masonry walls are dimensioned where to where?
  5. Where do you find this information?
  6. What special inspections are required?
  7. Why should you refer to the specifications?
  8. What does ACT stand for?
  9. What does BRG stand for?
  10. What does TYP stand for?
  11. What does HB stand for?
  12. What is the applicable building code/year for this structure?
  13. What’s the occupancy group?
  14. What’s the construction type?
  15. What’s the Seismic Design Category?
  16. What sheet is the life safety plan on?
  17. What does the Life Safety Plan tell you?
  18. What sheet is the Architectural Site plan on?
  19. How many parking spaces on planned for this site?
  20. How large is the lot?
  21. What is the lot #?
  22. What is the TYP size of a parking space?
  23. What does this symbol mean - HC.png?
  24. How many parking spaces are provided?
  25. What is the overall width and length of the parking lot?
  26. What is the NW lot line bearing and length?
  27. What is the south lot line bearing and length?
  28. What is supposed to happen to the existing trees?
  29. What’s the scale of the architectural site plan?
  30. What’s the scale of the floor plans?
  31. What do the tick marks on that scale =?
  32. What is the difference between the dimension plan, annotation plan, and reflected ceiling plan?
  33. What do the numbers under the room names mean? Why is this important?
  34. What do the numbers at the doors mean?
  35. What does the Red Walls denote?
  36. What does the blue walls denote?
  37. What is the SF of Room 234?
  38. What sheet do you find this information?
  39. What does A203 denote?
  40. What does denote - Section.png?
  41. What sheet is Break Room East-West Section #2 on?
  42. What elevation is the penthouse floor?
  43. What sheet is the North Exterior Curtain Wall Section #4 on?
  44. What sheet is the ADA mounting heights?
  45. What height is the fire extinguisher to be mounted?
  46. What height is the hand dryer to be mounted?
  47. What section detail is 14-A510?
  48. What’s the direction and slope?
  49. What section detail is 8-A510?
  50. What’s the stud size and spacing?
  51. What does 5/8” GYP. BD. mean?
  52. What sheet is the door schedule on?
  53. What is the type, width, height, thickness, material of door #110A
  54. What is the Frame type of door 219 and its fire rating?
  55. What sheet does the structural plans start on?
  56. What is the size of column EE-6
  57. What is the footing size of column G-1
  58. What is the size of column AA-3
  59. What is the beam size between column G-3 & G-1 on the second floor?
  60. Where does take you - Take you.png?
  61. What’s the spacing of the 18K6 members on the roof/penthouse framing plan?
  62. What sheet is the concrete footing schedule on?
  63. How thick Is footing FS8.0?
  64. What sheet is the Mechanical HVAC Details on?
  65. Who is the manufacturer of the AHU-1?
  66. Where is the AHU-1 Located in the building?
  67. What is the ductwork size in room 120?
  68. What VAV is in room 133?
  69. What sheet are the electrical panel box schedules on?
  70. What light is called out in room 220?
  71. What does an outlet symbol look like?
  72. How many outlets in room 131?
  73. What does General Note of the electrical sheet say?
  74. What sheet is the water heater schedule on?
  75. Who is the water heater manufacturer?
  76. How many toilets in this building?
  77. What size si the main drain line as it exists the building?
  78. Who installs the gas meter and where di you find it?
  79. What size is the fire protection sprinkler line in room 133?
  80. What’s the most important thing to know about MEP systems?
  81. 20-point bonus question. Get it wrong and its worth 0.  Get it right and its worth 20 points
    1. What’s the spacing of the play wires?
    2. What’s the angle of the play wires?
    3. What’s the Gauge of the play wires?
    4. Where did you find this information?


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