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Work Breakdown Structure for Project Management Terms and Concepts

The WBS below illustrates different major tasks that shall be performed for the low-rise building construction project. Organized into three main levels, the WBS includes various tasks for enhancing major productivity.

1.0 Project Initiation

1.1 Project Scope Definition

1.1.1 Identification of old buildings for demolition

1.1.2 Assessment of Building Regulations

1.1.3 Connect building regulations to existent performance

1.2 Project Objectives Development

1.2.1 Define specifications for residential buildings

1.2.2 Liaise with organizational departments

1.2.3 Develop a proper budget

2.0 Architectural Planning

2.1 Architectural Concept

2.1.1 Develop floor plans

2.1.2 Develop a plan for using recycled materials in the design

2.1.3 Product projected end product for integrating recycled materials

2.2 Engineering and Structural Design

2.2.1 Develop structural drawings

2.2.2 Develop drawings that conform to building standards

2.2.3 Incorporate wall volume and heat loss in drawings

3.0 Resource Acquisition and Management

3.1 Acquire Recycled Materials

3.1.1 Liaise with officials from the Ministry of Regional Development

3.1.2 Establish a well-structured procurement process

3.1.3 Obtain permission to use recycled materials

3.2 Budget Allocation

3.2.1 Develop a properly planned budget

3.2.2 Allocate resources like finances and materials to suitable staff

3.2.3 Divide duties according to the suitable professionals

3.3 Coordinate with government ministry

3.3.1 Present project proposal to government officials

3.3.2 Acquire approvals

4.0 Implementation

4.1 Demolition of Old Buildings

4.1.1 Plan the development process

4.1.2 Execute demolition process

4.2 Framework Construction

4.2.1 Develop a foundation for the project

4.2.2 Assemble necessary resources

4.2.3 Install facilities

5.0 Project Monitoring and Closure

5.1 Monitoring of Progress

5.1.1 Implement regular team meetings to generate reviews of progress

5.1.2 Analyze and address any unforeseeable challenges

5.2 Final Inspections

5.2.1 Implement quality check sessions

5.2.2 Access approval for expected end-user

5.3 Project Documentation

5.3.1 Document different project activities

5.3.2 Close Project