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For this essay, you will explore the key concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism and relate them to events in the real world.


  1. Find a NEWS article that addresses an example of ethnocentrism. (A news article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine tsuch as the New York Times, FOX, The Washington Post, VICE, etc. that addresses a current event. It does not include sources like Wikipedia, eHow, dictionaries, academic journals, or other information websites.)
  2. Write a 300 word essay that answers the following questions:
    1. What is culture?
    2. What are ethnocentrism and cultural relativism?
    3. How does the artlcle you chose exemplify the ethnocentrism at work in the world today, and how would a cultural relativistic approach improve the situation?
  3. Discuss with details and tie the findings in the article to what you learned.
  4. Your essay should be:
    • A total of 300 words or more.
    • Written in complete sentences and paragraphs.
    • Proof-read for clarity.
    • Use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.
    • Original work and will be checked for plagiarism.
    • Cite your sources – type references according to the APA Style Guide.
      • Essays without proper citations and/or large portions copied from other sources will receive a zero.
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