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You are the digital marketing manager for your company, and your senior executives in Information Technology and Digital Marketing have assigned you the task of developing a 1 day company conference and workshop addressing the latest data privacy concerns, laws and training needed to ensure the company is up to speed with what’s going on in the market.They ask for you to build a short power point presentation that will outline the key topics for the event. Your job is to build out a 1 day agenda and identify:

  1. What are 5 key topics around data privacy, law and digital marketing would you propose to ensure the company is up to speed?
  2. Build one slide per topic and provide the title of the topic, then 3-4 bullet points explaining the importance of the topic and fundamentally what it will be about
  3. Provide a 2 bullet points and the advantage of learning this topic

In summary, each slide should be one topic for 6 total topics to include:

  • Title/Name of Topic
  • Reasons/Explanation: 3-4 bullet Points
  • Learning Advantage: 1-2 bullet points

This power point presentation should be 8 slides in length, to include title slide, 6 individual topic slides, and a THANK YOU slide at the end.The power point can be in any format and style. However it needs to have a professional tone and mirror what an executive audience would expect. Spelling, grammar and formatting will be evaluated.

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