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UCSD BILD 1: The Cell Melinda T. Owens, Instructor

Updated 12-20-21

BILD 1: The Cell Biologist Journal #16


There are no right or wrong answers! Thinking about the Final Exam…

This is undoubtedly a busy time of the quarter for you, with a lot of projects due and exams coming soon. This journal is a chance to reflect on what you still need to do for BILD 1 and come up with a plan to get it done.

A) Please review the Final Exam study guide and all the previous Midterm study guides. Remember that the exam is cumulative and will be the address all the learning objectives we have not yet covered on any exam. (To see which learning objectives were covered by previous exams, you can look at the answer key for each Midterm.)

B) Write a note of at least 200 words to help you make a plan for your studying. It should address the following prompts:

1. In what areas do I have the most confusions?

2. Taking into account strategies that have worked well for me previously in this course and my other commitments, what is my plan for actively getting my questions answered and my confusions clarified?

This exercise is intended to help you be metacognitive, which in part means to reflect on what you do and don’t understand and to create a plan with that in mind.

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