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UCSD BILD 1: The Cell Updated 12-31-19

BILD 1: The Cell Final Reflection


Summary: >800 words total of your own ideas (20pts) There are no right or wrong answers!

The goal of this Final Reflection is for you to look back on your experiences and learning this quarter in BILD 1. From neurobiology, cognitive science, and psychology, we know that reflection is key to remembering and learning.

For your Final Reflection, please reflect broadly on your experiences in BILD 1 this quarter. Please consider all of your experiences, including but not limited to lecture experiences, discussion section experiences, homework, reading assignments, office hours, study groups, and other experiences outside the class setting.

A) Please write a reflection that is at least 800 words in length in response to the following prompt:

What did you learn from your experiences in BILD 1 this quarter that will continue to influence you for many years to come?

How did you learn these things?

Please be as specific as you can and provide examples whenever possible to support the statements you make. Be sure to share your thoughts in complete sentences.

Your Final Reflection can earn you up to 20 points. It will be graded based on: 1) exceeding 800 words, 2) being submitted on time, 3) addressing the prompt in the box above, and 4) evidence of thoughtful reflection and organized writing on your part. NOTE: There is no single or “right” way to approach this reflection. That said, your reflection should not simply recount or list the activities that you have done this quarter. Also, your reflection should not be an evaluation of the course, as there have been multiple other opportunities for that.

Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and honest reflection!