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Course Overview

Welcome to BEHS 300!

This course introduces you to the concepts, research methods, research issues, and data collection techniques of the social and behavioral sciences. You will learn how psychology, sociology, anthropology, and gerontology each use the scientific method to approach the study of social issues. Although these disciplines rely on the same basic scientific principles, each contributes its own unique data collection methodologies and concentrates on the development of specific skills for gathering information. You will learn how the use of mixed methods, when appropriate, can aid social scientists in formulating a more integrated interdisciplinary understanding of complex social situations.

This course also addresses key concepts necessary to foster critical thinking and good oral and written communication skills in social science majors as they build a solid foundation to pursue a career in a social science or other fields. These concepts include theory-based research, validity and reliability, program evaluation, proposal and report writing, and the ethical treatment of research study participants.

Course Learning Outcomes

· Differentiate the research methods used in the individual disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and gerontology.

· Explain the importance of using mixed methods to study complex social issues.

· Explain the importance of following ethical guidelines in social science research.

· Identify the steps in conducting social science research and demonstrate the link between theory, research, and analysis.

· Effectively communicate the relevance of social science research in addressing a current social issue.