Alumni Field Generator SIL

This assignment is for a Significant Impact Analysis (SIL), for a Solar Turbines Taurus 60 gas turbine power generation package.

This is using the AERMOD files that you have generated. At this point there should be a Fenceline with a receptor grid that has Z elevation and Z-Hill elevations. You have 5 years of AERMET data files using the Bert Mooney Airport surface files and Great Falls upper air. You will not have to redo any of this. 

Save this AERMOD run as a separate file. Delete the current building. Delete the stack parameters with the exception of location and elevation. 

Your assignment is to take the information in the attached files to add an appropriate building and update the stack parameters. You will also need to add and name pollutants on the Control Options. The AERMOD run should be for 5 years of meteorological data. 2016-17-18-19-20. Make the AERMOD modeling run and view the outputs. I have included a SIL table.

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