ATOD - Alcohol and Addiction;



alcohol and alcoholism class. The ATOD profession is enhanced by new specialists reviewing current practices and developing improved services. For the ATOD Professional Enhancement Project, students will apply their knowledge from the course to a community of their choice in Arkansas. Students will develop a project to enhance treatment services in a specific community that will include the following components:

  • Identification of the classifications of drugs that will be treated and what participants will be taught about these drugs= 9 point value.
  • The model or models of addiction to be used and an explanation of why the model or models were selected= 9 point value.
  • The level of care that will be provided. For example, outpatient, detoxification, residential= 9 point value.
  • Explanation of pharmacotherapies to be used= 9 point value.
  • Description of how participants will be assisted with stopping their use of tobacco products = 9 point value.

 Students will also be graded on the use of correct spelling and grammar= 5 point value. It is not required that students present their Enhancement Project to the community selected for the project.

The ATOD Professional Enhancement Project is worth a total of 50 points and is due on the date indicated on the Course Schedule section of this Course Syllabus.

Video Presentation of Community Education Program- Students will orally present a summary of their Community Education Program to the class and instructor on the date indicated on the Course Schedule of the Course Syllabus. The oral presentation should last 7-10 minutes and include the following components:

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