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There are many real-world applications of polynomial functions. In business, the revenue, profit, and demand can be modelled by polynomial functions. An architect may design bridges or other structures using polynomial curves, while a demographer may predict population trends using polynomial functions.

1. Research the internet to find an example of how polynomial functions are used in the real world. Discuss this in 4 to 5 sentences.

2. Create a polynomial application problem*. The problem should be at the ***grade 12 Advanced Functions level***. If it looks like a question you did in grade 10 or 11 math or physics involving quadratics (max height/profit/revenue/zeros for example), you will not get a level four on this assignment.

Provide a full solution with explanations *in your own words* to the problem so that your classmates may attempt the problem and have the solution available.

*Find/create a problem where the full solution isn't provided by another resource (textbook/online). You can make the question original by changing the numbers in the question and/or context of the question. If you leave the question unchanged and/or copy your solution in part or in whole from another source, it will be considered plagiarized and receive a mark of zero.

If you would like to include a diagram or graph (recommended) as a part of your solution, please e-mail me the diagram/graph.

Cite your work even if you changed the numbers or used another question as a reference.

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