Assignment: Final Project Milestone 3 - due in 14 hours


due in 14 hours

Assignment: Final Project Milestone 3

A City Museum: Site Selection Research and Annotated Bibliography

This week you will select a site for your museum out of the three options offered below. Each scenario presents a specific problem. You then need to justify your choice for the scenario you chose, explaining how you plan to address the problem presented in the scenario.

For Final Project Milestone 3, you must:

  1. Decide on one of the three given sites for your museum
  2. Conduct research to find at least two articles that support and justify your choice of museum site.
  3. Download the “Week 4 Annotated Bibliography: Museum Site Research” worksheet found in this week’s Learning Resources area.
  4. Fill out the worksheet indicating which site you have chosen and how each of the articles you have found supports your choice. This worksheet will grow bigger as you write to accommodate your answers so no additional paper needs to be written to address these questions.
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