Are you Happily Productive or Productively Happy?


 1. How might the relationship between happiness and productivity be approached by each of the major motivational theories discussed in the chapter in organization? 

2. What factors help you to engage you in a task? What factors tend to contribute to "positivity" when you're working on a task? What factors tend to make your attitude negative? 

3. Paul Larson says that "people tend to join a company but leave their supervisor." Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer. 

4. According to Alexander Kjerulf, there are two things that you can do enhance happiness in your work life: 

(1) get happy in the job you have or (2) get another job. In your opinion, which of these options is most likely to be successful? Personally, which option appeals to you more? If you must accept option 

(1), what steps would you take to make yourself happier in a job? 

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