Applied Sciences MSW6008 week 1 Week 1 – Assignment: Analyze Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Relationships and Approaches


Reflect on diverse IC teams within the context of your own social work identity. Think broadly about your current knowledge and experience (if you have any) in a specific area of interest to you in social work (e.g., mental health, child welfare, substance abuse, policy, etc.). Then, make a list of all the different individuals, professionals, and organizations that might be considered as “stakeholders”- those who have an interest in, or who are affected by—social work services and practice in your chosen area. 

Explore how these stakeholders from different and various professions might differ in perspective, but also work together to address the issue. Finally, discuss your personal role as a social worker and how your social work values would contribute to the team of individuals you have analyzed. 

Include supportive, scholarly resources as appropriate.  

Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pages  

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