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Educational Research Activity (Impact of Performance-based Assessment Literature Review:

 Literature Review: (Individual Activity for Knowledge)

The first phase requires teacher candidates to select and review at least 5 journal articles written after 2015 on “Theories” underpinning assessment.   They are to use the literature review to write a 3-page research paper on the philosophy, rationale, advantages, disadvantages, implications, and impacts of “Curriculum-based assessment or performance-based assessment” as a means of measuring students’ learning outcomes (SLO).  How does this type of measure differ from the “High-stakes Testing?”  The instructor should sense from reading the research paper that the teacher candidate grasps both the knowledge of the benefits and limitations of assessment, and how to use it in the teaching and learning arena. (Suggestion: Reviewing articles that address assessment of students’ learning in your area of concentration or teaching assignment will be more beneficial.)

Format for writing and submitting the Literature review:

  1. Must be written in APA style with the reviewed articles cited in the research paper
  2. Must be typed or word-processed (double spaced) in 12 fonts of Times New Roman
  3. Must have one (1) inch margin all around - top and bottom, left and right
  4. Must have a running head placed at top-right of each page
  5. Pages must be numbered beginning with the abstract page as number 2
  6. Must have a separate cover page as number 1 (not numbered)
  7. Must have a separate reference(s) page (placed after the body of the paper and numbered)
  8. Tables of the original articles reviewed must be submitted as appendices (not numbered and placed last) 
  9. Cover, abstract, reference pages, and appendices do not count as part of the 5-page research paper.
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