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Assessment 1:

Part 2) Using the literature- Annotated bibliography

Using the literature searches you conducted in Part 1) you must:

1. Select three pieces of peer-reviewed literature (that you found using your searches).

2. Write a short, annotated bibliography for each source using the University Annotated Bibliography Info Sheet published by the Academic Learning Centre (which is located in the eReading List).

3. Write a short overview of the actual or potential implications of the three pieces of peer-reviewed literature on the four (4) phases of emergency and disaster management (that is, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery). Your short overview will be up to 250 words.

**Three pieces of peer-reviewed literature-

Article 1: Hopkins, B., & Dowell, D. (2022). Recruitment and retention in not-for-profit organisations: tailored strategies for younger and older volunteers. Employee Relations, 44(1), 259–273.

Article 2: Compion, S., Meijs, L., Cnaan, R. A., Krasnopolskaya, I., von Schnurbein, G., & Abu-Rumman, S. (2022). Repeat and Non-returning Volunteers: The Promise of Episodic Events for Volunteer Recruitment and Retention. Voluntas (Manchester, England), 33(3), 472–482.

Article 3: Fallon, B. J., & Rice, S. M. (2015). Investment in staff development within an emergency services organisation: comparing future intention of volunteers and paid employees. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(4), 485–500.