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Discussion 1

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

If your assessment score results showed a high score in agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openess, determine how you can use your findings to get along with co-workers that may have different assessment results. Evaluate how you would handle stressful situations, manage change, and stay motivated.

Discussion 2

Your posts during the week should include at least three citations overall, at least one of which is not our textbook. Some posts, especially when adding your personal examples, might be citation-free, but work to hit the three citations total during the week. Note that by citations I mean an in-text citation and a reference list.

Imagine you received a promotion and were going to interview candidates to replace you in your previous role.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What are 3 experience-based situational interview questions you might ask each candidate?What would you expect to learn about the candidate from his or her response to each question? 

Discussion 3

Do we see any risks involved for the US MNC in terms of bordering countries?

How does the outdated percentage for expenditures for education as % of GDP give us clues about whether or not we may find employees with high-task orientation? If the government is not investing in its people to assure its people are educated, what might a US entrant expect in terms of quality of employees?

Finally, consider religion because religious differences can be a risk. Do you foresee that religious differences between the United States and China may be a risk? If so, how? If not, why? 

How much English is spoken in Italy? Why might this be important for a US negotiator?

Run the Hofstede analysis web tool's site side by side comparison feature using Italy and the USA. What stands out? I have given you an image to show comparison. What differences may be risks? What similarities may be opportunities. Read the different areas for each country beneath the graph in the analysis tool and make more observations about cultural dimensions.

If a USA executive was to be placed in your country to run an independent subsidiary, what traits would she or he likely need to best succeed in your country?

How do cultural attitudes about work and play relate to the effective management styles within the country? For instance would indirect or direct communication styles be more effective?

The areas you need to amend are in the corruption section. Rather than placing in Global Barometer and Global Corruption Report, I need to see Anti-bribery enforcement "low, moderate, or high" and % control of corruption.

I would like to see more non-tariff barriers to trade for trade policies. Please use this link to find data about how the UK government intervenes in trade, check this out: UK Trade Barriers You will find lots of information about how the UK protects itself.

Let's continue expanding the observations, please.

How about the cost of living? If we establish a direct entry to the UK, we will have employees (expatriates) living and working in the UK. Take a look here: Cost of Living Comparison

To what degree do you feel your country is exercising protectionist tendencies in their regulatory policies?

Are the labor laws going to be more or less costly to a US-based firm if they enter the market directly?

Try expanding observations more to show implications for the US entrant.

How does China manipulate its currency to show a better picture of economic health than is a reality?

Let's look at government debt trends: Government Debt to GDP

How are we trending and what might this mean for the government's ability to manage the economy?

Research the nature of the FDI Inflows and which industries within the country are attracting foreign investment attention. What would you think as an executive if you saw foreign direct investment start to slow or actually reverse toward leaving the country? We see some BIG ups and downs in the five-year trends above. Why are some country's FDI data not reliable or skewed? Is your country employing an open, mixed, or command economic ideology? Is that more or less stable in today's globally integrated economic environment compared to the [region, USA, neighboring country]?

Try to offer several years economic data to show a trend in growth up or down in each category. Your observations can then ask if you feel the trend will continue and why. This is a great link for viewing the indicators and clicking on the graph to the right of the indicator to view the trends: Trading Economics

Keep using your critical thinking skills for economic environment. We have more to be weary of than we realize and we want to discuss the drawbacks a bit more.

I really need much more analysis of economic indicators in your observation

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