Aim Proposal


QUESTION: how do you think covid 19 immunity? 

1. Create a ONE PAGE Specific Aims Page using the Example templates. Use no less than 10 Font (Times New Roman or spaced. Figures or diagrams are optional.

2. Your Aims Page should include background explaining relevant researen/indingstrompro

studies and how your proposal addresses a gap in knowledge

3. You should include in-text citations and reference formats as shown in Specific Aims Page

Example 1. References are not included in the one-page limit

4. You must propose an overall hypothesis and propose 3 different alms to test that hypothesis.

The aims should not overlap to ensure that if one falls, they do not all fall. 

5. For each aim, you must specify a method or approach, at least one appropriate positive control, and one appropriate negative control. First, you must specify which model system you prose using, such as in vitro human cells, genetically engineered mice, or other laboratory animals.

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