Administration long term care UNIT 4 (5 PAGES - 5 REFERENCES APA)



Uncle Joe is a 78-year-old male living in a nursing home for the past 10 years after his retirement. He has Alzheimer's disease and has not slept enough at night. He has no recollection of his family, and all contacts that he had on the books about relatives were outdated. He was last visited 4 months ago by his only son, who since died in the war. Because of his mental status, he cannot decide for himself about his care or other issues.

At night, Uncle Joe wanders into other resident's rooms, which often ends in a fight with residents being injured. The facility was recently sued by another resident, and management had to settle with a considerable amount of money.

Uncle Joe was recently placed on one-to-one for close monitoring by a nursing assistant. Most of the nursing assistants assigned to Joe have not been patient with him. It has been challenging to redirect him or persuade him to follow instructions. Often, the nursing assistants have been restraining Joe with belts, whereas other assistants pinch him to gain control. The other day, a social worker came in and saw the bruises and spots on Uncle Joe and requested an immediate investigation into the matter. Two of the nursing assistants who were caught on camera abusing Uncle Joe were terminated immediately. The issue was not reported to the state as required by law.

Prepare at least a 5-page observation and assessment outlining protocols and procedures for dealing with residents like Uncle Joe. In your memo, make sure that you address the points listed below. Cite at least 5 sources.

  1. Explain the rights and responsibilities that Uncle Joe has as a resident and why he was not been allowed to make decisions for himself.
  2. Discuss the procedures of decision making for a person with mental impairment.
  3. Define ethical and legal issues at play in this scenario. How would you address them?
  4. Describe and state the importance of a resident advocate and why one should be assigned to Uncle Joe.
  5. Explain how resident advocates help to bring change in resident care in facilities.
  6. Explain the abuses that Uncle Joe underwent, and share how such issues be handled correctly.
  7. Discuss the political and social impact of advocacy on resident care.
  8. Identify how the government can help improve the quality of care of residents.
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