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Learn About Learning Styles.

Barbara Soloman and Richard Felder at North Carolina State Universityhave researched different learning styles. They created an instrument to assess learning styles on these 4 dimensions:

1. Active/reflective

2. Sensing/intuitive

3. Visual/verbal

4. Sequential/global

Find out more about each of these learning styles at their website ( (Links to an external site.)). Answer their Index of Learning Styles (ILS) questionnaire (there are no right or wrong answers) to learn more about your learning style. PrtScn/ snapshot your results( I attached two Screen Shots for me and my friend Martin). Compare your scores on the ILS questionnaire with the scores of 1 coworker(attached file Martin use it ). Write a summary paragraph (10 sentences) of the results you observed and what the results mean for you as a trainee.

In your summary, INCLUDE (in the 10 sentence paragraph) the answer this question: "Does any one of the training methods described in this chapter meet the needs of all the different learning styles that Felder and Soloman describe on their website?" Why or Why not (explain in 1 paragraph/5 sentences).

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