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Make a PowerPoint Presentation about Cocaine to include Crack as well.

You may craft your presentation any way you desire as long as you fulfill the defined requirement.. Your presentations must meet the following criteria:


_____ Slide you decide how many you will need; I would say 10-12 slides minimum.

_____ Use proper coloring for your slides

_____ Provide couple pictures and show representation of each

_____ Do not use lots of text in your PowerPoint Presentation

_____ 20 minutes in length;

_____ Content accurately and fully presented

_____Engage the class in some type of activity (Think creatively! This can include dyads or groups discussion, games, quizzes, etc.) (I can work on this, so you can skip this part)

_____Bring in 1 supplemental material (How can you relate the outside world to what we are learning in class? This can be current news pertaining to treatment, videos, academic articles)

_____Provide info/ or write in notes under each slide what to talk for each slide.

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DAAC 1319 CHAPTER PRESENTATION – Instructions and Rubric

Marking Scheme for presentations



Mark for detail, then award overall mark for each section

1=poor 5=best






1) Presentation and Content

Introduction and Structure: Identifies objectives, purpose, gains audience’s attention logical, clear, comprehensive

Key points: displays a good grasp of the subject; addresses

core issues is appropriate for audience, clear, explicit, specific.

Activity: Presentation engages the class in some sort of activity to include discussion

Visual aids: appropriate, well executed, pictures, tables and diagrams (if used) are

used intelligently

Supplemental material: relevant to course material



2) Communication and Teamwork

Clear speech: audible and controlled

Personal energy: has enthusiasm, show confidence/control; avoids reading from

notes; addresses whole audience, projects personality,

Audience engaged: attention captured and sustained

Questions: handled effectively and informatively

Teamwork: Integrated group effort

Timekeeping: Finished in allocated time, 20minutes



3) Personal Work

Member contribution: is the member contributing sufficiently to the presentation?

Presentation: Student presented in a professional manner, dressed appropriately,

and maintained enthusiasm throughout presentation

Knowledge: Student demonstrated knowledge by providing details about tasks

performed or new learning associated with related course

Effectiveness: Objectives have been met

Message was communicated and understood. The experience was a pleasurable one!



4) Outline

Clearly organized: legible and coherent order

Introduction: Briefly detailed

Most pertinent topics: Briefly detailed

Conclusion: Briefly detailed

Activity: Provide short description



Add the marks for each section together to mark out of 25 /20