A Dolls House


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Type a minimum 5-page (not counting the Works Cited list) essay in MLA format on the following prompts. Use at least one primary source (the play A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen) and at least one scholarly secondary source (a peer-reviewed journal article or a book). Also, remember to use some terms of literary criticism (protagonist, antagonist, static character, dynamic character, dramatic irony, subtext, symbolism, theme, metaphor, anagnorisis, peripeteia, etc.).

1. The circumstances and trappings of our immediate environments frame our lives and carry meanings. These functions are intensified in plays. What do you find to be the most significant and symbolically resonant aspects of the setting, props, and costumes of A Doll’s House? You may choose from the following suggestions or think of others: the macro setting of Norway at Christmas, the Christmas tree, the stove, the door to Helmer’s study and the door to the hallway, the table, the letterbox, the macaroons, the lamp, the stockings, Nora’s Italian peasant costume, Dr. Rank’s business cards, cigars, champagne. You may refer to movie clips to develop your points.