6552 wk 8 discussion - case study



For this Case Study Discussion, you will propose a differential diagnosis with a minimum of 3 possible conditions or diseases. You will prioritize these diagnoses and explain which you would recommend.

Focused SOAP NOTE with the following:

· Differential diagnosis (dx) with a minimum of 3 possible conditions or diseases.

· Define what you believe is the most important diagnosis. Be sure to include the first priority in conducting your assessment.

· Explain which diagnostic tests and treatment options you would recommend for your patient and explain your reasoning.

Your differential diagnosis, what you believe the most important diagnosis is and why, additional diagnostic tests and treatments and rationales are what this assignment and grading is focused on. Your critical thinking for this assignment


MUST BE SCHOLARY ( do not use WebMD, MAYO Clinic, Cleveland clinic, or any public website that are not scholarly)

Case Study: Obstetrics

Phillipa Hudson is a 29-year-old female presenting today at your clinic with a positive home pregnancy test. Her medical history is negative. Surgical history is negative. Gyn history 1st menses age 12, with cycles coming every 28 days and lasting for 5 days. Her pap and std history are negative. She has been taking a woman’s gummy vitamin for the past year. 

Her OB history is: 

See attachment #2.


Phillipa relates her last period (LMP) was 12-25-2022. She reports breast tenderness, fatigue,

and nausea (which is what made her suspect she was pregnant).

***Complete using attachment #1 for focused note***

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