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Getting Started Podcast

Podcasts originated in 2004, when MTV VJ Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer distributed their shows Daily Source Code and Morning Coffee Notes via RSS feed. The most popular podcast to date, Serial, has been downloaded 340 million times! Clearly, people are talking…and people are listening (Sternbergh, 2019). Podcasts offer information, but often go beyond that to engage listeners in ways that allow us to connect with one another. Podcasts are fairly easy and inexpensive to produce, and they cater to the podcasters’ personal interests (Sternbergh, 2019). Since by virtue of being enrolled in the BSOL program, it is evident that you are interested in organizational leadership, the key project for this course is to create your own podcast! Are you ready to get creative?

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Create a podcast that explores the key themes of the psychology of leadership.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. For this course project, create your very own Podcast to discuss one or more aspects of the psychology of leadership. Your podcast should last from 10–15 minutes. All of the new and developing tools in your toolkit that you have gained from this course may be considered for use in your presentation. Here are some topics that may be helpful as you consider themes for your podcast (but you are not limited to these topics):
    1. Toxic leadership
    2. Psychological safety
    3. Social influence
    4. Personality influences on leader behaviors
    5. Human performance and motivation
  3. Consult the  Podcasting for Beginners website for ideas on how to set up and record your podcast. Do your best to make your podcast as interesting and appealing as possible. You may record it with or without a guest(s). It is also permissible for you to work with a fellow classmate (limit of one partner) to create a single podcast that you both may submit as your completed assignment.
  4. Here are recommended options you can consider when recording and submitting the podcast. However, feel free to use your own method.
    1. If you are creating a podcast by yourself, use the “Record Audio” button in the Assignment submission page. When you’ve completed your recording, choose the “Add” button to enter the title and brief description.
    2. If you are creating a podcast with someone else, use virtual communication software to record your conversation. You should download the recorded audio file. In the Assignment submission page, use the “Add a File” button to upload the recorded audio file. Before you submit, enter the title and brief description in the Comments box.
  5. Submit it by the end of the workshop.

Review the associated rubric

Access the assignment submission page