5-7page,role play paper for negotiation



This is an individual Mediation assignment. It is your signature assignment for the term and is worth 15 points. This is a combination of the weekly assignment and role play. There is no written assignment and role play for week six.

Read the attached information.
Assume the first role, that of Samantha (Sam) Pinder, Executive V.P. of Finance, a mediator/facilitator. Two other roles are also printed out to assist you in understanding how the parties view the dispute.
Resolve this dispute using the Steps in the Mediation Process and the Mediator's guide which follows the role information.

Detail what takes place at each step. In the end, describe the outcome for all parties.

The length of the paper should be approximately 5-7 pages, double-spaced and in 12 point type using Microsoft Word.

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