Measurement Strategy: Develop a measurement strategy for your program evaluation that defines the general methods and specific tools you will use to collect data. Consider the indicators that will be used in the evaluation. How have these indicators been used in other program evaluations? What measurement strategies will be used to collect data on these indicators (e.g., surveys, observation, health records)? In what ways will you collect the data (e.g., phone survey, mail survey, interview)?

 Validity: Justify your measurement strategy in terms of validity. What are the internal validity characteristics of your measure? What are the external validity concepts that may be considered for your measurement strategy?

 Reliability: What are the reliability characteristics of your measures (e.g., internal consistency, stability)? Justify your measurement strategy using the concepts of reliability. Be sure to address both the internal consistency and stability of your measurement strategy.

Submission: 2-3 paragraphs, APA format 

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