2 Discussions and 1 Case Study and 1 Weekly summary


Discussion 3.1

What is a bond?  What is the importance/value of bonds?

Discussion 3.2

Differentiate between a Chapter 7 Liquidation and a Chapter 11 re-organization. List the priority of claims for the distribution of a liquidated firm's assets.

Case Study 3.1

Complete Chapter 5 Mini-Case in your textbook (page 236)

Answer the following questions: A, B, C, D, I, L, P.

Writing Requirements

  • 3–5 pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
  • Include at least two peer reviewed sources that are properly cited

Attached are the screen shots of the Questions from text book 

Weekly Summary 3.1 

Weekly Summary 3.1

100 words 

Each week you will write and submit a brief summary of the important concepts learned during the week. The summary will include a summary of the instructor's weekly lecture including any videos included in the lecture.

Writing Requirements

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