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My research Question: what effect (mental) does social media have on kids of 14 to 20 years?

Purpose and Knowledge: You are required to write a short proposal for your research paper. A proposal’s general purpose is to argue that a project is worth exploring and to present a plan for that project. Depending on the context, the form and content of a proposal can vary greatly. Practicing this type of argument is a great skill because proposing ideas and planning their execution shows up in a range of workplaces. In our course, the proposal will justify the research question that you’ve selected, indicate why it is worth exploring, and present your plan for the rest of the project.

Skills: This assignment will require you to do use the skills outlined below. Developing a complex research question Plan and construct a formal analytical research project. Defend and explain the plan in clear and concise writing.

Directions: In a brief piece of at least 500-750 words please share your plan for the Inquiry Essay. This is your last chance to change your research question, so make sure you’ve considered it thoroughly. Address the items below in your proposal.

- An introduction paragraph o Introduce the general topic o Explain your interest in the general topic o End with the research question that you’ve chosen. - Body paragraphs Body Paragraph 1 o Share what preliminary research reveals about the topic and use it to show why the topic matters You must reference at least one specific quote from a source located during preliminary research. Body Paragraph 2 o Outline how you will approach the research process. A projected timeline that includes when you will have all your source material, when you will have read all source material, when you will complete your drafts and seek outside feedback. Include an indication of the type of information that you need. You should reference primary and secondary sources.

- Conclusion o Indicate challenges you anticipate and possible solutions. Avoid the superficial and consider what about the topic might be a challenge to research. Sources Your works cited page will include at least one source. This should be a product of y