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Blog: “Layers of Me”: Personal Aspirations

Self-assessment is not only common but is also expected for humanitarian professionals. It allows you to evaluate your skills, values, and aspirations as well as how you fit within the profession. It also provides guidance about skills that you might need to develop. A strong humanitarian professional looks inside him- or herself to be able to understand the needs of others.

To prepare for this Assignment, review the media, “Layers of Me: Introduction.” Think about your professional aspirations in becoming a humanitarian professional. In what work do you aspire to engage? Where do you think you might fit best?

To complete your blog Assignment:

Create a 1-page blog post in which you do the following:

  • Describe your aspirations for becoming a humanitarian professional.
  • Explain what brought you to this field. Describe any prior experiences that you have had that have influenced you to engage in this type of profession.
  • Explain two elements of the profession that you find most exciting and why and two potential elements of the professional that you might consider challenging and why.
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