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Group Wiki Project Timeline
Caressa Prine, Racquel Walsh, and Maria Wardlow
Master of Social Work
SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice II
Dr. Mary E Larscheid
December 19, 2021
Group Wiki Project Timeline
+ + + + + +Kelly White is a 35-year-old Caucasian female with two children: ten-year-old Bobby and
14-year-old Kevin. The children’s father went to jail a year ago on drug related charges. Kelly
has started working two jobs to take care of her family. Since working two jobs, Kelly has less
time to attend to her children and often leaves them in her mother’s care. Kelly reports that in the
last year, Kevin’s school performance has drastically declined; he is fighting with family and
expressing increasingly delinquent behavior.+
Roles/assignments for the group members
Maria is responsible for the following wiki sections, preparation of the literature review,
advantages and disadvantages of the chosen interventions. She will also submit the project for a
writing center paper review. Caressa will create a reoccurring Zoom meeting, prepare the family
description, and complete the evaluation and conclusion sections on the Wiki. Racquel will
complete the engagement and recommendation for treatment sections of the group project.+
Communication methods
The group will meet every Monday at 6:30 pm EST with Zoom video conferencing. Any
additional communication may be initiated with group text messaging.+
Wiki Timeline
On Monday, December 20th, the team will discuss our initial findings for our
assignments. Monday of week 5, members will submit a rough draft of their topics to the Wiki.
The group will then meet to critique each other’s work. Drafts incorporating peer feedback are
due on Monday of week 6, and the group will determine treatment recommendations.
In week 7, the rough draft for the second wiki section is due before the reoccurring meeting, at
which time the group will provide feedback. The following Monday, each member will submit
the final draft of their assigned section. On Monday of week 9, we will proofread, work on paper
cohesion, review APA formatting, and submit the Wiki for a writing center review. Finally, on
Monday of week 10, the group will meet to incorporate feedback from the Writing Center.+ +
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