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SOWK 6090 Week 4 Assignment
Racquel Walsh
Walden University
I have been paired with Michelline. So far Michelline and I have a pretty good working
relationship, with great communication. Currently, I do not find there to be any areas for
improvement being as we have only met once via “Google Meet”. Michelline seems to be on top
of everything and has everything together. There was something in the case assigned to us that
she pointed out and brought to my attention that I did not catch the first time. I am pretty
confident that working with Michelline will be a great experience and that we both will be able
to learn something from one another.
The case that Michelline and I have been assigned is the case of Aiden. Aiden is a single
24-year-old Black English male of Protestant faith. Aiden was born in England and moved to the
United States 6 months ago to attend school. Aiden is currently attending the University of
Maine where is studying for his Masters in Finance. Over the course of the past three months,
Aiden has been feeling like things have been a little strange for him and he is unable to explain
it. Aiden reported hearing voices of an Angel telling him to kill his roommate as well as hearing
fireflies tell him that his roommate has been influenced by Satan. Aiden has now become
socially withdrawn and stays to himself due to him being suspicious of the other individuals
living in his dorm. Aiden denies psychiatric history, family psychiatric history, as well as
substance abuse but does socially drink alcohol. Six weeks ago Aiden was admitted to the
hospital because of a suicide attempt. Aiden is the second of five siblings and has very
supportive parents.
Some red flags in the case assigned to my partner and I that need further evaluation are
the auditory hallucinations Aiden is experiencing as well as the self-isolation due to his growing
suspicion of the other individuals living in his dorm.
My partner currently lives in Japan, so there is a huge time difference. Hopefully, the
time difference does not get in the way and make it difficult for us to meet. Michelline and I will
be meeting on Monday, September 27 at 8:00 am est via Google Meet. Our first meeting was on
this past Tuesday at 10:00 am est via Google Meet. During the first meeting, we introduced
ourselves then discussed the case. After discussing the case we then discussed our next meeting
time and agreed on a time that would be convenient and considerate to Michelline, considering
the time difference. During our next meeting, we will then decide on a time to meet next before
week 5 assignment is due.
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