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Thered ared plentyd ofd valuabled resourcesd withind ad team.d Whend Id wouldd thinkd ofd teamd resourcesd
ind thed pastd Id wouldd usuallyd onlyd thinkd ofd thed tangibled resources.d Id wouldd thinkd ofd thingsd liked
money,d computers,d accessories.d etc.d Whiled thosed resourcesd ared valuabled ind theird ownd right,d Id
thinkd somed ofd thed mostd valuabled resourcesd ared intangible.d Thosed resourcesd ared thingsd liked
knowledged andd creativity.
Whend determiningd whod shouldd bed responsibled ford howd (tangible)d resourcesd ared usedd youd
haved tod considerd whatd typed ofd teamd itd isd andd whatd thed goalsd are.d Ford example,d ind thed teamd Id
amd apartd ofd everyoned hasd ad roled andd wed justd sod happend tod haved ad resourced officer.d Herd roled
withind thed teamd isd tod maked sured wed haved everythingd wed needd tod completed ourd projects.d Ifd wed
haved suppliesd thatd needd tod bed ordered,d invoicesd thatd needd tod bed paid,d etc.,d wed god tod herd andd
itd isd herd jobd tod maked sured itd getsd done.d Thisd mayd notd bed possibled ford everyd team,d sod Id thinkd
itd isd importantd tod decided thisd ind thed formingd staged ofd creatingd teams,d sod thed membersd knowd
whod isd responsibled ford whatd andd whod theyd needd tod god tod ford help.
Id believed thed availabilityd ofd resources,d ord lackd thereof,d cand definitelyd cand thed dynamicsd ofd ad
team.d Ifd oned memberd feelsd someoned isd gettingd mored resourcesd ord help,d itd cand caused tensiond
ord feelingsd ofd animosity,d whichd isd whyd resourced managementd isd sod important.
Somed ofd thed mostd importantd projectd managementd skillsd neededd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd
included thingsd like:d timed management,d communication,d collaboration,d andd resourced
management,d tod named ad few.d Ifd Id hadd tod rated myd leveld ofd proficiencyd withd thesed skillsd usingd
ad scaled ofd 1d throughd 10d Id wouldd sayd 7.d Id feeld confidentd ind myd abilitiesd butd couldd alwaysd
Tod med thed mostd valuabled resourced withind ad teamd ared yourd teamd members.d Nextd tod thatd
wouldd haved tod bed thed communicationd betweend thed teamd members.d Withoutd communicationd
thend thered isd nod team.d Id feeld thatd determiningd howd resourcesd ared usedd shouldd bed thed
responsibilityd ofd everyd memberd ofd thed team.d Thend atd thatd rated everyoned knowsd whatd isd goingd
ond withind thed team.d Thend alld teamd membersd cand bed ond thed samed page.d Oned changed thatd
couldd affectd thed dynamicd ofd thed teamd wouldd bed ifd ad memberd didd notd showd upd ford workd ord
decidedd notd tod completed theird portiond ofd thed project.d Thatd isd whered thed communicationd
comesd ind tod playd ind thed team.d Ifd thed communicationd breaksd downd andd thed teamd doesd notd
knowd thatd anotherd teamd memberd isd notd doingd theird job,d thend theyd willd notd knowd thatd theyd
haved tod pickupd thed slack.d Keepingd thed communicationd withind thed teamd isd keyd tod keepd thed
teamd ond trackd tod completingd theird goals.d Id haved greatd communicationd skillsd therefored Id
wouldd exceld atd keepingd thed communicationd withind myd teamd up.d Id believed thed mostd valuabled
resourcesd withind ad teamd ared thed teamd membersd themselvesd andd thed communicationd withind
saidd team.d Thed depthd eachd teamd memberd cand bringd tod thed tabled isd veryd valuable.d Thend
havingd thed abilityd tod communicated becomesd keyd ford thed teamd used theird ownd resources.
Determiningd howd teamd resourcesd ared usedd shouldd bed determinedd byd thed teamd asd ad wholed
underd thed directiond andd guidanced ofd thed teamd leader.d Id believed thisd responsibilityd ultimatelyd
fallsd underd thed teamd asd ad whole.
Anyd changesd maded tod tod availabilityd ofd thed teamd cand bed detrimentald tod thed team.d Itd isd nod
differentd thand ad linkd ind ad chaind failing.d Thed chaind becomesd asd strongd asd itsd weakestd link.
Havingd thed abilityd tod collaborated effectivelyd withind yourd team,d thed abilityd tod communicate,d
andd havingd ad positived attituded isd thed mostd importantd projectd managementd andd planningd skillsd
neededd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd towardd itsd goals.d Id wouldd rated myd leveld ofd proficiencyd withd
thesed skillsd atd a7.5-8.0.d Id haved ad lotd ofd managementd experienced butd Id alsod knowd thered isd
alwaysd roomd ford improvement.d Id thinkd thed mostd valuabled resourcesd withd ind ad teamd Id wouldd
haved tod sayd communication.d Id thinkd thed leaderd ofd thed teamd shouldd bed responsibled ford
determiningd howd teamd resourcesd ared used.d Changesd tod thed availabilityd ofd resourcesd affectd
teamd dynamicsd byd makingd thed teamd struggled sinced notd alld thed recoursesd ared availabilityd mayd
notd bed thed onesd wed need.d Thed mostd importantd projectd managementd andd planningd skillsd
neededd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd towardsd itsd goalsd wouldd haved tod haved tod bed tod setd ad timelined
tod haved thed projectd doned by.d Id wouldd rated myd leveld ofd proficiencyd withd thesed skillsd wouldd bed
ad fived outd ofd ten.d Ind myd opinion,d thed mostd valuabled resourcesd withind ad teamd ared
communicationd andd leadership.d Withd thed rightd leaderd whod knowsd howd tod communicate,d Id
haved witnessedd thed mostd questionabled teamsd succeed.d Ind thed logisticsd industryd youd
constantlyd haved tod workd asd ad teamd tod achieved thed bestd results.d Overall,d thed team-leaderd
shouldd haved thed finald determinationd ofd howd teamd resourcesd ared utilized.d Ad goodd leaderd willd
listend tod theird teamd andd considerd alld perspectivesd whend makingd decisions.d Itd isd ad necessityd tod
considerd alld inputd sharedd andd utilized experienced theyd have.d Changesd wouldd dependd ond
whetherd thed resourcesd becamed lessd thand whatd wasd neededd ord mored thand theyd need.d Ifd
resourcesd availabled ared notd enough,d teamd membersd couldd begind tod feeld thed stress,d
helplessness,d ord unmotivatedd fromd notd gettingd whatd theyd needd tod bed successful.Id wouldd sayd
communicationd andd problemd solvingd ared thed mostd importantd skillsd tod haved whend planningd ad
project.d Ind myd lastd positiond myd jobd wasd projectd managingd andd leadingd numerousd teamsd tod
success.d Id wouldd sayd Id amd highlyd proficientd atd thesed skills.d Id listen,d maked soundd decisions,d
andd communicated welld withd myd teams.d Thed mostd valuabled resourcesd withind ad teamd isd tod bed
sured youd haved alld thed suppliesd neededd tod effectivelyd dod yourd task,d haved goodd leadershipd tod
bed abled tod talkd withd aboutd anyd frustratingd ord thingsd theyd like,d andd thed teamd membersd
themselves.d Id feeld thatd everyd teamd memberd shouldd bed responsibled ford determiningd howd teamd
resourcesd ared used.d Afterd alld itd isd calledd ad teamd ford ad reason.d Changesd tod thed availabilityd ofd
resourcesd cand affectd teamd dynamicsd byd thed lackd ofd resourcesd itd couldd caused ford thingsd tod bed
lated dued tod notd havingd whatd isd neededd tod finishd thed taskd alsod withd havingd tasksd notd turnedd ind
ond timed cand caused failured ind thed team.d Thed mostd importantd projectd managementd andd
planningd skillsd neededd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd towardsd itsd goalsd isd tod prioritized tasks,d comed
upd withd ad checklistd withd eachd task,d effectived communication,d andd criticald thinking.d Howd Id
wouldd rated myd leveld ofd proficiencyd withd thesed skillsd wouldd bed proficient.d Id amd awared ofd
whatd thesed skillsd andd cand used themd butd wouldd notd sayd Id wasd and expert.d Id believed thatd thed
mostd valuabled resourcesd withind thed teamd ared thed teamd membersd themselves.d Thed reasond
beingd isd becaused eachd teamd memberd isd differentd andd uniqued ind theird ownd waysd andd thatd cand
addd valuabled assetsd tod beingd ad team.d Communicationd isd thed mostd importantd resourced thatd
needsd tod utilizedd ind ad teamd becaused itd willd helpd tod bringd thed teamd tod oned accord.d Asd fard asd
determiningd whod isd responsibled ford utilizingd thesed resourcesd Id believed thatd eachd teamd
memberd cand bed heldd accountabled becaused evend thoughd wed ared ad teamd wed eachd haved ourd ownd
personalitiesd andd traitsd thatd cand helpd usd understandd howd tod functiond asd ad team.d Withd thatd
beingd said,d Id believed thatd withd thisd manyd personalitiesd andd traitsd thered shouldd bed ad persond ind
charged ofd utilizingd themd andd makingd sured thatd eachd resourced cand bed usedd ford thed goodd ofd thed
team.d Thed mostd importantd managementd skillsd neededd tod keepd thed teamd ond trackd ared effectived
communicationd andd criticald thinking.d Effectived communicationd isd essentiald tod helpd thed teamd
functiond becaused itd cand helpd setd thed toned andd directionsd tod whatd neededd tod achieved asd ad team.d
Criticald thinkingd isd and addedd skilld becaused ind orderd tod communicated welld withd anotherd teamd
memberd youd haved tod thinkd aboutd howd andd whend tod communicated effectively.d Id believed thed
mostd valuabled resourced thatd isd withind ad teamd isd thed mindsd ofd thed teamd membersd andd effectived
communication.d Learningd tod brainstormd withind ad teamd isd ad reallyd goodd wayd ofd seeingd thingsd
someoned elsed mightd notd haved seen.d Also,d beingd abled tod effectivelyd communicated willd helpd
andd caused lessd confusiond ord misunderstandingsd withind thed team.d Thed availabilityd ofd
resourcesd cand changed teamd dynamicsd dued tod someoned notd pullingd theird weightd ofd thed team,d
mismanaging,d ord unforeseend circumstances.d Id believed everyoned shouldd bed abled tod haved and
inputd ond howd resourcesd ared beingd used,d however,d Id dod believed thered shouldd bed someoned
responsibled whod overseesd howd resourcesd ared comingd ind andd howd theyd ared beingd used.d Thed
mostd importantd managementd andd planningd skillsd wouldd definitelyd bed communication.d
Effectived communicationd withind ad teamd cand reallyd helpd keepd everyoned ond thed samed paged andd
preventd unnecessaryd mishaps.d Id amd prettyd goodd withd communication,d however,d Id dod haved
momentsd whered Id justd don'td liked tod talk,d sod Id dod notd voiced myd opiniond asd oftend asd Id should.d Id
amd learningd tod used myd voiced asd welld asd bed mored adaptabled tod changes.d Ind myd opiniond Id
believed thed mostd valuabled resourced withind ad teamd ared thed teamd members,d communication,d
andd trust.d Id thinkd eitherd thed leaderd ord whod organizedd thed teamd shouldd bed responsibled ford howd
resourced ared usedd withind ad teamd asd welld asd thed teamd membersd too.d Whend thed avaibalitilyd ofd
resourcesd changed itd cand haved ad impactd ond thed teamd byd causingd thed teamd tod falld shortd ofd theird
goal.d Thed mostd importantd projectd managingd andd planningd skillsd neededd tod tod keepd ad teamd ond
trackd isd communicationd asd well.d Id feeld liked communicationd isd suchd ad strongd factord whend itd
comesd tod beingd ad partd ofd ad teamd becaused ofd youd don’td communicated everyoned willd bed ond
differentd pagesd andd itd cand taked muchd longerd tod achieved thed goald asd ad team.d Myd leveld ofd
proficiencyd withd thesed skillsd Id wouldd sayd ared ind thed middle.d Id feeld liked Id don’td alwaysd
communicated thed pointd Id amd tryingd tod maked ord voiced myd opiniond atd times.d Id definitelyd feeld
liked Id cand workd ond myd communicationd skillsd ad littled mored tod bed ad greatd assetd tod teamsd Id amd
apartd ofd ind thed future.d Id initiallyd wantedd tod stated thatd communicationd isd thed mostd valuabled
resource.d Afterd furtherd thoughtd id haved decidedd thatd alongd withd communication,d developmentd
andd advancementd ared alsod valuabled resources.d Id feeld thesed alld god handd ind hand.d
Communicatingd withd yourd teamd andd understandingd whatd itd isd theyd needd ind ad company.d
Understandingd whatd itd isd thatd drived them!d Id wouldd sayd thatd advancementd willd alwaysd drived ad
team.d Thed factd thatd youd ared workingd towardsd somethingd biggerd andd greaterd thand youd isd ad
push!d Developingd ad teamd thatd alreadyd hasd sod muchd potentiald wouldd mostd likelyd leadd tod ad
greatd payoffd ind thed end.Id feeld asd ifd thed entired unitd shouldd bed responsibled ford determiningd howd
tod used thed resources,d tod and extent!d Theyd don'td ultimatelyd haved tod haved thed finald decision,d butd
theird voiced shouldd definitelyd bed heard.d Alteringd ord changingd certaind resourcesd cand changed
thed dynamicd ind ad positived ord ad negatived way.d Goodd thingd isd youd cand tweakd itd asd youd go.Ifd
yourd teamd isd workingd ond ad projectd id thinkd itd isd keyd tod bed realisticd ond thed timed youd have.d
Don'td bited offd mored thand youd cand chew.d Gived outd tasksd logically.d Ifd Karend isd ad gurud atd ad
specificd task,d maked sured shed isd givend thatd task.d Keepd everyd oned ind mindd atd alld times.d Checkd
ind ond thed tasksd atd handd andd keepd movingd forwardd towardd thed desiredd goal.d Myd skillsd ind thisd
ared alwaysd tod bed resilientd andd don'td expectd perfection.d Learnd fromd myd pastd mistakesd andd
continued tod workd towardd thed desiredd goal!d Id believed eachd andd everyd dayd willd bed different,d sod
beingd abled tod adaptd andd used thesed resourcesd whend necessaryd isd ad confidenced builderd ford me.d
Id believed thed mostd valuabled resourcesd withind ad teamd isd thed teamd members.d Eachd memberd hasd
ad responsibilityd thatd bringsd functiond andd efficiencyd tod thed team.d Theyd mayd alsod haved
experienced differentd fromd yoursd andd otherd membersd thatd cand bed utilizedd tod reachd ad goald
and/ord objective.d Responsibilityd ofd resourcesd usedd withind thed teamd shouldd bed organizedd byd ad
projectd managerd ord resourced manager,d whichd isd differentd thand ad coordinator.d d Lackd ofd
properlyd managingd thesed recoursesd cand caused productivity,d time,d moneyd andd valuabled
experience.d Therefore,d resource/teamd managerd shouldd bed confidentd andd clearlyd stated whatd
theird responsibilitiesd are.d Theyd shouldd bed abled tod clearlyd communicated ind ad timelyd mannerd sod
thatd everyoned isd ond boardd withd timed sensitived materials.d Mostd importantly,d thed managerd
shouldd maked sured thatd everyoned isd cleard ond thed objectived ord goald ofd thed project.d Peopled whod
seed greatd leadershipd tendd tod holdd theird partd ind thed groupd andd completed theird tasks.d Theyd alsod
continued tod workd ifd theyd ared beingd heldd accountabled ford theird partd ofd thed work.d Id personallyd
amd extremelyd proficientd ind thesed skillsd becaused ofd thed importanced ofd myd job.d Althoughd
developingd thesed skillsd tookd timed tod develop,d Id continued tod listend tod teamd membersd andd
improve.d Whatd Id findd tod bed thed mostd valuabled sourcesd withind ad teamd isd communicationd andd
effectived workd ethic.d Reasond beingd youd wantd tod bed abled tod understandd thed goalsd andd performd
themd effectively.d Conversationsd betweend coworkersd shouldd bed abled tod bed hadd andd workd
performanced togetherd tod follow.Ind mostd teamsd youd haved ad secretaryd ord atd leastd someoned thatd
keepsd thed books.d Id wouldd maked implementingd thed resourcesd ford thed teamd apartd ofd thatd
person’sd role.d Itd seemsd mored beneficiald seeingd howd thatd persond alreadyd hasd alld thed
informationd documented.d Thed availabilityd ofd resourcesd affectd teamd dynamicsd whend deadlinesd
ared tod bed metd butd itsd hardd ifd youd haved workersd callingd offd workd ord justd simplyd didn’td haved
theird partd ofd thed teamd projectd completedd atd thed deadline.d Importantd projectd managementd andd
planningd skillsd neededd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd towardsd itsd goald wouldd bed leadership,d
communication,d andd riskd managementd tod named ad few.d Id wouldd rated myd proficiencyd leveld ofd
leadershipd ad 10d outd ofd 10.d Id wouldd rated myd proficiencyd leveld ofd communicationd 10d outd ofd 10.d
Id wouldd rated myd proficiencyd ind riskd managementd tod bed 6d outd ofd 10.d Thed mostd valuabled
resourcesd ared eachd teamd member:d knowledge,d skill,d determination,d willingnessd tod learn,d
attitude.d Thesed resourcesd maked ad teamd memberd veryd valuabled tod thed teamd dynamicsd andd
morale,d andd thesed maked gettingd tod thed teamd goald fasterd andd mored efficient.d Id thinkd thed teamd
leaderd shouldd bed responsibled tod assignd resourcesd thatd shouldd bed usedd andd where,d afterd teamd
collaboration.d Id thinkd thed abilityd tod dod thisd jobd welld isd whatd makesd someoned ad successfuld
teamd leader.d Ind doingd sod thed teamd leaderd alsod makesd thed teamd successful.d Changesd tod thed
availabilityd ofd resourcesd bothd mored ord lessd cand affectd thed teamd ind multipled waysd suchd asd
Productivity,d andd efficiency,d ofd bothd thed individualsd andd thed teamd asd ad whole.d Thisd isd whyd
everyoned ond thed teamd needsd tod tryd tod bed abled tod adaptd tod changed quickly.d Teamd
collaboration,d individuald compromise,d communication,d andd problem-solvingd skillsd ared veryd
importantd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd towardsd thed goal.d Id believed Id amd prettyd proficientd ind thesed
skills,d Id believed theyd ared somed ofd myd greatestd qualities.d Id thinkd thatd thed mostd valuabled
resourced withind teamd isd encouragement.d Wed ared alld humand andd Id believed thatd wed alld falld
shortd sometimesd whend itd comesd tod completingd certaind task,d ratherd it'sd byd yourselfd ord beingd
involvedd ind ad team.d Encouragementd goesd ad longd way.d Beingd partd ofd ad teamd andd beingd ad goodd
teammated requiresd pushingd yourd teamd mates,d encouragingd themd whend theyd maked ad mistaked
andd alwaysd beingd thered ford them.d Ind everyd teamd thered isd oned persond whod takesd thed leadd andd
takesd responsibilityd ofd theird team.d Id thinkd thed mostd welld roundedd personsd shouldd bed thed
persond tod decided howd thed team'sd resourcesd ared used.d Changesd ind thed availabilityd ofd resourcesd
cand changed ad team'sd dynamicd dependingd ond thed certaind resourced thatd isd limited.d Beingd ind ad
team,d resourcesd shouldd alwaysd bed bed presentd andd notd limited.d Lackd ofd resourcesd cand changed
thed wayd thed teamd functionsd andd alsod changed thed relationshipd betweend certaind teamd members.d
Thed mostd importantd planningd skillsd tod keepd ad teamd ond trackd isd tod alwaysd setd ad reasonabled
goal.d Withind ad team..d everyd persond shouldd knowd theird weaknessesd andd strengthens,d asd welld
asd theird mates.d Neverd setd ad goald thatd seemsd unreasonabled ord tood hardd tod reachd withind thed
teamd thatd youd haved created.d Findd whatd worksd bestd withind yourd team.d Communicationd andd ad
positived attituded isd ad huged stepd whend workingd ind ad group.d Id rated myselfd ad 10.d Id alwaysd tryd tod
haved ad cleard headd andd positived attituded whered everd Id go.d Thed mostd valuabled resourcesd withind
ad teamd ared thed team-mates,d thed peopled thatd thed teamd isd maded of.d Id feeld itd isd bestd tod discussd
resourcesd withd everyoned ond thed team.d Getd thed teamd involvedd takingd inventory,d liked thed
teacherd ind thed videod didd withd herd familyd whend Covidd lockdownd started.d Shed saidd herd familyd
andd householdd tookd inventoryd ofd whatd theyd had,d andd theyd talkedd aboutd theird needs.Id wouldd
wantd tod communicated clearlyd andd concisely,d andd taked ad consensusd withd myd teamd aboutd howd
wed managed resources.d Itd isd possibled thered ared pre-existingd protocold guidelinesd thatd ared
traditionallyd usedd withind ad particulard team.d Thered couldd bed pastd inventoriesd andd otherd
resourcesd thatd youd couldd used asd guidelinesd ford needsd andd how-to's.d Itd isd alsod possibled thatd
thered couldd bed and individuald whod isd delegatedd tod thed taskd ofd managingd resources.Changesd tod
resourced availabilityd cand affectd teamd dynamicsd ind variousd ways.d Ifd youd suddenlyd haved mored
resources,d thatd wouldd bed muchd differentd thand Ifd youd suddenlyd haved fewerd resources.d Teamd
dynamicsd couldd changed ind differentd ways,d dependingd ond whichd resourced wed haved ind mind.d
Whetherd youd haved mored ord fewerd resources,d andd regardlessd ofd thed typed ofd resource,d thed
changesd willd certainlyd included mored cleard communicationd andd collaborationd .Let'sd sayd youd
ared servingd lunchd withd ad foodd serviced teamd andd youd haved onlyd threed pens,d butd youd haved fourd
servers.d Oned serverd willd needd tod god buyd ord borrowd mored pens,d ord twod serversd willd needd tod
figured outd howd tod shared oned pen.d Ind thisd case,d thatd isd myd opinion.d Id haved notd discussedd thed
pend deficiencyd withd thed restd ofd thed teamd yet.d Communicatingd withd thed teamd andd ad generald
consensusd ofd thed plan,d withd majorityd approval,d wouldd bed myd nextd step.d (e.g..d "Whatd dod youd
guysd think?d Dod wed needd tod getd mored pens?"d "No,d wed cand textd thed cooksd thed ordersd withd ourd
smartphones.").Thed mostd importantd projectd managementd andd planningd skillsd neededd tod keepd
ad teamd ond trackd towardd itsd goalsd ared cleard andd concised communication,d positived attitude,d andd
willingnessd tod collaborate.d Id rated myd leveld ofd proficiencyd withd thesed skillsd ad 7.5d ond ad scaled ofd
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