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I believe the two most value resource within are team is communication and leadership.
In order for a team to respond and know what to do, the team needs a leader and clear
communication level. A leader is a leader for a reason and that is to lead. This does
not mean to just do what you want and how you want. When you are a leader, you
should always explain your reasons when you have made a decision that regards your
team. With that being said I do believe the leader of a team should be the one
determining how team resources are used but with communication. When it comes to
changes to the availability of resources I am not sure how to put it to words to explain
how it affect team dynamics. The best way I can and hope that I have the understanding
correct about team dynamics is that each person on the team may have their own ideas
about how and where the team resource should be put to use. It can shut down the team
motivation and desire to continue to work together. It may affect the total outcome of
the project itself, either negative or positive. The most important project management
and planning skills that is needed to keep a team on track towards their goal is
communication and check in on each members of the team to ensure they are on track
or need help. You want to make sure that each team members have a position to work
I am usually good at leading and delegating authority and usually be chosen without me
asking to lead. I listen to everyone and don't judge. I am known for giving the best
advice and resolving issues. I believe each individuals unique perspective is the most
valuable resource within a team. Without that, the content for their project would be
limited and lacking in color and diversity. I feel every person within a team has an
important role in deciding what resources are used and how they are used, one person
shouldn't take full control over everything or the project will feel imbalanced. If there
are limited team resources, then there might be more disagreements within a team
because there are limited options in how to move forward respectively. I believe
strongly that the most important skill needed to keep a team focusing on the end goal
is the rate in which they communicate with one another and collaborate their needs and
the projects needs. I think personally I work better when I am being led, so it would
be a little difficult for me initially to give outward opinions in a team, it is definitely
something that I have to get used to in order to be proficient in the future. Everyone
should be responsible In making ideas for the team , because everyone should have an
opinion. A team can be defined as two or more people working together to
interdependently to meet a specific goal or purpose. Outside of this, a team can be for
the long term or come together for a few hours. Group dynamics can be understood as
how team member’s and performance.team with positive group dynamics tend to have
team members who trust each other They can work towards collective decisions and
they are held accountable for outcomes. A team with good group dynamics may be
constructive and productive. Project management is not an easy job. In fact, it’s several
not-easy jobs, including the initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing of a
project. Even more difficult, that project is delegated to a team of your choosing, given
specific goals to achieve over a defined timeline for a determined budget.There are
alternatives as far as the proficiency phrasing goes, as well: Advanced: native, fluent,
proficient, advanced, mother tongue, upper-intermediate. Mid-range: intermediate,
conversational, competent, professional. Beginner: elementary, beginner, basic, pre-
intermediate, limited working proficiency. In my opinion the best way a team utilizes
resources is by having open discussion about where the resources would be most
effectively utilized.Changes in availability in resources can certainly cause friction in a
team. When these changes happen it is best for the team to understand their situation as
a whole and reallocate resources as necessary. Communication is always the number one
skill that I consider in a team. Communication stands far above any other skill in value
to me. Teams that are able to communicate effectively are leagues ahead of teams that
cannot even if those teams have far more resources. The most valuable resources with
in a team include tangible and intangible resources. Some important tangible resources
can be inventory, facilities, machinery, and personnel. Some helpful intangible resources
would be creativity, determination, and communication. Both tangible and intangible
resources are essential for any team project. Having the right resources can make or
break a team.Having the ability to adapt to the lack of resources is also a great skill to
have when working in a team setting. When resources are depleted, this can cause doubt
and uncertainty among team members. For example, if a store lacks inventory going into
a holiday weekend, the team may start doubting the goal because they may feel as
though they do not have the best product to sell. However, you work with what you
have, and this requires patience and creativity.When determining how team resources are
used, I think that each person in the team should have a say. As a team, it is important
to include everyone's perspective. It may also be helpful to assign each individual a
resource to be "in charge of". This creates ownership and responsibility among everyone
in the team. Communication is key when keeping the team on track. The most important
valuable resource for a team is the people in it. Without the people you will not have
different ideas, opinions of how things could be done, and no communication. When it
comes to projects that require more than one individual it would be almost impossible
to complete with just one person. A good example is carrying a heavy box, you could
try to move it yourself, but it would be almost impossible. Communication is a big
resource to have, without this your team most likely will fail. I believe that the team as
a whole should decide how resources are used. By taking away possible resources it
could make the team stronger, or it could do the opposite. Communicating with the team
would keep the team on track that way everyone knows what is needed, completed, or
questions that need to be answered. Holding meetings to help with any questions or
concerns, and talking about current progress will help keep the team on track. My level
could use improvement, but I try to communicate questions or concerns with my
supervisor. In my opinion, the most valuable resources in a team are the people.
Without them you really do not have a team at all. It is like the old adage, “many
hands make light work. I can have several team members and not a lot of time and
get the job done in less time than if there was only one person. That is not even
considering the fact that one person may not have all the skills necessary to even do all
that is needed. Supplies are also valuable depending on what the objective is, and timing
is important as well.Where resources are concerned, every team should have an
appointed team leader who has the ultimate say. It is important for one person to be in
charge of allocating resources, in some cases this person could be voted on by other
team members. Nothing like fighting over resources to cause conflict in a team. It is
one of the major issues to have conflict over, but resources are not always
tangible.Project management and planning skills… time management is one of the
greatest issues I have noticed people have the greatest issue with. Setting goals and
milestones through a project is really important when it comes to meeting deadlines,
which means being organized. You must be dedicated to each task and see it through
to completion in a timely manner. I was a warehouse manager and I had to deploy
every tool at my disposal to keep everything moving and in order. Now I am a
substitute teacher and still have to manage time and resources, though on a much
smaller scale. The most valuable resources within a team to me would be creativity and
communication. I chose these two resources to be the most valuable because without
either of these I would not have an effective nor productive team. I feel the team should
be responsible for determining how the teams resources' are used, due to the fact they
know what they need as a team to be the most productive in the most efficient way.
When there are changes in availability to the resources on hand it can affect the teams
dynamic negatively but in the end could possibly be more beneficial and them not even
know it. If there are changes in the resources on hand this allows each team member to
use their creativity to find a appropriate solution using other resources. When resources
become limited yes it can be frightening to the team, but like I said before it allows
them to bring their creativity to the table. If the team members focus on the negatives
like being without specific resources they will not grow nor prosper. For a team to grow
and prosper they have to be able to turn around any negative situation to a positive and
keep the ball rolling. The most important project management and planning skills needed
to keep my team going towards their goal is definitely maintaining strong relationships.
To have a successful team they need to be able to build these strong relationships within
themselves, this will allow them to develop good communication skills and become an
effective asset to the team. Critical thinking and communication are also important in
teams now a days because without being able to articulate what needs to be done they
would not be able to form an unbiased judgement for evaluating situations. I would rate
my level of proficiency with these particular skills a 8 out of 10. I am still learning the
proper and appropriate ways to use these skills among my team in my current job. I
believe the most valuable resource within a team is the intangible resource of creativity
and diversity. I chose those two because sometimes experience isn't necessary to form
great ideas, one just having an understanding can piece together great plans. For
example, my best friend is an operations manager and he comes to me all the time for
advice. I have zero experience in operations but i still help form ideas with him that he
generally uses. I feel when it comes to determining how a team's resources are used,
everyone should be able to have a voice. Then gather the intel to see what is viable to
the success of the team. Changes to how much of a resource a team can use could
delay that team's progress. The most important project management and planning skills
needed to keep a team on track are communication and prioritizing. I tend to be pretty
efficient in those areas, that's why I am always encouraging those skills in other people.
In my own personal experience, the most important resources in any team are
knowledge and experience. I have been in many different types of teams, and I have
come to realize, you can have all of the physical resources that you could want, but if
you do not have the knowledge or experience in how to use these resources to your
benefit, you wont be very successful. It is for this that I believe that those with the
most experience and the right qualifications should be in charge of the physical
resources, i.e. office managers, leads, etc.
In my office right now one of the most important physical resources that we use on a
daily basis is our PPE (masks, gloves, wipes, etc.), when we run out of the physical
resources, it makes our job difficult because it could result in rescheduling patients,
limiting patient family members from coming into appointments, and even causing issues
for our staff who might have forgotten their own PPE. However, the real issues come
from when we are limited on the intangible resources, knowledge and experience. Right
now in my office, our insurance lead is on maternity leave, and its affecting all of us
in a negative way. She was the only one who really knew the billing codes for the
doctors and how to use certain CPT codes to get auths. Since she has left, we have
been having many denials and its definitely been a struggle. This is exactly what I mean
when I say experience is so important. Its important in any team.Because I know that
we are one vital staff member short, I have been working with the leads in each
department. We try to meet up every Friday before we leave. I think this is the best
thing we have ever done. When it comes to important project management and planning
skills, the number one skill is communication. Communicating is vital especially when
you know there is a situation. Our team meetings consist of presenting positives but also
bringing forth concerns that the entire team can all work on together. Honestly, the
communication is what has helped our office to work on these issues, we are getting a
lot less denials and we are able to see a lot more patients. In my opinion, I would say
our office is doing very well when it comes to communicating. I believe time is the
most valuable resource of any team. No matter the objective there is a finite amount of
time to get things done and wasted time can not be replaced. Of course, other valuable
resources included finances, technology, subject matter experts, servers, test
environments, etc. They all need to be managed well. IN most cases trained project
managers have the skills to manage resources well. However, a person could also gain
those skills in other ways, like managing a household or small business. If someone has
leadership ability and good organization skills they should manage resources even if they
don't have formal training. Resource availability impacts team dynamics by clearly
demonstrating priorities. Some aspect of a team or project may appear equal but a strain
on resources will quickly identify what comes first. Documentation, communication,
scheduling and prioritizing or important project management skills. I must admit, that I
struggle with 3 out of the 4. I tend to communicate well verbally and written, but
documentation, including note taking is a real challenge for me. There are plenty of
valuable resources within a team. When I would think of team resources in the past I
would usually only think of the tangible resources. I would think of things like money,
computers, accessories. etc. While those resources are valuable in their own right, I
think some of the most valuable resources are intangible. Those resources are things like
knowledge and creativity.
When determining who should be responsible for how (tangible) resources are used you
have to consider what type of team it is and what the goals are. For example, in the
team I am apart of everyone has a role and we just so happen to have a resource
officer. Her role within the team is to make sure we have everything we need to
complete our projects. If we have supplies that need to be ordered, invoices that need
to be paid, etc., we go to her and it is her job to make sure it gets done. This may not
be possible for every team, so I think it is important to decide this in the forming stage
of creating teams, so the members know who is responsible for what and who they need
to go to for help.
I believe the availability of resources, or lack thereof, can definitely can the dynamics
of a team. If one member feels someone is getting more resources or help, it can cause
tension or feelings of animosity, which is why resource management is so important.
Some of the most important project management skills needed to keep a team on track
include things like: time management, communication, collaboration, and resource
management, to name a few. If I had to rate my level of proficiency with these skills
using a scale of 1 through 10 I would say 7. I feel confident in my abilities but could
always improve.
To me the most valuable resource within a team are your team members. Next to that
would have to be the communication between the team members. Without
communication then there is no team. I feel that determining how resources are used
should be the responsibility of every member of the team. Then at that rate everyone
knows what is going on within the team. Then all team members can be on the same
page. One change that could affect the dynamic of the team would be if a member did
not show up for work or decided not to complete their portion of the project. That is
where the communication comes in to play in the team. If the communication breaks
down and the team does not know that another team member is not doing their job,
then they will not know that they have to pickup the slack. Keeping the communication
within the team is key to keep the team on track to completing their goals. I have great
communication skills therefore I would excel at keeping the communication within my
team up. I believe the most valuable resources within a team are the team members
themselves and the communication within said team. The depth each team member can
bring to the table is very valuable. Then having the ability to communicate becomes key
for the team use their own resources.
Determining how team resources are used should be determined by the team as a whole
under the direction and guidance of the team leader. I believe this responsibility
ultimately falls under the team as a whole.
Any changes made to to availability of the team can be detrimental to the team. It is
no different than a link in a chain failing. The chain becomes as strong as its weakest
Having the ability to collaborate effectively within your team, the ability to
communicate, and having a positive attitude is the most important project management
and planning skills needed to keep a team on track toward its goals. I would rate my
level of proficiency with these skills at a7.5-8.0. I have a lot of management experience
but I also know there is always room for improvement. I think the most valuable
resources with in a team I would have to say communication. I think the leader of the
team should be responsible for determining how team resources are used. Changes to
the availability of resources affect team dynamics by making the team struggle since not
all the recourses are availability may not be the ones we need. The most important
project management and planning skills needed to keep a team on track towards its
goals would have to have to be to set a timeline to have the project done by. I would
rate my level of proficiency with these skills would be a five out of ten. In my opinion,
the most valuable resources within a team are communication and leadership. With the
right leader who knows how to communicate, I have witnessed the most questionable
teams succeed. In the logistics industry you constantly have to work as a team to
achieve the best results. Overall, the team-leader should have the final determination of
how team resources are utilized. A good leader will listen to their team and consider all
perspectives when making decisions. It is a necessity to consider all input shared and
utilize experience they have. Changes would depend on whether the resources became
less than what was needed or more than they need. If resources available are not
enough, team members could begin to feel the stress, helplessness, or unmotivated from
not getting what they need to be successful.I would say communication and problem
solving are the most important skills to have when planning a project. In my last
position my job was project managing and leading numerous teams to success. I would
say I am highly proficient at these skills. I listen, make sound decisions, and
communicate well with my teams. The most valuable resources within a team is to be
sure you have all the supplies needed to effectively do your task, have good leadership
to be able to talk with about any frustrating or things they like, and the team members
themselves. I feel that every team member should be responsible for determining how
team resources are used. After all it is called a team for a reason. Changes to the
availability of resources can affect team dynamics by the lack of resources it could
cause for things to be late due to not having what is needed to finish the task also with
having tasks not turned in on time can cause failure in the team. The most important
project management and planning skills needed to keep a team on track towards its
goals is to prioritize tasks, come up with a checklist with each task, effective
communication, and critical thinking. How I would rate my level of proficiency with
these skills would be proficient. I am aware of what these skills and can use them but
would not say I was an expert. I believe that the most valuable resources within the
team are the team members themselves. The reason being is because each team member
is different and unique in their own ways and that can add valuable assets to being a
team. Communication is the most important resource that needs to utilized in a team
because it will help to bring the team to one accord. As far as determining who is
responsible for utilizing these resources I believe that each team member can be held
accountable because even though we are a team we each have our own personalities and
traits that can help us understand how to function as a team. With that being said, I
believe that with this many personalities and traits there should be a person in charge
of utilizing them and making sure that each resource can be used for the good of the
team. The most important management skills needed to keep the team on track are
effective communication and critical thinking. Effective communication is essential to
help the team function because it can help set the tone and directions to what needed
to achieve as a team. Critical thinking is an added skill because in order to
communicate well with another team member you have to think about how and when
to communicate effectively. I believe the most valuable resource that is within a team
is the minds of the team members and effective communication. Learning to brainstorm
within a team is a really good way of seeing things someone else might not have seen.
Also, being able to effectively communicate will help and cause less confusion or
misunderstandings within the team. The availability of resources can change team
dynamics due to someone not pulling their weight of the team, mismanaging, or
unforeseen circumstances. I believe everyone should be able to have an input on how
resources are being used, however, I do believe there should be someone responsible
who oversees how resources are coming in and how they are being used. The most
important management and planning skills would definitely be communication. Effective
communication within a team can really help keep everyone on the same page and
prevent unnecessary mishaps. I am pretty good with communication, however, I do have
moments where I just don't like to talk, so I do not voice my opinion as often as I
should. I am learning to use my voice as well as be more adaptable to changes. In my
opinion I believe the most valuable resource within a team are the team members,
communication, and trust. I think either the leader or who organized the team should be
responsible for how resource are used within a team as well as the team members too.
When the avaibalitily of resources change it can have a impact on the team by causing
the team to fall short of their goal. The most important project managing and planning
skills needed to to keep a team on track is communication as well. I feel like
communication is such a strong factor when it comes to being a part of a team because
of you don’t communicate everyone will be on different pages and it can take much
longer to achieve the goal as a team. My level of proficiency with these skills I would
say are in the middle. I feel like I don’t always communicate the point I am trying to
make or voice my opinion at times. I definitely feel like I can work on my
communication skills a little more to be a great asset to teams I am apart of in the
future. I initially wanted to state that communication is the most valuable resource. After
further thought i have decided that along with communication, development and
advancement are also valuable resources. I feel these all go hand in hand.
Communicating with your team and understanding what it is they need in a company.
Understanding what it is that drive them! I would say that advancement will always
drive a team. The fact that you are working towards something bigger and greater than
you is a push! Developing a team that already has so much potential would most likely
lead to a great payoff in the end.I feel as if the entire unit should be responsible for
determining how to use the resources, to an extent! They don't ultimately have to have
the final decision, but their voice should definitely be heard. Altering or changing
certain resources can change the dynamic in a positive or a negative way. Good thing
is you can tweak it as you go.If your team is working on a project i think it is key to
be realistic on the time you have. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Give out
tasks logically. If Karen is a guru at a specific task, make sure she is given that task.
Keep every one in mind at all times. Check in on the tasks at hand and keep moving
forward toward the desired goal. My skills in this are always to be resilient and don't
expect perfection. Learn from my past mistakes and continue to work toward the desired
goal! I believe each and every day will be different, so being able to adapt and use
these resources when necessary is a confidence builder for me. I believe the most
valuable resources within a team is the team members. Each member has a
responsibility that brings function and efficiency to the team. They may also have
experience different from yours and other members that can be utilized to reach a goal
and/or objective. Responsibility of resources used within the team should be organized
by a project manager or resource manager, which is different than a coordinator. tt Lack
of properly managing these recourses can cause productivity, time, money and valuable
experience. Therefore, resource/team manager should be confident and clearly state what
their responsibilities are. They should be able to clearly communicate in a timely
manner so that everyone is on board with time sensitive materials. Most importantly, the
manager should make sure that everyone is clear on the objective or goal of the project.
People who see great leadership tend to hold their part in the group and complete their
tasks. They also continue to work if they are being held accountable for their part of
the work. I personally am extremely proficient in these skills because of the importance
of my job. Although developing these skills took time to develop, I continue to listen
to team members and improve. What I find to be the most valuable sources within a
team is communication and effective work ethic. Reason being you want to be able to
understand the goals and perform them effectively. Conversations between coworkers
should be able to be had and work performance together to follow.In most teams you
have a secretary or at least someone that keeps the books. I would make implementing
the resources for the team apart of that person’s role. It seems more beneficial seeing
how that person already has all the information documented. The availability of
resources affect