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Some of the dietary recommendations that I have ran into is Weight Watchers, Keto, and
than also the doctors recommendation of actually gaining some weight by eating the actual
amount of calories, carbs, etc.The idea of all of these dietary recommendations is to be
healthy and not eating fast food all the time as it will kill your metabolism. They want you
to eat the correct amount of calories, eat good fats, good proteins, make sure that you are
also eating and exercising for at least 20 minutes a day.Now some of the major differences
of these dietary recommendations is the way they eat. Keto is a strictly protein mandated
dietary recommendation. Weight Watchers they prefer you to eat the food they offer and
help you control your calorie intake. The doctors expect you to eat like you normally would
but healthier and they would ask you to watch your calorie intake.The recommendations
come with high benefits. All of them do. They using word of mouth or television
commercial recommendations. They state how you feel more awake and they help people
gain confidence and self esteem.
None of the ones that I listed go into any great detail on how they affect your organs. Either
good or bad. They simply state how these diets work for the intestines normally. Like how
your intestines work better to help with the break down. Many of the online nutrition plans I
find contain many recommendations to up protein and lower carbohydrates. These are
usually promoted by celebrities trying to sell their plans. For someone like me who has a
higher metabolism, my search always consisted of high protein as well as high
carbohydrates since I am heavy into working out. It seems I always had trouble gaining
some weight, even muscle mass so I had a higher intake of carbs. Another plan I would hear
about is the one from Tom Brady's nutritional plan. The difference with this plan and many
others is that the other plans promote the beach ready figurine and to "look good", but with
Tom Brady's plan, it is more of a "feel good" type of plan. Looking at his nutritional plan, I
can see he recommends a lot of plant based and vegan foods. His plan is to help others stay
at the top of their game just as he does. For someone who is still winning championships and
looking like he's in his 20's still, the diet plan must work. This type of plan can greatly
improve digestion whereas greasy food can slow your digestive system because the fat in the
food is digested very slowly. Of course I have heard of many fad diets. For example, the
cabbage soup diet. It says to eat nothing but cabbage soup for a certain amount of time, and
as much as you want. But this is dangerous for anyone that has a sensitive stomach like me.
It digests quickly and can give you diarrhea when you have too much, which can leave you
dehydrated. Some fad diets may work for losing weight but they do not always provide your
body with the proper nutrition. A lot of celebrities will advertise certain weight loss products
such as Atkins, which can persuade us to buy into it. But honestly, just having a well
balanced and healthy diet along with regular exercise can provide us with the weight loss a
lot of us are looking for. I have used a food diary in the past and it helped because it made
me realize what I was putting in my body daily. The government puts out dietary guidelines
that are put together by experts. I looked up other countries guidelines also, and they are
actually very similar. They all have a major emphasis on vegetables and fruits. And they
include wholegrains and small amounts of dairy and meats. This shows that experts from
around the world have mostly agreed on what a well-balanced diet should consists of. A
well-balanced diet will supply us with the nutrients we need and keep our digestive system
healthy. I have been subjected to many different diet recommendations throughout the years.
the different diets that are recommended by doctors can be for different reasons or health
issues. I have had the same diet for 27 years now and that is because of being in
competition. My doctor recommended, 27 years ago, that I eat a lot of protein and carbs
because my goal was to build muscle. When I was at the point that I put on the weight I
needed, the doctor recommended that I just eat complex carbs because my body will use
them first for energy and not store them as fat. I have maintained the same weight for this
entire time but I also exercise 6 days a week. My ex husband had to be put on a certain diet
because he had heart problems. He actually had pretty much the same diet as me but had to
watch how much saturated fat he took in and trans fat. This is because According to UW
school Of Medicine And Public Health (2021), " Trans fat raises the levels of LDL ("bad")
cholesterol and also lowers high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or "good") cholesterol in the
blood. Trans fat is found in many processed foods made with shortening or with partially
hydrogenated or hydrogenated vegetable oils. These foods include cookies, crackers, chips,
and many snack foods." He also had to be careful of his carb intake because he was not able
to exercise at the time. You have always heard of a diet fade every year. You heard of
Weight Watchers, Atkins, Ketos, Jenny Craig just to name a few. The question to ask
yourself is how do these diets work? I personally have tried the Weight Watchers, Atkins,
and Ketos and nothing seemed to work until I got it into my head that I needed to change my
way of thinking. Just a diet does not work, you need to exercise with your diet. I had some
health issues that stopped me from exercising for years so the dieting was not working for
me. I took care of the health issue and was able to start exercising with the diet. I did not
chose a diet program, I chose to start eating health by stopping the soda and drinking water.
I feel that you have to decide on your own what fits your lifestyle the best. I have also found
that when you stop dieting and start back drinking the soda the weight will come back. I am
trying my best to get back on track to get back to where I need to be in life. Over the years,
I have heard of many different diet craze such as the Atkins diet, which I believe that is
where you don't eat any carbs or a very low amount. It focused more on eating more
proteins. That was something popularized by a lot of celebs. By not eating a lot of carbs, the
body can use stored fat instead of empty sugars to burn off. I've also recently heard of the
Keto diet. I'm not really sure how it works, but I hear a lot people on social media promoting
this new diet. from what I read, it is pretty similar to the Atkins diet, but I Know there is a
more stricter guideline they follow. For one you can't eat any processed foods. I didn't see
any that had to do with the impact on digestive organs, however I did read that the Keto diet
is usually prescribed to children to help with their epilepsy. I have recently thought about
looking into the Keto diet as a way for me to get a bit lean and gain more of a metabolism.
High fructose corn syrup is worse than other sweeteners. HFCS is a manufactured sweetener
made from starch. It is known to cause many health problems like metabolic disorders, as
well as type 2 diabetes. By eliminating HFCS from one's diet, I won't say that it will make
you healthier, but it will greatly reduce the chances of having a great ailment. It's best to use
natural sugars if it is necessary as natural sugars can be found in things such as
fruits.According to the more credible websites that I looked up, it states that there is not
enough information or studies performed on whether High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is
worse than other sweeteners (Mayoclinic.org). What most of the research does seem to agree
on is that any sweeteners, whether HFCS or natural sugar, when not consumed in
moderation, will contribute to health issues such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
Eliminating or reducing HFCS or other sugars will help to make our diets better because it
will be less non-nutritious nutrients entering our bodies, leaving room to fill ourselves with
more healthy choices such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. a There are really no added
sugars that are good for us in general. Sugar has no nutritional value. According to Heart
(2018), "To tell if a processed food contains added sugars, you need to look at the list of
ingredients. Sugar has many other names. Besides those ending in “ose,” such as maltose or
sucrose, other names for sugar include high fructose corn syrup, molasses, cane sugar, corn
sweetener, raw sugar, syrup, honey or fruit juice concentrates. Learn more about reading
food labels." Since sugar has no nutritional value and only gives us empty calories, we
should watch our intake because it can lead to obesity and heart problems.
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