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One other part that I may think could be part of the digestive tract is possibly the
gallbladder. Even though I know that it is not it still processes like the digestive system.
Its stores bile produced by the liver after meals the gallbladder is flat and empty. The
most common parts that cause humans discomfort are the gallbladder, the appendix, and
the stomach. Some caused of human discomfort in the digestive tract could be chrons.
Chrons is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.
Also colitis can cause discomfort. Colitis is a brother to chrons. Colitis is inflammation
of the inner lining of the colon. Then also there is IBS. IBS is irritable bowl disease in
which is an intestinal disorder causing pain in the belly, gas, diarrhea and constipation.
These few examples are some health conditions that are apart of the digestive. Some
non health conditions that could cause discomfort are maybe eating to fast which could
cause bloating. However if you are constantly feeling discomfort in your abdominal are
you should always consult your doctor. Some discomfort of the digestive system could
relate to how fast a meal or snack was swallowed. Some food carry more fat than
others. Many people cannot tolerate sugars or salts. Pancreatic juice help the int intestine
digest. Vitamins are good to carry through nutrients but not the best as to carry
fat.Vitamins work well with fluids. The flush and can support the kidney. A nutritionist
studies the nutrients chart to see if any changes every five years for health reasons.
Parts of the body that I think belong to the digestive system are the mouth, throat,
stomach ,small and large intestines. I believe the most common areas that cause
discomfort are in the throat for heartburn, the stomach for sensitive eaters, and the
intestines for when your stomach breaks down food that you eat the are not agreeing
with you. Most discomfort comes from the foods that we eat. I am a southern girl so
the foods we tend to lean towards are more fried and filled with fat and sugar. That is
definitely not something to eat and think that later in life we won't develop some issues
with our health. There are some who are sensitive to dairy products and end up in the
bathroom all night due to not breaking down the dairy. Have you ever thought about
why we are the only species that drink another animals milk. Also, the things we have
to do to it to actually be drinkable. Meat as well. The things we have to do to it to
make it digestible. When people can look at what they put into their bodies and know
what its doing to them, some would change their eating habits. The most common
symptoms for things that could happen in your digestive system have to do with
cramping bowel movement inconsistencies whether it be diarrhea or constipation. When
it comes to different parts of the abdominal system everstaff Vegas I believe along with
your upper intestines lower intestines stomach liver. The majority of digestive issues I
think and a lot of cases come from your stomach and the intestinal area that controls
the waste products better body Ridgid self of whether it be through urine or fecal
matter. People tend to Half Crazy eating habits which can cause severe constipation
making it sometimes impossible and or very hard for somebody to pass a normal bowel
movement without stress or straining themselves.
But as it comes to disease is Crohn's disease and heard about syndrome are probably
some of the more Hayden and painful issues that we get with which can cause severe
abdominal pain because of the lack of ability for your body to push allof the toxins out
through a bowel movement without medication or laxative. And that this is only the tip
of the iceberg when there's so much more pieces and different things to the digestive
area that it's almost too much to cover without a book hope you enjoy reading have a
good night.
Some of the different parts of the body that I think belong to the digestive system are
our stomachs, intestines, gall bladder, and liver. Some of the body parts that can cause
discomfort are our stomachs themselves from eating too fast, or too much. Gall bladders
can cause a lot of issues as well by having gall stones. I had to get my gall bladder
removed in 2013 because of the discomfort I had from it. I lost a lot of weight at once
and I was told that causes gall stones, and my doctor wanted me to lose more weight
first before removing it, but it was too painful. Once the doctor removed it he was
shocked by how many stones were in there, and even though it is removed if I eat the
wrong thing it can still cause problems. I would say the most common discomfort would
be eating too much, for example at thanksgiving most people will say that they have to
unbutton their pants because they ate too much food. One of the main discomforts I
have now is that if I drink something too fast after having the sleeve surgery done it is
a very uncomfortable feeling. Some of the different parts of the body that I believe
might belong to the digestive system are the esophagus, stomach, small and large
intestines. The parts I believe to cause discomfort are small intestine where there will
be gas. Discomfort will as well be in your stomach where there will be abdominal pain.
One other part where there will be pain is your esophagus where there will be
esophageal spasms that could last between a few minutes to hours. some parts of the
body that I think belong to the digestive system are the small and large intestine, gall
bladder, teeth, mouth, esophagus, liver, anus, and stomach. parts that I think caused
humans to have the most discomfort are the liver and gallbladder. I think some
discomfort may be caused by some food that agrees with your stomach which causes
different pain. A lot of greasy food can also cause your digestive system to not properly
work how it's supposed to. Sometimes many medications that you may take to help all
your body parts to works as they suppose to will cause liver problems, my brother had
many complications with his liver and could not keep down greasy foods which caused
him to have liver cancer. Also, my aunt was not using the bathroom the correct way as
she should, which she started to take medicine to help her stomach feel better which
turned out to her having colon cancer. She had to have surgery to have her gallbladder
removed because of all of the damage that has happened to her stomach. So now I try
not to eat much greasy food to harm my digestive system and body parts. There is a
possibility that I could be wrong, but from what I know, the digestive system can
compose of the mouth, tongue, teeth, small and big intestine, and the stomach. I feel
the stomach is what causes the discomforts because whenever I eat something my
stomach does not accept, that is where I feel it the most. Even teeth can cause
discomfort if you eat or drink things that can cause tooth decay like soda or coffee.
Some causes I think can cause digestive system discomfort might be when someone gets
food poisoning where food is not clean but contaminated with some type of bacteria,
virus or parasite. Another cause can be from taking certain medications that your body
does not approve of. In a case like that, the digestive system will try to "throw up" the
foreign object through the esophagus and out through the mouth. It is amazing to think
that we are not consciously doing everything on our own, that our body knows exactly
what to do in situations that will benefit the health of the body. I think some different
parts of the body that might being to the digestive system is the small intestine, large
intestine, stomach, and gallbladder. I think the stomach is what causes most people
discomfort and also the gallbladder. I have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) when my
stomach doesn’t agree with something I ate I start feeling these awful cramps in my
stomach and I end up having to go to the bathroom constantly. One thing I know that
makes it act up is when I start getting extremely nervous about something to the point
I make my stomach hurt. I also think Greasy food and spicy food can cause the
digestive system discomfort. Also if someone has a digestive system issue than I know
that doesn’t help the discomfort either. I know when I eat something sometimes that it’s
going to mess with my stomach but I end up choosing to eat it anyways knowing I’m
going to pay for the consequences after. I try to eat what I know want cause my
stomach to act up. I think that a person throat might belong to the digestive system. In
order to swallow your food, it has to go down your throat into your stomach. Also,
your stomach is part of your digestive syst3em. About 5 years ago, I was experiencing
what I thought was indigestion. Every time I ate something, I would get this pain that
would wrap around me like a hula hoop. It was difficult to breath and to sit up. All I
could do was hold my breath until the pain eased up. I went to the emergency room
and the doctors told me that it was my gallbladder. I had to have surgery to have my
gallbladder removed. From my story, the gallbladder can cause discomfort in humans.
After my surgery and speaking with doctors, I was informed that my gallbladder was
inflamed. It came from my eating habits. Putting hot sauce on everything and eating
fried foods was the cause of my pain. Once it was removed, I felt better. However, I
have realized that it is certain foods that I can not eat because it brings me discomfort
and hurts my stomach. I do think that eating fried and greasy foods or spicy foods can
cause and bring discomfort to a person digestive system. Different parts of the human
body that I believe are a part of the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus, large
intestine, small intestine, gallbladder and colon. Digestion of food is associated with all
of these parts. My guess for causing the most discomfort would be the large and small
intestine. This could be from upset stomach, food allergy or even overeating or not
eating enough. I have problems with my gallbladder where if I eat something that may
be too greasy or fatty I will get a flare up. This is highly uncomfortable and the first
time I had the issue I thought I was having a heart attack from the burning, painful,
heavy feeling in my chest. Thankfully it hasn't been a big enough issue where it affects
me continually and haven't had the need to get it removed. I eat pretty healthy so this
only happens once sometimes twice a year. I don't know if this is a common occurrence
for others but for those it does happen to a change in diet helps. Some different parts
of the body that belongs to the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus, small and
large intestine, and of course the stomach to name a few. All of these parts of the body
helps to digest food in some way. For example, the mouth is what we insert our food
into and chew then swallow our food. I also know that the food is digested into the
small intestine. I am not really sure about the function of the large intestine too well
but I am sure by the end of this course I will have all the knowledge I need to
understand it’s function of the digestive system. I think that the most common part of
the digestive system that will cause human discomfort are the stomach and esophagus
because when you eat too much your stomach becomes so full and that is very
uncomfortable. I am not 100% sure but I believe acid reflux has to do with the
esophagus and that can also cause discomfort. I am excited to learn about the digestive
system and how everything works, it is very interesting and important to understand
how the body works. Some of the important parts pf the digestive system are as
followed, you have your mouth, stomach, esophagus, small intestine, large intestine and
anus as well as liver, gallbladder and pancreas. the digestive system works like a train,
first it starts off by using the mouth to chew up the food and located it to the small
intestine by using the esophagus, than they are moved to where the food and liquid is
needed. there are different types of ways that can cause discomfort such as bloating,
bleeding, heartburn and more. For example, when I was pregnant with my daughter
about a month after I started feeling pain in my back and thought it was just gas turned
out my body was sending signals for my gallbladder to be removed and afterwards I
was put on a bland diet to be able to have a normal diet in the future as well as being
told I would end up with IBS and would have to eat high rich fibers and not any type
of processed foods because it could cause not enough antibodies for my body to perform
their daily jobs. The body parts I know of that are a part of the digestive system are
the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestines, and the colon. I
know there is more to it than that but I think those body parts are the most well known.
Based on the complaints I hear from family and friends, I believe stomach and intestinal
problems are the most common. I have friends that have ulcers and heartburn issues
which causes them to have very bland diet and I know they are not getting the nutrients
they need. I also have friends that suffer from frequent stomach aches and have irregular
bowel movements. I am also prone to getting diverticulitis so eating anything with seeds
is usually not ideal, which makes it hard to have a well balanced diet. I think eating
processed foods and meals high in fat do contribute to many digestive issues. I also
believe that many people do not eat enough fiber and do not have enough probiotics in
their diet to help with their gut health. Some of the different body parts that are
required for the digestive system would be the stomach, large intestine, small intestine,
esophagus, mouth, gall bladder, kidneys and liver.
I think the ones that definitely cause the most discomfort is the esophagus, stomach and
small intestine. The reason these cause the most discomfort is because these are the
most essential parts to digesting. They are the reason that things get stuck or they are
the reason for breaking something down. The main causes for digestion uncomforting is
the fact that things may go down the esophagus incorrectly, the stomach may not be
able to break down the materials being eaten, and the small intestine may have the
problem of not being able to properly absorb the nutrients the correct way. From the
mouth, to the stomach, intestines, and anus, it all is connected to the digestive system.
The most common part to cause humans discomfort to me would be the intestines where
the food is being digested. So many things such as food not being cooked properly,
consumption of alcohol, or overeating can cause problems in the digestive system. Spicy
foods is another item that can affect the digestive system and even cause problems in
the long run if consumed constantly. As I have gotten older, there are a lot of foods
that just don't agree with digestive system any more. I have turned to eating more fruits
and vegetables, and I have stopped eating so much meat and fast food due to the way
it upsets my stomach. I've learned to listen to my body and take more care of my
digestive health now so that I can remain healthy longer. It is important to listen to
your gut, it is the second brain in the body and bad digestive health can affect other
parts of the body if not properly taken care of. I recently just had gastric sleeve surgery
so i have been looking up so much information about the digestive system using google.
Being fair i know the digestive system has the GI track and then the actual digestive
system . The GI system includes the mouth esophagus, stomach and the small/ large
intestine. Leaving the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder as the actual digestive system.
From recent experience i have had noticed gallbladders being removed . From my
understanding it is normal to have to have the gallbladder removed after doing a high
protein diet with the amount of people attempting to get covid weight off i find this to
be a common cause for discomfort leading to other areas of discomfort. However
gallbladders are are able to be removed if needed. the body could also experience
constipation coming from lack of fiber int their diet making it harder for the organs in
the digestive system to break down the necessary parts of solids to ensure everything
was able to make its way successfully though the digestive system. The different parts
of the body that I think might belong to the digestive system is the mouth, pharynx,
esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, tongue, teeth, salivary
glands, pancreas, liver, and gall bladder. The parts that I think are the most common to
cause humans some sort of discomfort is the stomach, small intestine, and large
intestine. Some common causes of digestive system discomfort might be some ailments
relatively minor, such as canker sores in the mouth, or severe and life threatening, such
as cancers that can target almost every part of the digestive system. Also having some
of the following digestive system disorders, Crohn's disease, Gallstones, Hepatitis, and
Ulcerative Colitis just to name a few. You have to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to
keep the digestive system healthy, because the body is wholly dependent on the
digestive system to provide it with the nutrients it needs to continue to function. If the
digestive system fails the entire body suffers, and it is not good for your health. The
parts of the body that I believe belong to the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus,
stomach, small intestines, large intestines, and the colon area. The areas that I would
think would give us the most trouble would be the mouth, esophagus, and colon. I think
the mouth would because of our teeth. Our teeth, when they are not healthy, are not
only painful but can also keep us from being able to chew our food properly. Our
esophagus could give us discomfort because of acid reflux which also makes us not
want to eat. The colon can give us discomfort in many ways but the one way that I am
familiar with is when people have colon pollups. My husband has had trouble with this
in the past and it affected his ability to eat, digest, and go to the restroom which is also
part of the digestive process. The stomach can also give us trouble when it comes to
certain kinds of foods and even coffee. I have drank coffee that caused me to have
stomach issues in the past. The parts of the body I think of when I hear the digestive
system is the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small, large intestines, and the rectum. I think
the stomach cause the most discomfort for most people. However, my daughter always
had problems since birth with her stomach and rectum she was always constipated. For
me my stomach is always the most discomfort especially when I was pregnant. About a
year ago if ate the wrong things my stomach will be so upset I would be constipated
and have really bad burping gas. I got an allergy test turns out I cannot have any dairy
eggs butter. So, I think what you eat depending on your body is common for discomfort
in the digestive system it can cause constipation, hurt burn, and gas to say the lease. I
asked some of my family members this question and majority said there stomach is the
most common to have discomfort. The rest stated that there mouth was the most
common to have discomfort because they gums or teeth makes it hard for them to even
consume certain foods. Some of the different parts of the digestive system is the
esophagus, stomach, both small and large intestine and the rectum. The parts I think
cause the most comfort in people is the stomach and and rectum/colon. In my family
my sister, daughter and all three of my nieces have problems with constipation. Our
poor babies get so uncomfortable that they stand in one spot for a significant amount of
time and hide while they are trying to release their bowels. We try to watch everything
we feed them and have them all on clean diets but always want them to enjoy being
kids and enjoy good foods. Another part that I feel believe causes discomfort is the
stomach. Personally I can not eat just anything, my stomach does not agree with a lot
of diary products and real greasy foods. I actually try my hardest to avoid those foods
because I get so uncomfortable.
Some common digestive system discomfort I know of are heartburn or acid reflex and
stomach flu. I know so many who suffer from heart burn after they eat and is a daily
thing for them. I see the stomach flu a lot especially in younger children. I use to work
at a pediatric center a lot of our patients would come in for the stomach flu. Before
reading on the topic, I thought the digestive system was made of the mouth, the
esophagus, stomach, small intestines, and large intestines. To me, the most discomfort
comes from the stomach or either of the intestines. When I think of food poisoning, I
think of vomiting and diarrhoea. The stomach has to break down the food before it
sends it off to our intestines. Sometimes things don't settle there well and we end up
vomiting. We can also experience diarrhoea from things not settling well. The waste just
goes through our intestines quickly. We could also have the opposite happen and
experience constipation. I am sure everyone has gone through these more than once. I
believe that this type of discomfort comes from a poor meal. Not cooking meats to the
proper temperature, poor storage of food, expired dairy, leftover fast food, and more can
cause these issues. We have to be health conscious of what we put into our bodies.
Another reason could be not having enough fiber. Fiber is great for our digestive track,
but not too many people eat enough daily. It is important to make sure we know what
is good and bad for our body for a clean and healthy digestive system. The parts that I
think cause humans the most discomfort are the stomach and the kidneys. Kidneys can
develop kidney stones, which I have never had, but I am told are extremely painful.
Stomach problems I can relate to, such as when a certain food does not agree with me
and causes stomach cramps and diarrhea. My nieces both have celiac disease, which
causes severe stomach cramping and bowel issues when they consume gluten.
Common causes of digestive system discomfort could be overeating food or eating
too much spicy food. This can cause acid reflux or indigestion. Another common cause
could be eating foods that contain gluten if you are gluten intolerant. Food poisoning,
which can happen if food is not cooked or stored properly or from people not practicing
good hygiene when cooking or eating is also a common cause of digestive issues. The
parts that I believe belong to the digestive system is the month, esophagus, stomach,
intestines and buttock. A big issue that I have had that starts at the very beginning of
digestion is the mouth. People may sometimes have tooth issues that make it very
uncomfortable to eat. Another common issue is heartburn. Heartburn does not only
affect the esophagus but can also cause stomach upset, and if severe enough diarrhea.
Prior to working in the military, I worked in primary care for a few years. Treating
digestive issues was extremely common and would need referral to Gastroenterologist.
We noticed people has discomfort for many reasons. Some patients abused pain
medication, which caused the lining of their stomach to be almost nonexistent. We had
other patients with conditions that were found in the intestines. Cancer patients would
have issues as well given the medication that was treating their disease. Pregnancy
caused digestive issues for me as the baby grew bigger. Over time your organs are
squished into places and it will definitely cause more issues that just digestive. Some
different parts of the body that I think may belong to the digestive system are the
mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, liver,
gall bladder, teeth and the pancreas to name a few.
Parts that I think are the most common to cause humans some sort of discomfort are
the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, esophagus, small/ large intestine, the mouth and the
Some common causes of the digestive system I think might be are appendicitis caused
by the invasion of bacteria following blockage of the appendix by ulcers or fecal matter.
Teeth begin the entire process of digestion. Cavities are caused when the mouth hygiene
is handled poorly. When bile begins to back up into the liver and eventually into the
rest of the body, can cause Biliary atresia. Gallstones are caused when they block the
common bile duct. Heartburn is caused by backflow of the stomach acids in the
esophagus. IBD causes inflammation and ulceration and is the result of a defective
immune system. Proper storage and food prep play an important part of keeping the
digestive system healthy.
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