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When I think of the words nutrient and nutrition I think of nutrient meaning what kinds
of food you eat daily and the amount of the food groups you are suppose to intake
daily. When I think of nutrition I think of your health and what level your body is at
and wither your body is weak on nutrition or strong. Nutrition and Nutrient are different
because nutrients is the process by feeding which are obtained from the environment
and nutrition includes a number of the processes that allow organisms to transform those
nutrients so our cells can use them. Nutrients and nutrition are organic and inorganic
molecules. Yes I feel that we use these words accordingly to the scientific definition
because nutrients we need them to have energy. We need this to support in our daily
life. Our body has processes it takes when we intake food. We also need nutrition to
grow and upkeep our metabolism and repair any part of our body in need of help.
These stages are ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation and lastly
excretion. The words "nutrient" and "nutrition" I think to mean what you're putting into
your body or how you are living your life in general. Nutrition is about the types of
food you're putting into your body, how you're fueling your body every day. Are giving
your body the right types of foods? Nutrient is how much of the right foods you are
getting into your body. I think the scientific definitions do match up. There have been
proven studies that show if you live a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body by
putting good foods into it can have many benefits. Such as long life, less risk of cancer,
good skin, and the list goes on. People have beat cancer by changing their diet. Words
like "nutrient" or "nutrition" are used in almost my everyday life. These past two years
of my life I have taken a step away from most things that I know and started to re-
evaluate my eating habits as well as my lifestyle choices. I was blessed to watch a
documentary call "What the Health". Its main focus was on going vegan, but there was
so much more that I took from it. One thing about "nutrients" is what specific vitamins
,minerals and just all over good-stuff for your whole body, that your body takes in from
the foods and liquids that we eat and drink. Nutrition is how your body breaks down
this food. This documentary has taught me to look at the foods that I eat and I really
just look at food and ask myself, "can this make a heart, lung, eye. For me I know that
the body regenerates cells every so many years. The stuff we put into our bodies is
ultimately what we are made of. I think there is a lot of information out there, science
included, that shows proof in this information. There are people who have cured their
own cancer from making a lifestyle change to eat only natural foods. Nothing processed.
The body responds so wonderfully to nature. Even stepping outside barefoot can help a
person heal of inflammation. Its called "grounding".When I think of the word nutrients,
I think of what your body is made of such as what types of nutrients are put into your
body each and every day, Nutrition and nutrients in a sense are the same, however, to
me, the definitions are different. Nutrients could be fruits and veggies that you know
you should be eating to live healthily. To live a healthy life we must eat clean,
exercises a feed our body all the nutrients it is required to have. I do not know much
but I do have an idea of how these words work a part in our everyday life. I think
without science there wouldn't be the ability to know what nutrients or what nutrients
even really are without the ability to break them down and study them. when I think of
the word nutrients, I think of what your body is made of such as what types of nutrients
are put into your body each and everyday, such as fruit and veggies also fiber such as
beans , whole grains and vitamins. For example, I have to see a dietitian and she helps
me with my goals and the proper nutrition for an everyday life. Being told about how
to eat to make sure you have enough sources in your body so your body would not go
into a hunger breakdown so you have to have three meals a day plus at least two snacks
in between also you have to drink plenty of water to break up all the fat cells. I have
heard multiple females and males talking about how they want to loose weight and be
able to live their life by also using multiple weight loss supleiments such as the keto
diet but little does anyone know the keto diet has two different diets, one for the males
and one for the females . When I think of the word nutrients, I think of it meaning
what you are putting into your body. Nutrients to me seems like it could be fruit or
veggies that are healthy and that is good to put into your system. When I think of the
word nutrition, I think of it meaning that what you are eating. Nutrition to me means
that a person is eating what they suppose to eat everyday. Having the recommended
doses of fruits and veggies. Nutrition and nutrients in a sense is the same, however, to
me, the definitions are different. Nutrients could be fruits and veggies that you know
you should be eating to live healthy. Nutrition is what you know you are eating
everyday. It is not a second thought on being healthy or wanting to loose any weight.
Nutrition could mean that you are doing the right thing and eating right. I do not think
that the everyday use of the words nutrients and nutrition could be consistent with
scientific definitions. It really depends on how the word is being used and what the
person actually means. At the same time, the definitions of both the words seem to say
the same thing. I just think that it nutrition means that you are wanting to start the
process of eating healthy and being healthy and nutrients means that you are already
practicing that by eating right and exercising. When I personality hear the word
nutrition, I automatically think of healthy foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables to be
specific. Nutrition is based off the foods you put into your body. I also associate it with
drinking enough water for the body to be able to push toxins out. nutrition to me is the
fancy word for being able to balance the foods to ensure it fits the needs of the body.
Everyone is different so what is an acceptable about of nutrition for one's body will not
be the same for the other. For example, someone who is obese would need more protein
in their diet and less carbs to get a person to a weight maintainable for their size.
Finding balance is sometimes extremely hard and requires a good amount of education
to ensure all parts of nutrition is being kept. I find online sources like google and
Pinterest to be helpful in finding " healthy" meals to eat to help with the process of
weight loss and becoming or maintaining a healthy notorious lifestyle. When I think of
nutrition I automatically think of a gym or people working out or something to deal
with trying to stay healthy. It almost brings me back to HighSchool of talking about the
food pyramid in the food groups and exercising and how are you can do different things
to keep yourself healthy. The word nutrient automatically brings me to a thought process
based around plants or greenhouses growing things because of the definition in the way
that they use the word nutrient for how the plants get fed.
Bouncer that these words have some type of basic or extensive definition an aspect
when it comes to science realm of things. Strictly because when you look on say your
food products or any type of plant growth hormone or anything like that it has
percentages and the different types of nutrition and nutrients that we are getting with
that product. And I think without science there wouldn't be the ability to know what
nutrients or what nutrient even really are without the ability to break them down and
study them.When I hear the word nutrition. I automatically think health. The nurturing
of our body has been so important I remember reciting this in a pray before lunch or
dinner. While pregnant it was important to see the nutrition when attending a prenatal
appointment. She check for diabetes explain what is good to eat and not good to eat
during pregnancy. There is always a nutrition at every wic office. As known as Women
Infant and children. These services are offered in the state Pennsylvania .For income
based services to provide milk and other healthy food.to test the child weight and the
parents blood is taken to check the blood count to see what the iron level is for both
parent and child. tt A nutritionist is the person who plans a healthy diet. To nurtient the
healthy food in our body. Based solely off my own life experiences with these words;
Nutrient is the basis of everything you eat. Example if you eat fish you get nutrients
such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is the basis of a diet. Such as what
you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Are you eating enough calories every meal?.The
main differences between the two is that one is based off what you eat and how it
effects you; while the other is mainly just making sure that you are eating. I do not
think that the every day use of the words coincide with the scientific definitions. I
believe that the scientific definitions have a deeper meaning that most people don't think
of when using it on a everyday basis.The knowledge I have about nutrients and nutrition
is kind of good. Nutrition is how much of the product you would consume in your body
and that nutrient is what you eat. Overall, I am doing good with my healthy journey
working out 2 times a day, making sure I am eating the correct food, and not
overeating. I think that the scientific definitions for the words are very good. For one
when we think about the scientific meaning of words, I think about something that can
be proven and scientist's work always can be proven. I think those words work together
because nutrients can be what you are consuming overall from meat, veggies, snacks to
nuts. I might be wrong but it's just from my perspective on what the words mean I
know I might be so off. I do know eating right and staying healthy have a lot to do
with nutrition and nutrient. Maintaining a healthy diet is all that matters. I also found
out while doing a little research a few weeks ago that water is the number 1 nutrient.
My understanding of nutrient is what exactly is in the product that I am eating, for
example how much protein, how many carbs things like that and what is it doing for
me. When I think of nutrition I think of how is this good for me, is this a healthy diet?
I am pretty sure I am far off on these meanings, but I am trying to learn better choices
going forward considering I have this tool to lose more weight. I have lost over 250lbs
since august 2019, and with the diet I was on it put my body in ketosis and my body
ate the fat as fuel. I notice the healthier I eat the better I feel, however its hard not to
eat some of the bad things. I am currently seeing a nutritionist, and I am sure she can
help me understand this even more. I have also decided to start my diet up again since
the past holidays have made it hard to stay on track. Standard guidance says eat lower
in fat/carbs and measure your portions. But I found that there is more to your body’s
needs. Believe it or not I never realized how important drinking plenty of water is. I
also learned that certain foods really are not bad for you and has to be taken in
moderation as everything else. For me, the word nutrient is what your body absorbs
from your daily nutrition. I understand that we do not always get the daily amount,
which is why supplementation is highly advised.I do not think that the scientific
definitions are consistent with everyday use of these words. We have to keep in mind
that the standards of nutrition and nutrient vary from person to person. Everyone has a
different understanding and method for what works according to their needs and
lifestyle. It can be a challenge to define these terms as recommendations are every
changing. My knowledge of nutrients vs nutrition is very lacking. I thought that nutrition
was what you would intake into your body and that the nutrient is what you got out of
it. In my everyday life, I know that I should be better when it comes to my nutrition.
I try hard to be pretty healthy, but my eating habits would not be considered the best
since I am pretty picky when it comes to food. This would be when I should probably
take vitamins and supplements to make up what I am lacking from not getting the
proper nutrition from the foods I chose to eat or not eat. My hope coming from this
course to not only learn something new, but also help lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I
can exercise all I want, but if I do not eat properly to help fuel my body it really isn't
going to do me any good. This is were nutrition and nutrients will come into play. I
think I have an idea and once I complete this course I should be on a better track to a
healthier lifestyle. The words nutrient and nutrition have two different meanings but
similar in some aspects. What I think these two words mean in nutrient more
environmental as in we get our vitamins from the sun, plants and hydration from lakes
and rivers. Nutrition is our personal diets as in what we put into out bodies and what
we avoid from putting into out bodies. Our body benefits from both of these words as
in we need vitamins, water and food in order to survive. Scientifically both of these two
words are a part of our everyday life and are very important to our health. In some
ways we can't have one with out the other, because we get some of our nutrient from
the food we eat. To live a healthy life we must eat clean, exercises a feed out body all
the nutrients it is required to have. I do not know much but I do have an idea on how
these words work a part in our every day life. Based on my exposure so far, in my
own words I feel nutrition helps us to recognize what we should and should not put
into our bodies. It allows us to see everything we are putting into our body. Nutrition
allows us to be better aware of food choices on what we will consume. Nutrition plays
a huge role in the human body. Without the proper nutrition it can cause health issues
that can affect our body and lifestyle.
Nutrients is a type of chemical that is made to be absorbed into the human body.
Anything that can not be abosorbed is not a nutrient. Water and vitamins are essential
nutrients of the body that do not require chemical breakdowns. Nutrition is the
nourishment itself, while nutrients are the components that give you energy. I feel the
world is always evolving. If people do the work and follow proper guidelines, I feel the
words will be consistent with the scientific definitions. People do what works for them,
but that may not always be what is best. Everyone's body type is made different, so
with the two words, people need to take different measures. Understanding and
knowledge can make everything easier when it comes to the human body's nutrition and
nutrients. Based on my exposure so far I think "nutrient" and "nutrition" is having
healthy eating habits or even a diet. Thats what comes to mind when I hear those two
words. However, they do have great differences nutrition is what you are taking in and
nutrients is the healthy foods your body need to provide the basic requirements that are
not produced by the body. Based on this week reading I do not think the everyday use
of these two words might be consistent with scientific definitions. The reason I do not
think so because I asked several people what they thought and majority think of these
two words as diet and healthy eating. In the text it doesn’t just describe healthy eating
habits but what you are consuming and how it can effective in our body. How healthy
eating can lead to good energy and healthy weight. Honestly I didn't know lot of the
things I read about and I'm excited to learn more and hopefully it can help me stay on
track with making better eating habits. My understanding of the words is, nutrient is a
single thing that your body needs in order to function, nutrition is a group of nutrients
that your body still requires to function. Everything that we consume has nutrients that
we need. I have found out recently that our bodies can be allergic to individual
nutrients. I adopted my son recently, he was a high-risk child that we cared for threw
foster care, and he was denied the nutrition he needed as a baby and developed an
allergic reaction to all dairy and eggs, nutrients that I thought was a necessity to a baby.
He could not digest the dairy and eggs and would break out in hives from just touching
someone that ate them. My wife and I had to research what he could eat in place of
the dairy and eggs and had to learn how to read the labels on the back of the food we
bought for him. We had to not only look for dairy and eggs in the food, but also if it
was manufactured in a plant that also made dairy and egg products. It was eye opening,
and I have learned so much about what is put in our food and how tt where it is made.
When I hear the words or have heard the words "nutrient" and "nutrition" I think about
ingredients and health facts. I think a lot of us think about this when we hear those two
words. For example, when I hear nutrition I think about the nutrition fax on the back
of different foods. When I hear the word nutrient I think about ingredients in different
foods. Nutrients are the substances or ingredients in foods and nutrition is more so about
eating healthy and things of that matter. I don't think that the everyday use of these
words are consistent with scientific definitions because when I refer to these words it is
always dealing with health or diet relations. I am familiar with nutrition facts and
reading the back of food boxes. I do that quite often it has become a habit now.
Nutrients are also the substances that we put into our body more, so I believe healthy
nutrients. I know there is much more to learn when pertaining to these two words and
I look forward to learning about them in this class. Based off my exposure so far what
I think a nutrition mean is providing the necessary nutrients that is not produced by the
body, i also look at nutrition as a diet. And nutrient is produced by the human tissues,
or body, as well as looking at nutrient as ingredients and supplements. The way that the
two are different is that nutrition is a vital physiologic process necessary for the
development and maintenance of the human body, and nutrient is an ingested chemical
that is absorbed and made part of the human tissues. I don't think that everyday use of
these words is consistent with scientific definitions. Most people just look at it as the
healthy part of our lives, or diet and what we need to intake to have a healthy body
and diet. For me i have only looked at nutrition and nutrients as being a healthy diet
and supplements need to help you keep that healthy body. Based on my own personal
experience, I would have guessed that nutrition is how our body receives and processes
nutrients. Nutrients are what our body gets through what we ingest. I have read this
weeks material so now I am aware that there is so much more to these terms than I
originally thought. There is a lot more science to it all. There are many different types
of nutrients. Like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, vitamins and minerals. And they
all play a part in our nutrition. They all affect our body differently and provide different
functions in our nutrition. I believe that my original thought about nutrition and nutrients
was close to accurate but not complete. Now I know that nutrients are chemicals that
we absorb once we ingest them. I also now know that nutrition is the process of taking
these nutrients and converting them into energy and what our body needs to function
properly. Another misconception I had was that nutrients were only healthy and we
could not get too much of them. I now know that too much of some nutrients can lead
to many different kinds of health issues. When I hear the word "nutrient" I think of the
key ingredient(s) or supplement of things. Growing up, we might have considered any
nutrient to be healthy for us. "It's high in nutrients" is something I am sure most of us
heard. Saying that with certain foods makes it sound "healthy" so we can indulge in it.
However, there are good and bad nutrients. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are some
things I would consider as nutrients that we should have daily. While sugars and
saturated fat are nutrients that I believe should be avoided.When it comes to the word
"nutrition", I think of diets. It's the process of our body breaking down the nutrients we
consumed. On the package of anything we consume, we can see "Nutrition Facts". It
lists all the nutrients our body will absorb from consuming the content.Looking at the
definition of these words, it sounds like it is only used for the healthy side. Nutrient is
defined as "a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the
maintenance of life." Nutrition is defined as "the process of providing or obtaining the
food necessary for health and growth." The scientific definition of these words are not
consistent with how I use them in my life. I mentioned the nutrition facts. Not
everything on that label is healthy or essential. When you stop and think of the words
nutrient and nutrition what are those words and how do they affect us? Most people
think of health and fitness. You look at what you are putting in your body when you
are getting fit and healthy. When you look at what the two words mean you will see
that they work together. Nutrient is a substance that we need to make our body grow.
Nutrition is the process of getting the nutrient to our bodies. There are guidelines to
help you decide if the nutrients you are putting in your body are good. These are
proteins, fibers, and essential fats. There are some nutrients that are not good for your
body. tt These are sugars, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fats. Our diets we eat and
plan show us how we feel about our bodies. I personally never thought much about all
this information until my strokes and to cut out a lot of things. Cutting out these things
not only made me healthier but showed me how to cook for my family and make us
all healthier with little changes. I have heard the words nutrient and nutrition many
times before. To me when I hear the word nutrient I think of the key ingredient in
something or a nourishments we get from something we eat. When I think of the word
nutrition I think of the healthiness of a certain food . The necessary food we eat to stay
healthy. I try to eat a balanced meal but sometimes the sweets get the best of me. It
doesn’t help that I love to bake either. I think the use of these words might be
consistent with scientific definitions because Your body is made up of so many. I have
a thyroid problem so it is very hard for me to lose weight or keep it at a stead so I
have to medicine to help with that. Also some people have to take vitamins and
supplements to get the nutrients and nutrition they need that they are not able to get
from just food alone. I am excited to learn more these next couple of weeks in this
class. I have heard nutrient and nutrition many times before. nutrient to me is a key
ingredient or or supplement that comes from certain foods we eat. Nutrition to me is
eating balanced meals that may cover certain marts of the food group. I would hear the
word nutrition when it comes to feeding children, making sure they have a balanced
diet. When hear the word nutrient I think of either someone who is dieting or someone
who is in lack of certain things in their diet such as iron, magnesium, or potassium. For
example, I deal with low iron, so I try to eat foods that are rich in fiber and iron. Also
sometimes i can't get it all with just food itself, and that's where I sometimes have to
supplement with vitamins. I think the use of the word nutrition is good as it pertains to
a healthy balanced diet. I think people need to understand the importance of nutrients
and the importance of eating food or a diet that is rich in nutrients. Ways that I have
heard the words nutrient and nutrition in everyday life are when people are talking about
their diets, and when they are talking about their health. I think the word nutrient means
the good things you are putting in your body when you feed it. Nutrition to me means
what kind of nutrients are you consuming. Do you have good nutrition or bad nutrition?
Are you eating nutritious food containing good nutrients for your body or non-nutritious
food with little or no beneficial nutrients? I think that the use of these words in
everyday use are consistent with the scientific terms. The real definition of nutrition is
the process required to maintain healthy organs and a healthy body. The definition of
nutrients is the required food items containing vitamins and minerals that you are
consuming that are not made by your body to maintain your health. Most people
understand that you need to follow good nutrition guidelines to stay healthy and to
consume certain nutrients daily to avoid getting sick. Most of the time people cannot do
this with food alone so they take supplements to help their body receive the vitamins
and minerals that are required. When I hear the words nutrient or nutrition, I
automatically think of staying fit or being healthy. But in reality, it does not mean you
have to be fit or even eat healthy to get the nutrition or nutrients you need. The small
difference between nutrient and nutrition is that nutrient is something that provides the
necessary nourishment to be able to grow. As where nutrition is the process of obtaining
nutrients to be able to grow. I feel the words are consistent with scientific definitions if
used everyday. One would know that a nutrient is something that is digested and
nutrition is the process of digesting that nutrient. But as I said, not all nutrients are
healthy so many do not consider it as a nutrition. When people refer to their nutrition,
they are more so referring to healthy nutrients since they are on some kind of diet. I
never really thought about the idea of nutrient and nutrition having two different
meanings but still working off one another. Not until I actually thought about it for this
discussion. In my case it would probably differ from most normal people because of the
fact that at one time I was in competition in Miss Fitness so the terms nutrient and
nutrition have been used in my life in the scientific term. Nutrition is what we intake,
how it is digested, and how it strengthens or weakens our body if we do not receive
proper nutrition. Nutrients are the chemicals that are absorbed. According to Robinson
(2016), "A nutrient is an ingested chemical that is absorbed and made part of the human
tissues. Substances in the food that are not absorbed are not considered nutrients, but
they may nevertheless be essential to one's health, such as dietary fiber." Water is an
example of a nutrient that we can't live without. The body is made up of mostly water
so the thought that we could go and never intake water would be absurd. Water is a
macronutrient. According to Robison (2016), "Nutrients include macronutrients
(carbohydrates , lipids, proteins, and water) that are consumed in large quantities and
micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are consumed in much smaller quantities,
although they are no less essential to health."
When I hear the word nutrients, I also think of them as being healthy. So, it is
interesting to learn that not everything that is called a nutrient is nutritious for our
bodies. It is also interesting to learn how too much good nutrients can harm us. I must
be careful of this because I