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Some goals that I have set for myself Are To be self sufficient as far
as not needing to work for somebody I would really like to own my own
business and be able to take that business wherever I need to as it is
done through web development which means I don’t need to be set
anywhere. I think my biggest reflect would be on self-discipline I did a
couple things that I thought were in particular very useful. One of which
was deleting any game on my phone as well as deleting Facebook off of
my phone.I think those two things really help me to be more productive
and efficient in achieving and keeping on track towards my goals. I think
to remain on track as long as I keep time set aside for my goals in
particular they are very doable and I have to be able to learn to stick
with those time schedules. I think my gifts at being very technologically
inclined come to be intrinsic because I don’t have to try very hard to
understand it but working to be good at selling and creating clients seems
to be a very extrinsic motivation. There are different types of goals one
sets for oneself. One of the most important goal I have set is to start
up an online business and acquire a skill which will further help me out
in my career.Critical thinking helps one in moving on because it is self
directed and self disciplinary. I tend to analyze the situation and look for
solutions in a disciplined way. I surround myself around positive people and
like to work in environments with a strong support network. I pre-plan my
tasks and I have started to manage my time by not delaying the daily
goal I have set for myself.Keep reminding myself daily about my goal. I
will set up some milestones towards my actual goals because a little
accomplishments give big motivations. Intrinsic motivation keeps my brain
healthy and motivates me in a healthy way however extrinsic motivation
provide me the platform to achieve my actual goal. Extrinsic motivation is
the pathway and intrinsic motivation is the leader. Some goals that I have
set for myself is to work harder with schooling. A lot of issues tend to
come by way while I attempt to go to school but I have made it my
goal to work on it further. I have created a better schedule to faithfully
follow. I have solely but surely increased by ability to focused. Some of
the strategies I can put into action is by remaining focus and creating a
goals. Using the SMART technique can help me create realistic and small
goals to achieve the end of the path. The intrinsic and extrinsic role go
hand on hand as it helps me know what belongs and what is essential to
my goal as oppose to what I do not need. For example, I do not need
a car to get to school so driving to a campus is not a priority. Some
goals that I have set for myself are to become more dedicated to my
school work, to graduate with honors, obtain a stable job, and to work
hard on setting smart goal . I have learned that I have high stress and
anxiety as well. I will working on these things also. I have learned ways
to deal with them and I will be focusing on that. I have learned that
being patient and pacing myself will help me cope with things better and
not stress so much about things that I have no control over. I will start
by making a chart or schedule to better help me with keeping up with
things. setting times to do things and get them done, separating them by
days also. Prioritizing what's more important and comes first. Working on
my anger and anxiety will help me concentrate better. I plan on seeking
help to cope with my depression as well. Then I plan on studying more
and focusing harder on the things that I want to achieve in life.I will be
giving it my all to achieve these goals. I feel like having people who are
intrinsic around me will help me with reaching and achieving my goals .
Having that positive vibe and energy helps with focusing and they encourage
you to do better and accomplish your goals. Having people who are negative
around you will have feeling depressed, down, stressed and not focusing on
your goals. I promise to strive more and finish my degree this time .
Some of the goals I have set for myself would be finish school with at
least a 3.4 GPA, so I can teach my children that you can do anything
you set your mind to. Another goal that I have set for myself is to lose
40 lbs within the next 12 months, this is because I need my back to
feel better as well as I want to make sure I can run with my children.
Some changes that I have made in the past 5 weeks to remain focus on
my goals are really reading the material instead of skimming it, and counting
my Calories daily. Some strategies I can use to remain focused and on
track with my goals are take at least 3 days doing school work instead
of whenever it fits in, as well as no going out to fast food restaurants.
My goals is to complete my schooling and to support others in life. For
myself I am a retired Naval Petty Officer whom was drafted in the military
over twenty years ago. I did not complete my educational goals and I
enlisted into the U.S. Navy. This time period was during the Vietnam war.
I later years I wanted to finish my college schooling so I had been
working ,It had been taking longer than I wanted it to. So I will be
getting my degree next year. I will get my construction manager degree. If
I used the SMART tools. It would had help me with organizing my weekly
and daily events. This degree will help my career in my field. I am work
as a Civil Inspector on large contracts. This goal is extrinsic motivators for
myself for wanting to received my degree. This educational degree is a goal
I wanted to complete. It will make me great. Some of the goals that I
have set for myself are:
Working to climb the ladder as in "furthering my position at the
organization I work for at the moment."
Finishing school and receiving my bachelors degree
Take a brief break after finishing school for my bachelor's and
continue my goal to become a lawyer
Getting my son involved in more sports and creating a schedule so
that I can get our daily activities in order.
One of my habits was procrastinating to start my schoolwork on time. I
realized that I made it this far and failing isn’t an option I am almost
complete so I need nothing distracting me at this point. I have completely
cut off distractions so it isn’t involving my son or my bills I don’t want
to know anything about it so that made it easier for me to stay focus.
Now I am getting more work done earlier where I have time to do other
things and it's less concerning/stressful. My goals are to only stay focused
on what matters my son, work, and school. I’ve learned not to overdo
myself and try to spread times out for things to get done because it was
making more tired. As you get to rest, it makes it easier for you to
complete the schoolwork. The only way that I would say that extrinsic is
part of my motivation to reach my goals would be me wanting to make
money to take care of my child and the home that I provide for us, not
for the fame nor image. Intrinsic would be because I want to continue to
grow as an individual and succeed in life. Goals that I have set for myself
is to definitely finish up my bachelor’s degree which I will be finished
next summer and I would also like to start to look for a new job in
about six months. I would like to start a family with my husband and to
continue to eat healthy and work out. My time with school is a slow and
steady one to try my best in school so I can finish on time. I have
been working out three times a week plus walking twice a week and feel
that I am now over the hump of getting on a schedule with. My plan
to look for a new job requires me to staying on track to graduate on
time so I have education plus experience and will tie into me being able
to start a family by working somewhere else that offers better flexibility.
To staying on track to reach my goals I make sure that all of my family
and friends are aware of my goals and they help me to stay on track
by reminding me of what I am working towards when things get tough.
Intrinsic motivation is me working towards my goals so I am able to
accomplish them and extrinsic motivation is being rewarded for finishing my
college degree and being able to apply for a job that requires a bachelor’s
degree. Some goals that I have set for myself currently are get my degree
in IT, getting back into shape, and starting my own business within 5
years. Some changes that I have made over the last five weeks to keep
my focused on my goals are creating a calendar, to think more positively
and make my goals SMART goals. To obtain my degree, I have started
making a calendar and to do list for each class, to help me stay on top
of my work. To help getting back into shape, I have started with a base
list of exercise goals and will increase them each week until I am at
where I want to be. Starting my own business is going to be the most
challenging of my goals but I have begun to break down my short term
goals like saving money and creating a business plan. Getting back into
shape is fueled by intrinsic motivation. I want to get back into shape
because it will make me feel better about myself. Getting my degree and
starting my own business are fueled by extrinsic motivations. The main
motivation for these goals are to make more money so that I can live
comfortably. Some goals that I have set for myself, especially related to
academics include: setting aside time daily to work on coursework, being
willing to ask for help when I need it, and also continuing to progress in
my education continuously until I’m done. I think I have pretty good self-
discipline in that I can challenge myself to complete my goals. Critical
thinking is also an area I have grown in this last five weeks. I have
challenged myself to work hard to engage in purposeful and meaningful
though in order to make good decisions.To continue my commitment to
achieve my goals, I will have to engage some effective strategies. An
example of a good one is to utilize my support network effectively. Another
good option is to split up difficult tasks into several easier ones that lead
to the same result.I believe that motivation plays a significant role in my
ability to achieve my goals. Intrinsic motivation, or internal motivation, is
most important to me because it details why something is personally important
to me. Extrinsic motivation, while less important to me, still plays a big
role. What others expect of me is a big motivating factor in my decisions
and goal setting. I have a couple goals I am working on. A major goal
I am working on is my degree. In the past 5 weeks I have been better
at finishing my to-do list, Sometimes I don't do everything because I
procrastinate and say i'll do it later. If I am passing a place where I
need to do something I make sure to stop and do it. Then later I am
not going back out to do it. This eliminated wasteful time, bad habits and
freed up time to work on my degree.
I want to be better at what I currently do and learn things I do not
know. In taking these classes I am learning so much and will take it with
me in my future not only for my career but personal life as well.
I will end up making more money after I complete my degree because the
higher education will up my salary. I could also end up being promoted
in the company with a higher education. I win both ways and this all
drives me to reach my goal.I have set the goals of turning my homework
in on time, and saving money. I would like to live a comfortable life,
where I am not stressing over bills, and unexpected expenses. i have came
across a few obstacles during class, but with self-motivation and time
management, I have managed to get back on track. I plan on staying on
track by practicing my time management skills. It might be my biggest
weakness thus far. I have learned to set constant reminders in my phone,
so I know throughout the day when my deadlines are. I would say that
my intrinsic motivation is to be able to help people in every best way
possible that I can. I love to help people, i believe it is one of my
callings in life. I would say that my extrinsic motive would be to live a
lavish life and be able to do all the fabulous things in life that I have
always dreamed of doing. I also would like to be able to help my kids
when they are older. One of the goals that I set for myself is to pass
all of my Lower Division classes with an A Average. I also set a goal
to lose 20 lbs by the end of the year. I'm also working to build stronger
relationships with my church family and maternal family.Reflecting on my
own self discipline and critical thinking habits I learned that I have to find
more quiet time to study so that I can get A's in all of my lower
division classes. I can no longer neglect my body and eat what I want
and not exercise. I've started cutting out all of the carbs and sugars. I've
starting walking for 30 mins on my lunch break. I committed to answering
the phone when my family calls and I've committed to attend church twice
a week. It is really hard to remain disciplined. In the beginning, it's easy
because you have the passion and you feel zest about the task. However,
it's hard to keep momentum when the thrill is gone.One of the best
strategies that I can use to stay committed is always knowing my vision.
I have my goals posted on my mirror each morning. I know that I want
to be able to help others. I know how I want to live. I know how I
want to look and I know how I want to feel. Seeing those visions and
goals each morning will help me stay focused. Also, writing in my journal
daily and being able to see my growth and accomplishments will also help
me stay committed. Intrinsic motivation plays the biggest part in me achieving
my goals. I'm motivated first and foremost by God. As a HR professional,
my passion in life is to help employees reach their potentials. I want
employers to get the employees that they need, but I also want employees
to be able to grow and learn from their employers.My extrinsic motivations
are definitely wealth. I want to make enough money so that the generation
after me doesn't have to struggle like I did. I have set the goals of
completing a bachelors degree, obtaining gainful steady employment with
benefits and purchasing a house for myself. In the past five weeks I have
found myself focusing more of my energy and attention on planning my
week ahead of time instead of just the day, my thoughts have turned more
positive as it has helped my days go easier. I plan to use the strategy
of reminding myself of my goals frequently; by posting them and speaking
them; to remind and encourage myself. I plan to use my vision board in
the next 12 months to remain on course and committed. I think that having
a record of where I am now and where I will be in a year, will be
further motivation. I believe that it is important to have exterior and interior
motivators, also known as intrinsic and extrinsic motivators; because when
you are in different points of life (or your day) you need different things
to keep you motivated. I find this to be more of a consistent journey to
learning how I learn and work best. Some of the goals that I have set
recently have been to be more organized with my time and use a schedule,
to eat healthier, and to be a more positive person. Over the past five
weeks I have started using a whiteboard as a to do list and using the
schedule in my smart phone to manage those tasks and my time. I have
stopped buying sugary foods and soda at the grocery store as a start to
eating heathier. I attend a counseling session weekly and church service
weekly to help improve myself and positivity. My strategies to stay on track
with my goals are to keep a strict schedule and accountability with my
family members and peers. I feel like I thrive more off of intrinsic
motivation. Personally I feel more accomplished and satisfied when I reap
the internal personal rewards rather than and trophy or some tangible award.
I feel like I gain more from the feeling of personal reward than I ever
would with just an object of accomplishment. I have learned that prioritizing
our goals, utilizing a calendar, and setting new goals that are achievable,
will not only make us feel satisfied, but it will actually enable us to
accomplish what we truly want in life. This class has opened my eyes
realize what goals need to be completed in my career path and in my
life. We all may have our wants and needs, but the difference is those
who put in the work and stay consistent will push past the obstacles, and
those that fail to accomplish will remain stagnant. The consistent ones will
separate themselves in the crowd. Two goals I have set for myself is
earning my degree and to lose 25 pounds. The biggest change I have made
in the last 5 weeks is when I actually say I am going to do something
I actually do it and for me that has taken both self discipline and critical
thinking. More self discipline because I am admittedly a procrastinator and
like to put things off as long as I can. Having the confidence to say
"hey I am going to get my degree is huge for me. I know this is just
the first five weeks but being discipline enough to actually commit to doing
assignments and being on time each week, while working full time and
finding the balance has been difficult and that is where critical thinking
comes into play. It allows me to reflect on the things I know I need to
do for myself to be successful.
Also for me critical thinking is a must while I am trying to lose weight.
Sometimes I think I am too critical as I reflect on myself, but I also
believe it has helped me loose my first 8 pounds. Critical thinking has
allowed me to solve my problem of eating when I am not hungry.
The strategies I will use moving forward to continue my goals will be to
continue to use my SMART goals spreadsheet to keep me on track, strive
for a higher level of self motivation, work on a healthier level of self
esteem, good time management and most importantly for me know my
stressors so that I don't let them defeat me and I graduate on time.
Intrinsically I want to make sure I stay positive about my motivations to
be successful in obtaining my goals. Extrinsically I am going to stop focusing
so much on pleasing others.
Right now my main goal is to earn my degree. I have wasted all my
prior attempts to do so, and I'm not about to make the same mistakes. I
am trying to use the book's advice to combat my impulsivity. While part
of my impulsivity stems from my mental illness, I have begun making a
conscious choice to delay gratification and focus on my long term goals. It
has helped me cope with this habit. Intrinsically, I want to prove to myself
that I can complete my schooling. I don't think I valued the education and
lacked the motivation to pursue it. I want to know that I deserve it.
Extrinsically, I want the degree to earn more in my career. I have done
well to build one without a degree, but in a few years I will hit a
ceiling. The degree will let me push past it, and being moving towards
financial independence. The techniques we learned about time management are
the ones I feel will help me the most. Being able to track my activity
through a calendar and keeping an up to date to-do list will keep me on
track to finishing college. A few goals that I set include professional
development/advancement, improved health from better diet and exercise, and
spending more present quality time with family and friends. My determination
to attain my bachelors is about two months away, but took over three
years to complete, and within those years of study came the opportunity
cost sacrifices of less time to focus on my goals. Some self-discipline
strategy habits within these past 5 weeks include the need to find time for
me to clear my mind of distractions to allow me to refocus on a more
clear and identified path toward happiness and success. An example of an
implemented positive action include entering commitments into my calendar so
I minimize overbooking myself at events or gathering invites. Which then
leads into learning how to say 'no' and speaking up more for myself.
Lastly, identifying informal/formal mentors who I observe as having successful
professional and personal traits and not being afraid to reach out to them
and have a conversation of their past and present insight advice to leading
a successful professional lifestyle. Some of the goals I have set for myself
after completing the last several weeks of this course is to be more positive
and to stop being so anxious all the time. In order to accomplish these
goals I have made an effort to stop spending so much time on the negative
things in life and start embracing the positive things. I have made an