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Thec gigc economyc isc anc economyc wherec companiesc contractc employeesc forc workc andc theyc
arec entirelyc independentc ofc thec companyc orc organization.c Anc examplec ofc thisc wouldc bec uberc
orc lyftc driversc beingc independentc contractors.c Technicallyc theyc arec representativesc ofc uberc orc
lyftc butc notc actualc employeesc andc doc notc receivec benefits.c Anotherc examplec ofc thisc couldc bec
thec travelc nursingc industry.c Hospitalsc orc healthcarec organizationsc contractc nursesc forc ac shortc
periodc ofc timec toc workc inc theirc differentc departments.c Inc ac gigc economy,c workersc wouldc bec
highlyc skilledc inc whateverc they'rec workingc on.c Theyc havec toc bec ablec toc adaptc quicklyc toc thec
situationsc they'rec placedc in.c Therec isc somec timec spentc onc trainingc butc thec costsc andc timec thatc
goesc intoc thec hiringc processc isc eliminated.c Ic havec experiencec beingc ac contractc workerc andc Ic
muchc preferc beingc anc employee.c Whenc Ic wasc ac contractc workerc itc wasc nicec becausec Ic couldc
makec myc ownc schedule,c butc Ic wasn'tc givenc benefitsc andc Ic alsoc hadc toc payc forc anyc problemsc
thatc camec upc inc myc lifec fromc work.c Thec jobc Ic workc nowc can-doc pay-outsc toc coverc costs.c I'vec
alwaysc beenc anc employeec inc ac company,c butc Ic havec metc othersc thatc arec contractc workers.c Itc
alwaysc camec downc toc thec factc thatc you'rec ablec toc makec yourc ownc schedulec whenc I'vec talkedc
withc peoplec Ic know.Gigc Economyc isc somethingc Ic haven’tc heardc ofc asc thec correctc wordc forc
contractors.c Nowc thatc Ic Ic havec learnedc whatc itc actuallyc meansc Ic knowc thatc ac gigc isc oftenc
timesc employmentc onc yourc own.c Thesec couldc bec foodc servicec providersc orc yourc ownc likec
cleaningc crew.c Thec onlyc positivec Ic couldc seec comingc outc ofc havingc ac gigc professionc isc ac lotc
ofc timesc youc canc makec yourc ownc schedulec andc workc whenc you’rec ablec toc work.
Ic don’tc thinkc personallyc Ic wouldc putc myselfc inc thatc positionc toc wherec Ic don’tc havec thec
stabilityc orc thec certaintyc ofc myc nextc position.c Ic likec workingc forc ac companyc becausec Ic havec
disability,c Ic havec thec benefitsc thatc goc alongc withc beingc ac full-timec employee.c Ic doc seec whyc
somec companiesc contractc outc certainc positionsc forc gigsc becausec theyc aren’tc realc reliablec andc
theyc aren’tc forcedc toc payc themc thec samec orc toc providec thec benefitsc likec mostc companiesc do.c Ic
thinkc forc nowc I’llc justc stickc withc wherec I’mc at.c Itc seemsc toc bec ac lotc safer.c Forc me,c thec gigc
economyc isc workingc onc yourc own,c withc yourc ownc customersc orc contractsc withc firmsc thatc
payc youc forc yourc jobc withoutc havingc toc copec withc laborc laws.Wec canc contributec skillsc toc thec
gigc economyc byc remainingc motivatedc andc persistent;c therec willc bec manyc peoplec whoc agreec
withc ourc businessc plansc andc somec whoc doc not,c whichc isc whyc wec mustc applyc whatc wec havec
learnedc inc thisc class,c suchc asc strategicc planning,c beingc analytic,c andc reviewingc thec process,c
andc ifc somethingc isc notc workingc out,c updatec thec processc orc makec changes.Ic likec both,c gigc
economyc andc employment;c Ic justc needc toc balancec myc priorities.c Rightc now,c Ic havec twoc teen-
agersc whoc relyc onc myc husbandc andc me;c theyc havec recentlyc begunc driving,c andc ourc expensesc
arec considerable.c Currently,c employmentc isc preferablec becausec wec requirec ac steadyc income,c
ourc workc schedulesc arec compatiblec withc theirs,c andc wec requirec thec perksc thatc ourc
employmentc jobsc providec toc us:c salary,c healthc benefits,c sickc days,c vacationc time,c andc
retirement.c However,c wec intendc toc workc forc ourselvesc inc thec futurec whenc ourc childrenc arec
grown,c ourc housec isc paidc off,c andc wec receivec ourc retirement,c evenc ifc itc isc little,c becausec wec
wantc toc retirec whenc wec arec notc tooc old.Whenc wec hadc ac familyc businessc ac fewc yearsc ago,c myc
husbandc usedc toc getc somec workc donec byc contractorsc whoc hadc betterc machinesc andc thec
qualityc ofc thec productsc werec better,c andc itc wasc goodc forc usc becausec wec hadc customersc andc
wec couldc providec betterc productsc withoutc havingc toc investc ac lotc ofc moneyc inc newc machines.c
Manyc peoplec whoc havec comec fromc outsidec thec countryc andc doc notc havec thec necessaryc
documentsc toc workc havec contributedc toc thec gigc economyc byc obtainingc anc Individualc
Taxpayerc Identificationc Numberc andc workingc inc jobsc thatc benefitc thec county.c Thec gigc
economyc hasc threec components.c Thec firstc isc thatc thec independentc employeec isc paidc byc thec
"gig"c (slangc forc jobc suchc asc givingc someonec ac ride,c fixingc ac leakyc toilet,c etc.).c Thec secondc isc
ac consumerc whoc needsc ac servicec andc isc motivatedc toc usec anc independentc contractorc ratherc
thanc ac traditionalc companyc (typicallyc forc increasedc conveniencec orc toc savec money).c Thec
thirdc isc thec companiesc thatc havec formedc toc facilitatec workersc findingc thesec gigsc (Uber,c Etsy,c
etc.).c Thec Gigc Economyc isc ac segmentc ofc thec economyc composedc ofc Independentc
Contractors,c thatc providec temporary,c showc up,c non-scheduledc labor.c Thec Gigc Economyc isc
filledc withc jobsc thatc requirec justc labor,c ac vehicle,c orc sharingc ac particularc skill,c thatc
contractorsc canc enterc andc leavec asc theyc seec fitc intoc theirc schedule.Whenc wec thinkc ofc thec Gigc
Economy,c wec usuallyc thinkc ofc Uber,c Lyft,c orc foodc deliveryc services,c however,c manyc otherc
"gigs"c existc thatc requirec ac honedc skillc orc particularc access.c Thesec jobsc maybec submissionsc ofc
ac websitec builtc withc certainc requirements,c foreignc languagec translation,c orc usingc credentialsc
toc enterc restrictedc areasc toc assessc businessc thatc thec generalc publicc cannotc freelyc access.c
Manyc gigsc Ic havec personallyc participatedc operatedc onc thec lowerc endc ofc thec spectrum,c wherec
Ic providedc deliveryc ofc food,c butc Ic havec alsoc usedc designc skillsc andc specificc knowledgec toc
assistc onc otherc gigsc asc well.Forc myself,c Ic muchc preferc toc bec anc employee.c Ic enjoyc thec
stability,c andc thec benefitsc ofc traditionalc employment,c overc thec comec andc goc naturec ofc gigs.c
Forc somec people,c gigsc arec ideal,c suchc asc thosec justc passingc throughc andc traveling.c Asc forc
myself,c Ic tryc myc bestc toc shinec forc myc supervisors,c andc managec toc climbc thec ladderc higherc
andc higherc withc inc thec companiesc Ic workc for.Ic rememberc whenc Ic workedc forc ac restaurant,c wec
wouldc havec gigc workersc forc takeoutc delivery.c Wec usedc gigc workersc specificallyc duec toc thec
lackc ofc overheadc andc liability.c Thec overheadc wec didn'tc needc toc payc includedc healthc
insurancec andc additionalc taxes.c Onec ofc thec lesserc thoughtc ofc reasonsc forc usingc gigc workersc
wasc thec liability,c asc wec werec notc heldc accountablec ifc thec workerc wasc involvedc inc ac trafficc
accident,c andc noc onec couldc associatec themc withc ourc businessc ifc theyc werec drivingc tooc fastc orc
recklessly.c Ac “gig”c isc sometimesc calledc ac “sidec hustle”c andc isc generallyc ac short-termc task,c
projectc orc jobc thatc ac personc takesc upc toc makec extrac cash.c c Butc manyc doc gigc workc longc termc
orc asc ac mainc sourcec ofc income.c Somec gigc workersc getc paidc perc taskc orc assignment.c Othersc
earnc anc hourlyc rate.
Generatingc additionalc incomec andc havingc workc flexibilityc arec thec mostc commonc motivesc toc
workc forc gigc economy.c c
Independencec andc flexibilityc arec thec mainc aspectc thatc peoplec workingc inc thec gigc economyc
werec oftenc satisfiedc with.c Ic wouldc preferc ac consistentc businessc toc workc in.c Gigsc arec
enjoyablec andc flexible,c andc Ic havec takenc partc inc ac few.c Mostc recentc examplec isc startingc upc anc
Uberc businessc inc ourc smallc townc thatc hasc 2c stoplights.c Myc planc wasc toc doc duringc majorc
holidaysc orc activitiesc inc town.c Itc wasc ac hugec successc andc madec extrac cashc duringc thec twoc
nightsc ofc drivingc peoplec duringc St.c pats.c Gigsc likec thisc arec anc effectivec wayc forc quickc cash.c
Longc termc sustainabilityc couldc vary,c duec toc smallerc communities.c Morec businessc inc biggerc
cities.c Ac gigc economyc isc anc independentc contractorc ,temporaryc orc short-termc contractingc
jobs.c Wherec youc eitherc arec biddingc forc servicesc orc beingc hiredc onc forc ac shortc periodc ofc time.c
Normallyc thoughc ac tempc servicec orc ac drivingc servicec jobc throughc ac thirdc party.c Thec skillsc
youc canc bringc toc thisc jobc isc beingc morec flexiblec withc yourc timec andc promotingc yourselfc byc
thec workc youc previouslyc did.c Inc thec deliveryc servicec thatc ic havec previousc workc ic gotc toc setc
myc ownc hours.c Ic workedc forc howeverc longc ic wouldc havec wantedc toc andc didc notc havec toc
checkc withc anyonec becausec itc wasc alreadyc inc thec app.c Myc preferencec wouldc bec anc
independentc contractorc becausec ic likec toc bec ic controlc ofc howc Ic wantc toc planc myc day.c Whatc
contractsc Ic wantc toc pickc upc andc ic canc sayc noc andc justc leavec withinc reasonc ifc ic feelc likec Ic amc
beingc treatedc poorlyc orc ifc thec customerc wasc notc livingc upc toc whatc wec agreedc onc andc stillc getc
paid.c Havingc thec abilityc toc negotiatec everyc wagec andc buildingc thec relationshipc withc eachc
customerc ic comec across.c Ac gigc economyc isc ac temporaryc orc short-termc jobc orc position,c whichc
isc essentiallyc disposablec whenc youc noc longerc havec needc ofc it.c Thec skillsc youc canc bringc intoc ac
gigc economyc arec whatc Ic callc tradec skills.c Forc example,c myc automotivec knowledgec andc myc
abilityc toc adaptc toc anyc job,c atc anyc time,c atc anyc pace.c Ic thinkc adaptabilityc andc flexibilityc arec
importantc toc ac gigc economy.c Withc myc smallc business,c Ic amc thec equivalentc ofc ac contractc
workerc andc Ic enjoyc itc ac lotc morec thanc Ic everc enjoyedc beingc anc employeec becausec Ic amc ac
motherc beforec Ic amc anythingc else,c andc beingc ac contractorc allowsc mec toc setc myc hoursc andc
workweekc aroundc thec needsc ofc myc childrenc andc theirc appointments.c Ic knowc thatc whenc Ic wasc
workingc asc anc employeec inc thec foodservicec industry,c myc employersc weren'tc veryc flexiblec
aroundc myc childrenc andc theirc varyingc schedules.c Workingc forc myselfc allowsc thatc flexibilityc
thatc isc soc importantc toc me.c Ac Gigc Economyc isc basicallyc justc ac temporaryc positionc orc shortc
term.c Ac positionc youc canc changec atc anyc timec whenc therec isc noc need.c Skillsc youc canc bringc
withc youc inc ac gigc economyc wouldc bec self-motivationc becausec sincec youc arec temporary.c Youc
needc toc showc themc whyc theyc shouldc keepc you.c Andc Ic alsoc feelc likec sincec manyc peoplec workc
inc thisc gigc economy,c theyc havec manyc experiencesc withc differentc jobsc toc bringc allc theirc
qualificationsc toc thec table.c Ic seec bothc sidesc ofc beingc ac contractorc worker,c orc anc employee.c
Beingc ac contractorc worker,c youc arec guaranteedc ac timec workingc withc saidc company,c butc youc
arec temporary.c Beingc anc employee,c yeahc youc arec inc withc thec company,c butc youc couldc bec letc
goc atc anyc momentc forc anyc reason.c So,c theyc bothc havec theirc prosc andc cons.c Ic don'tc thinkc Ic
wouldc mindc beingc ac contractc employee,c butc Ic don'tc knowc howc Ic feelc aboutc bouncingc fromc
onec jobc toc anotherc orc havingc toc tryc andc findc ac newc job.c Inc myc currentc role,c wec doc havec somec
kindsc ofc gigc employees.c Ic workc inc ac schoolc district,c andc wec havec substitutesc andc long-termc
substitutec teachers.c Beingc ac substitutec teacher,c youc havec ac temporaryc spotc inc ac class,c itc couldc
bec ac day,c itc couldc bec ac week.c Youc couldc alsoc bec ac long-termc subc whichc meansc youc arec
subbingc forc onec classc forc weeksc ifc notc months.c Inc myc opinionc Ic thinkc Gigc Economyc meansc ac
sidec job.c It'sc ac jobc thatc isn'tc ac permanentc jobc andc canc typicallyc getc donec prettyc quickly.c Ic feelc
likec ac lotc ofc peoplec havec thesec jobsc onc thec weekendsc orc somethingc toc doc whenc theyc getc donec
withc theirc "normal/permanent"c job.c Ic thinkc onec ofc thec biggestc skillsc Ic canc bringc toc thec gigc
economyc isc myc pipec liningc andc weldingc skills.c Whenc Ic graduatedc college,c Ic wentc throughc ac
bunchc ofc schoolingc andc testingc toc getc certifiedc inc bothc ofc those.c Anotherc onec thatc isc bigc
aroundc wherec Ic livec isc landscaping.c Ic believec ifc youc havec thec rightc clientsc andc setc upc thatc
couldc bec ac sidec jobc orc gigc economyc typec job.c Ic wouldc muchc ratherc bec anc employee;c Ic likec ac
morec permanent/setc job.c Ic likec toc knowc Ic havec ac jobc andc Ic canc bringc moneyc homec toc myc
family.c Ic knowc withc contractc workc youc canc usuallyc negotiatec yourc payc andc mostc ofc thec timec
youc arec yourc ownc boss.c Ic usedc toc bec ac contractc workerc andc Ic preferc ac lotc morec whatc Ic amc
doingc nowc thenc backc then.c Whenc youc arec ac contractc worker,c youc arec setc toc doc onec orc twoc
smallerc jobs.c Whenc youc arec anc employee,c youc arec therec forc ac longc timec andc mostc likelyc havec
ac lotc morec jobsc toc doc toc keepc youc onc yourc toes.
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