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No,d Id wouldn’td liked tod followd ad Theoryd Yd perspectived ind ad workd environment.d Simplyd
becaused manyd timesd peopled cand thinkd theyd knowd what’sd bestd ford themd andd itd neverd
seemsd tod workd outd thatd way.d Ind myd experienced ind thed workd environment,d peopled needd tod
bed toldd notd necessarilyd whatd tod dod ord howd tod dod it.d Theyd needd reassuranced thatd thed jobd
descriptiond innd whichd theyd hadd appliedd ford ord ared assignedd tod isd beingd doned correctly.d
Whend peopled ared startingd offd atd ad lowerd endd ofd ad company,d theyd tendd tod needd thed
experienced andd thed experienced ofd beingd toldd whatd tod dod isd thed reasoningd behindd themd
movingd upd ind thed companyd throughd perfectingd theird aread ofd expertise.d Yes,d Theoryd Yd
promotesd self-growthd andd creativity,d butd Id haved witnessedd peopled bed creatived whiled
beingd toldd whatd itd isd tod do.d Ifd Id hadd tod choosed betweend workingd ford ad companyd thatd
focusesd ond theoryd Xd ord theoryd yd Id thinkd Id wouldd alwaysd choosed ad theoryd y.d Id camed tod
thisd conclusiond becaused afterd learningd aboutd whichd theoryd isd whatd Id preferd tod workd
somewhered thatd Id amd notd watchedd byd everyd moved Id make.d Nowd Id knowd thatd sometimesd
companiesd haved tod dod thisd especiallyd ford employeesd thatd ared slackersd butd ifd you’red doingd
yourd jobd correctlyd andd gettingd everythingd doned thend Id don’td seed whyd youd wouldd haved tod
bed watchedd over.d Id haved workedd ford companiesd thatd followd bothd theories.d Itd wasd hardd
whend Id wasd beingd watchedd alld dayd everyd dayd itd maded thed workd environmentd mored tense.d
Everybodyd knewd thatd theyd wered beingd watchedd sod therefored yesd thed workd gotd doned andd
gotd doned correctlyd butd itd wasd mored ofd ad hostiled workd environmentd thand oned withd mored
relaxedd rulesd andd faithd ind theird employees.d ifd I’md doingd alld ofd myd workd correctlyd ind ad
timelyd mannerd Id thinkd Id shouldd bed abled tod workd ond myd ownd asd longd asd that’sd partd ofd
myd jobd descriptiond ifd Id amd notd requiredd tod workd ind ad teamd ord ad groupd thend justd letd med
bed andd getd myd workd done.d Id wouldd liked workingd ford ad companyd thatd followsd peopled
focused,d Theoryd Yd views,d ofd itsd employees.d Id saidd thisd becaused itd givesd employeesd thed
freedomsd tod completed jobsd dutiesd atd ad peacefuld pace.d Whend employeesd ared peaceful,d
theyd ared mored likelyd tod completed workd dutiesd better.d Theoryd Xd makesd employeesd
stressful,d andd itd seemsd liked ad toxicd workd environment.d Theoryd Z.d d d Thed named camed
fromd thed idead thatd thisd theoryd goesd beyondd Xd &d Y.d Itd camed fromd Williamd Ouchie’sd
workd tod determined whyd Japanesed organizationsd wered out-producingd Americand
organizationsd ind thed lated 1970’sd andd earlyd 1980’s.d Ouchied attributedd theird successd tod
factorsd suchd asd long-termd employment,d workersd mayd workd ford ad singled companyd ford
muchd ofd theird lives.d Also,d emphasisd ond qualityd management,d Japand hasd longd beend and
innovatord ford qualityd systemsd tod ensured consistency.d Theyd ared knownd ford sharedd
decision-makingd asd well.d Well,d tod startd Id wouldd ratherd workd withd peopled whod ared
motivatedd andd ared willingd tod workd justd becaused it’sd and opportunityd tod helpd thed
communityd asd welld asd themselves.d Workingd ind ad xd communityd youd deald withd mored
attituded andd peopled whod aren’td asd motivatedd ord constantlyd complain.d Itd bringsd thed energyd
ofd thed environmentd downd asd welld asd production,d becaused theyd willd onlyd dod whatd theyd
wantd atd thed paced theyd want.Ind thed pastd Id haved ad workedd withd alld typesd ofd management.d
somed whered veryd Motivatedd andd hadd highd energy,d butd atd thed samed timed theyd whered
hiringd ind friendsd andd peopled whod weren’td readyd aged wised ord thosed whod pretendedd tod getd
thed job.workingd ind and xd environmentd wouldd notd onlyd helpd ad companyd fail,d butd itd wouldd
alsod keepd thosed whod ared willingd tod workd out.Wed dod haved groupsd ofd peopled whod workd
ford thed moneyd &d dod ad goodd jobd asd well,d atd leastd fromd whatd wed seed andd possiblyd hear…d
Nowd ad daysd youd neverd knowd thed intentionsd ofd anyoned evend yourd employees.d Id wouldd
liked tod workd ford ad companyd thatd followsd Theoryd Yd becaused theyd letd theird employeesd
haved freedomd andd trustd theyd willd getd theird jobsd done.d Id liked beingd abled tod dod thingsd ind
myd ownd way,d notd necessarilyd givend exactd directionsd ond howd itd needsd tod bed done.d Id
wouldd notd liked tod workd ford ad companyd thatd followsd Theoryd Xd becaused Id dod notd wantd
someoned lookingd overd myd shouldersd alld dayd long.d Id liked whered Id amd givend freedom,d andd
ifd Id needd somed helpd ord anythingd Id cand askd ford it.d Itd maked med uncomfortabled whend
someoned isd justd watchingd med basicallyd waitingd ford med tod maked ad mistake.
Id haved workd ford bothd types.d Whend Id workedd ford ad companyd thatd followsd Theoryd X,d Id
didn'td lastd long.d Id needd ad companyd thatd appreciatesd isd workers,d andd trustsd them.d Whend Id
workedd ford ad companyd thatd followsd Theoryd Y,d itd wasd honestlyd oned ofd myd favourited jobsd
Id haved everd workedd at.d Thered thingd wasd "Bed You"d whichd meansd bed whoeverd youd are.d
Asd longd asd thed workd isd gettingd done,d andd doned correctly,d theyd dod notd cared whatd youd
haved tod dod tod getd itd doned ord whod youd are.d Ifd youd ared enjoyingd workd thend theyd ared
happy.d Theyd alsod gaved ad lotd ofd incentivesd tod notd onlyd recruitd mored people,d butd keepd
theird currentd employees.d Id preferd tod workd ford employersd whod used Theoryd Yd systemsd
becaused theyd trustd theird employeesd andd gived themd thed freedomd tod create,d whichd keepsd
themd motivatedd tod workd andd learn;d companiesd haved manyd employees,d eachd ofd whomd hasd
differentd perspectivesd andd ideasd fromd whichd companiesd cand benefitd greatly;d companiesd
cand achieved amazingd resultsd byd notd limitingd them.Id disliked workingd ford firmsd whod
employd Theoryd Xd becaused theyd monitord andd controld individuals;d whend thisd happens,d thed
workd atmosphered isd usuallyd difficult;d theyd treatd peopled liked robotsd thatd don'td cared whatd
theyd thinkd andd onlyd cared aboutd gettingd thed product/serviced done.Id workedd ford ad companyd
thatd usedd Theoryd X,d butd itd hadd ad lotd tod dod withd thed typed ofd jobd Id did.d Itd wasd ad factoryd
thatd recordedd videod tapes,d andd Id wasd partd ofd thed teamd thatd hadd tod prepared blocksd ofd
videod recordingd byd supplyingd thed cassettesd thatd neededd tod bed recordedd andd pickingd upd
thed onesd thatd hadd alreadyd beend recorded.d Itd wasd suchd ad physicallyd demandingd jobd thatd itd
hadd nothingd tod dod withd beingd creative,d innovative,d ord learningd somethingd new.d Id wouldd
sayd sinced Id personallyd workedd ind onlyd thed Theoryd Yd viewd Id cand onlyd sayd Id wouldd liked
thatd becaused Id haved notd experienced anyd otherd model.d Myd employerd allowsd theird peopled
tod taked responsibilityd ford theird workd andd bed mored ofd ad guidingd handd insteadd ofd
controlledd isd oned thatd trustsd itsd peopled tod getd thingsd done.d Theyd haved allowedd med tod
growd andd gaind ad lotd ofd knowledged evend withd thed upsd andd downd ind myd experiences.Ind
thed Theoryd Xd Id cand sayd Id mostd liked wouldd notd enjoyd workingd itd becaused havingd
someoned overd myd shouldersd alld dayd everydayd wouldd irritated med andd maked med bed liked
thed restd ofd thed crowdd andd notd evend wantd tod work.d Althoughd itd seemsd liked itd wouldd justd
maked eachd dayd ofd workd seemd longerd andd anyd workd thatd needsd tod bed doned wouldd feeld
forced.Myd currentd jobd runsd underd thed Theoryd Yd view.d Id amd allowedd tod bed creative,d andd
problemd solved anyd situationd ind ad greatd manner.d Evend whend id haved beend wrongd wed haved
amazingd teamd andd coachesd tod guidesd tod thed watd wed wantd alld ourd suppliersd tod bed field.d Id
wouldd ratherd workd ford ad companyd thatd followsd Theoryd Yd insteadd ofd Theoryd X.d Id
currentlyd workd ford ad companyd thatd championsd its'd people.d Wed putd trainingd andd
developmentd ofd teamsd ind frontd ofd businessd becaused ifd youd dod notd teachd yourd peopled
howd tod rund ad successfuld businessd youd willd neverd bed successful.d And employerd thatd allowsd
theird peopled tod taked responsibilityd ford theird workd andd bed mored ofd ad guidingd handd insteadd
ofd controlledd isd oned thatd trustsd itsd peopled tod getd thingsd done.d Itd alsod createsd ad positived
workd environmentd whered peopled believed theyd cand bed creatived andd reallyd maked ad
differenced ind dayd tod dayd operations.d Ad managerd ord companyd thatd followsd ad Theoryd Xd
viewd wouldd bed veryd overwhelmingd tod workd withd ford med becaused Id wouldd alwaysd bed
monitoredd andd controlled.d Id enjoyd makingd myd ownd choicesd andd comingd upd withd ideasd tod
betterd thed businessd andd companyd Id workd for.d Id haved workedd ford ad companyd thatd hasd ad
Theoryd Xd viewd andd youd startd tod feeld asd ifd youd cannotd bed trustedd tod dod yourd job.d Itd
becomesd mored ofd ad burdend tod god tod workd andd thed companyd thatd Id workedd atd withd ad
Theoryd Yd viewd maded med wantd tod bed thered everyday.d Id feeld liked workingd ford ad companyd
thatd followsd ad people-focused,d theoryd viewd isd ad lotd better.d One,d thed employeesd ared
capable,d creative,d responsibled andd motivedd tod workd andd learn.d Thatd isd thed typed ofd persond
Id amd andd Id definitelyd wantd thosed typed ofd peopled aroundd me.d Id feeld liked thed employerd
hasd mored trustd ind theoryd Yd andd cand countd ond thosed typesd ofd employeesd ad lotd more.d
Nowd thed opposite,d theoryd X.d Id feeld liked workingd withd ad companyd thatd constantlyd needsd
ad managerd tod lookd overd youd whiled youd workd isd superd inconvenientd whend theyd cand bed
doingd somethingd else.d Thered isd absolutelyd nod trustd ind thatd worker.d Oned ofd thed worstd
characteristicsd ad persond cand haved isd beingd lazyd andd itd saysd theyd ared unwillingd meaningd
theyd don'td wantd tod learnd ord workd andd that'sd terrible.d Id wouldd notd wantd tod workd ford and
employerd thatd isd theoryd X.d I'md notd sured ifd itd isd thed jobsd Id dod butd Id haved onlyd workedd
ford Theoryd Yd managersd andd companies.d Luckilyd Id haved beend trustedd andd cand taked
responsibility.d Everythingd runsd smootherd whend peopled cand bed trustedd andd ared willingd tod
learnd andd work.d It'sd hardd tod motivated ad lazyd persond tod work.d Id wouldd absolutelyd preferd
tod workd ind thed Theoryd Yd settingd becaused Id amd wantingd tod workd harderd andd enjoyd
workingd ford someoned whod thinksd theird employeesd opinionsd matter.d Alsod thatd theyd ared
capabled ofd doingd ad jobd correctlyd withoutd beingd thoughtd negativelyd about.d Id thinkd beingd
abled tod maked decisionsd andd alsod FAILd isd alld partd ofd learningd ind life.d Theoryd Xd wasd
describedd asd kindd ofd ad controllingd environment.d Theyd dod notd putd trustd ind theird
employeesd andd theyd thinkd alld workersd dod notd haved thed wantd ord willd tod workd sod theyd
haved tod "make"d themd byd beingd strict.d Althoughd Id liked structure,d Id dod notd liked controllingd
environments.d Id liked tod bed abled tod thinkd ford myselfd andd withd thed Xd theoryd itd showsd theyd
don'td thinkd wed ared capabled ofd doingd so.d Id haved workedd ind placesd whered theoryd Yd wasd
presented.d Id enjoyedd workingd there,d thered wered flawsd ofd coursed butd Itd wasd alwaysd abled
tod bed solved.d everyoned wasd motivatedd tod workd evend ond theird toughd days.d Id wouldd preferd
tod workd ad companyd thatd followsd thed Theoryd Yd viewd becaused itsd employeesd ared
motivatedd andd responsible.d That'sd thed kindd ofd workerd Id am.d Theoryd Yd employersd dod notd
micro-managed andd ared lenientd withd control.d Id dod notd liked tod bed micro-managedd becaused
Id amd ambitious.d Id taked prided ind myd workd andd committedd tod personald achievements.d
Theoryd Yd employeesd seekd responsibility.
Thed Theoryd Xd viewd saysd employeesd ared notd willingd tod workd andd haved nod ambition.d Id
amd notd thisd typed ofd employee.d Theoryd Xd employeesd ared supervisedd atd mostd timesd
becaused theyd tendd tod bed lazyd andd threatenedd ord forcedd tod work.d Thed employersd controld
theird employees'd actions,d andd thed employeesd avoidd responsibility.Id haved workedd ford bothd
Theoryd Xd andd Yd companies.d Myd Theoryd Xd supervisord wouldd alwaysd micro-manage,d andd
Id didd notd liked thatd atd all.d Onced Id amd givend ad jobd tod do,d Id dod itd ind ad timelyd mannerd andd
atd thed bestd ofd myd ability.d Thed environmentd atd thatd jobd wasd negatived andd stressfuld tod
me.Myd currentd jobd runsd underd thed Theoryd Yd view.d Id amd allowedd tod bed creative.d Id meetd
weeklyd withd myd supervisor.d Shed givesd med myd tasksd ford thed weekd withd thed deadlines.d Asd
longd asd thed tasksd ared doned byd thed timeline,d thered ared nod issues.d Id dod thinkd thatd Id wouldd
liked workingd ford ad companyd thatd isd mored peopled focusedd takingd thed Theoryd Yd approach.d
Id liked thatd thed idead isd tod putd mored trustd andd decisiond makingd intod thed handsd ofd thed
employeesd andd usingd lessd controllingd meansd tod getd thingsd done.d Myd currentd jobd reallyd
focusesd ond employeed inputd andd allowingd usd tod maked decisionsd withd littled guidanced andd
influence.d Id liked thatd Id haved thed opportunityd tod maked importantd decisionsd withoutd havingd
tod god throughd managementd tod getd approval.d Id dod notd liked workingd ind ad Theoryd Xd
environment.d Id haved hadd ad jobd whered managementd wouldd controld everyd aspectd ofd whatd Id
wasd supposedd tod do.d Id wasd toldd howd andd whatd tod dod ratherd thand askedd whatd Id thoughtd
wouldd bed ad goodd coursed ofd action.d Id understandd thatd thisd typed ofd managementd isd
necessaryd ford somed staffd thatd dod notd haved thed capacityd tod maked informedd decisionsd butd
thisd isd notd whatd Id prefer.d Thed mored meniald jobsd thatd Id haved hadd ind thed pastd seemd tod
haved mored ofd ad Theoryd Xd managementd styled whered thed furtherd Id progressd ind myd careerd
Id haved mored responsibilityd ind decisiond making.
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