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If wouldf sayf Thef Gigf Economyf couldf bef definef asf contractorsf aref paidf perf shortf termf jobf
insteadf off part-timef andf fullf timef jobs.f Anotherf wordf orf termf thatf couldf bef usedf isf "smallf
gig".f whichf isf basicallyf small,f quickf jobs,f tof makef fastf money.If amf af smallf businessf
ownerf andf myf pricesf alwaysf fluctuatef itsf neverf thef samef amountf madef eachf month/year.f
contractorsf getf paidf perf smallf jobf theyf do.f Althoughf if ownf af smallf businessf sometimesf if
thinkf itf wouldf notf hurtf tof bef anf employeef becausef myf incomef wouldf bef easierf tof
calculatef andf moref steady.f Althoughf If wouldf notf makef asf muchf asf If dof now.If workedf forf
af carf washf companyf thatf hiredf independencef contractorsf tof repairf thingsf inf thef shop.f Sof
inf thatf casef itf wasf neededf andf helpfulf tof bothf parties.f Thef Gigf Economyf isf notf
necessarilyf af newf thing.f Forf yearsf peoplef havef workedf fullf timef jobsf andf stillf workedf onf
theirf sidef jobsf onf thef weekendsf orf evenings.f Thef gigf economyf isf af wayf tof makef quickf
extraf cash.f If havef workedf inf thef powerf linef industryf sincef If wasf eighteenf andf becausef off
thisf experiencef If canf personallyf bringf af lotf skillsf intof thef gigf economy.f If canf dof electricalf
workf andf inf thef pastf havef evenf takenf onf gigsf tof trimf orf fallf treesf forf people.f Evenf thoughf
theref isf moref moneyf tof bef madef asf af contractf workerf If preferf tof bef anf employeef nowf thatf
If havef af family.f If stillf dof likef tof bef af contractf workerf forf extraf moneyf butf thef bestf thingf
aboutf beingf anf employeef isf thef steadyf incomef notf tof mentionf thef benefits.f If workedf asf af
contractorf forf manyf yearsf andf noticedf thatf If hadf af muchf higherf incomef duringf thatf butf If
alsof hadf muchf higherf expensesf thenf If dof now.f If havef noticedf af hybridf modelf emergef overf
thef pastf severalf years.f Amazonf isf onef off thef moref notablef companiesf tof adoptf thisf model.f
Employeesf aref hiredf byf af third-partyf employmentf agency.f Thef employeesf aref managedf
andf paidf byf thesef outsourcef companies.f Afterf af periodf off timef andf observationf byf thef
company,f theyf mayf bef offeredf af traditionalf employmentf arrangementf withf benefits.Thisf
savesf thef companyf thef Humanf Relationsf (HR)f function/costsf forf high-turnoverf employees,f
althoughf thef outsourcef companiesf chargef asf muchf asf 25%f off thef employeesf wages.
"Thef Gigf Economy"f isf af termf usedf tof describef short-termf commitments.f Whenf If thinkf off
gigf If thinkf off anf independent,f quickf jobf orf somethingf onf thef sidef thatf onef mayf dof tof earnf
income.f Thef kindf off skillsf youf canf bringf tof thef gigf economyf wouldf bef self-motivation,f
selff promoting,f determination,f andf selff direction.f If believef allf thesef skillsf aref couldf bef
broughtf tof thef gigf economyf andf aref veryf helpfulf skillsf whenf onef isf creatingf af gig.f If
wouldn'tf mindf beingf bothf af contractf workerf orf anf employee.f Beingf af contractorf If believef
youf makef moref moneyf especiallyf beingf anf independentf contractor.f Asf anf employeef youf
willf bef ablef tof receivef betterf benefitsf thanf youf wouldf asf anf independentf contractor.f
Benefitsf suchf asf paidf timef offf andf healthf insurancef comesf withf beingf anf employee.f Beingf
af contractorf isf moref flexiblef inf myf opinionf asf wellf becausef everythingf isf prettyf muchf
yourf way.f Wheref If workf nowf andf evenf inf myf previousf jobsf gigf employeesf weref notf
prevalent.f If amf suref theref aref manyf jobsf wheref gigf employeesf existf andf weref prevalent.f
Thef "Gigf Economy"f seemsf tof bef af wayf forf somef peoplef tof havef accessf tof quickf
assignmentsf thatf mayf notf lastf forf af veryf longf time.f Tof me,f it'sf forf short-termf jobf
assignmentsf whichf canf bef offf andf on.f Af taskf thatf resultsf inf af risk-taker.f Somef peoplef
mayf lookf atf itf asf af sidef jobf andf somef mayf lookf atf itf asf af wayf tof survive.
If canf thinkf off af fewf gigf jobsf althoughf theref mayf bef several.f Gigf jobsf canf consistf off
workingf construction,f workingf inf af mind,f orf fixingf carsf dependingf onf thef densityf andf
If willf ratherf bef onf af contractedf jobf withinf myf feel.f Beingf onf af contractf isf moref promisingf
vs.f justf beingf af regularf employee.f Theref aref certainf qualificationsf thatf If willf havef tof makef
suref thatf If amf fullyf qualified.f Upholdingf af contractf canf consistf off manyf thingsf suchf asf
certainf expectationsf andf qualificationsf so,f thatf mayf notf bef bestf forf everyone.f Thef jobf thatf
If amf tryingf tof pursuef af contractf willf betterf fitf mef financially.
If canf sayf there'sf moref onlinef workf nowadaysf thanf If everf seenf af goodf percentagef off themf
canf bef consideredf withinf af gigf economyf basedf offf guidelinesf andf howf theyf presentf
expectations.f I'vef beenf workingf onlinef forf differentf jobsf forf thef pastf fourf years.f There'sf
moref turnoversf whichf couldf bef lookedf uponf asf af gigf economyf andf thenf youf havef jobsf
thatf actuallyf tellf youf itsf temporaryf andf somef don't.
Thef "gigf economy"f isf wheref independentf contractorsf aref paidf accordingf tof short-termf
workf orf servicesf ratherf thanf someonef employedf throughf af company.f If havef beenf af
licensedf cosmetologistf forf almostf 20f years.f Thatf isf af skillf If havef thatf If canf bringf tof thef
gigf economy.f Becausef If amf licensed,f If canf providef cosmetologyf servicesf tof someonef orf af
groupf byf beingf self-employed.f If havef notf workedf inf af salonf inf years,f sof everyf nowf &f
thenf tof makef extraf money,f If dof providef servicesf onf thef sidef forf variousf occasions.
If wouldf preferf tof bef anf employeef insteadf off af contractf worker.f Receivingf benefitsf fromf
beingf anf employeef aref onef off thef mainf reasonsf whyf If choosef tof bef anf employeef atf thisf
moment.f Healthf insurancef andf sickf leavef aref myf topf benefitsf tof have.
If considerf cosmetologistsf asf beingf prevalentf tof thef gigf economy.f Thef beautyf industryf isf
usedf everyf dayf andf isf highlyf popularf inf manyf genresf off work.f Mostf companiesf preferf youf
tof lookf andf dressf professional.f Manyf menf receivef weeklyf haircuts.f Womenf buyf makeupf
frequently.f Inf today'sf society,f self-employedf cosmetologistsf wouldf makef lotsf off moneyf forf
servicesf (weddings,f photof shoots,f etc.).f Inf myf opinion,f thef negativef viewf off beingf anf
independentf cosmetologistf isf missingf workf iff youf aref sickf orf havef anf emergency.f Iff youf
havef tof cancelf anf appointment,f youf losef outf onf money.f Forf example,f iff youf getf sickf andf
needf timef tof healf orf recover,f youf dof notf havef sickf daysf orf annualf leavef tof coverf wagesf
forf thosef offf days.
If definef thef Gigf Economyf asf kindf off likef workingf forf yourselff orf asf af freelancef workerf
forf hiref thatf canf workf onf shortf termf contractsf insteadf off af permanentf job.f Inf thisf typef off
gigf economy,f youf dof notf havef af regularf salary,f insteadf youf getf paidf forf thef gigf youf work.f
Somef off thef examplef off gigf workersf aref deliveryf drivers,f rideshare,f andf grocerf shoppers,f
justf tof namef af few.f Thef gigf economyf isf af recentf trend,f withf af numberf off factorsf
contributingf tof thisf risef andf thef twof mostf importantf factorsf aref thef workforcef hasf becomef
moref mobilef andf workf isf increasinglyf donef remotelyf viaf digitalf platformf andf possiblyf
anyonef canf takef af jobf orf projectf withf anf employerf anywheref inf thef worldf andf thef .f
employerf canf selectf thef bestf personf forf af specificf projectf fromf af largerf poolf thanf isf
availablef inf anyf givenf area.
Thef typef orf kindf off skillsf If wouldf bringf tof thef gigf economyf wouldf bef thef typef off skillsf If
hadf whilef inf thef militaryf andf transferf thosef skillsf intof thef gigf economyf withf thef samef
motivationsf thatf aref crucialf inf beingf af successfulf gigf worker.f Tof bef initiative-takingf
towardf initiation,f takef charge,f energizedf byf opportunities,f motivatedf towardf alternativesf
andf flexible,f keepf optionsf open,f bef creative,f workingf unsupervised,f havingf elevatedf levelsf
off evolutionf and/orf differencef tof appreciatef gradualf changef andf enjoyf anf agilef
environment.f Beingf focusf andf motivatedf tof workf onf thef commercialf andf financialf sidef off
thef businessf andf tof makef itf financiallyf viable.f Thef bottomf linef isf tof havef af willingnessf tof
learnf orf havef technicalf skillsf youf canf sellf andf havingf thef fortitudef tof havef directf contactf
withf customersf andf cultivatingf yourf emotionalf intelligence,f listeningf skillsf andf empathyf
willf gof af longf wayf inf beingf af successfulf employerf orf employee.If wouldf sayf thatf If wouldf
determinef onf howf If wouldf preferf tof bef af contractf worker,f orf anf employeef wouldf allf
dependf onf whatf If wantedf myf careerf pathf tof be?f Iff If amf tryingf tof seekf af jobf asf anf
employeef orf becomef anf independentf contractorf isf thef question.f If seef thatf myf skillf isf
valuable,f andf If amf simplyf tryingf tof determinef howf itf wouldf applyf tof thef jobf If amf tryingf
tof seek.f Dof If wantf tof workf forf myselff orf someonef elsef isf anotherf questionf andf askf myselff
beforef decidingf onf workingf forf myselff orf someonef elsef andf If havef beenf bothf anf
employeef andf self-employed?f If havef alwaysf toldf peoplef thatf af bigf partf off thef differencef
betweenf thef twof isf motivation.f Iff somethingf goesf wrongf forf anf employee,f itf mayf notf bef
toof badf becausef itf isf oftenf partf off af groupf failure;f and,f shortf off termination,f thef personalf
financialf consequencesf aref notf devastating.f Theref isf stillf af salaryf .f Af self-employedf
person,f however,f canf sufferf onf bothf fronts.f Oftenf thef failuref isf squaref onf hisf orf herf
shoulders,f andf thef financialf consequencesf aref immediate.f So,f inf conclusionf iff youf aref
tryingf tof decidef onf af careerf iff youf wantf tof bef af collaborator,f partf off af team,f andf
comparativelyf freef off manyf operationalf businessf decisions,f youf shouldf considerf seekingf
employmentf orf iff youf wantf tof bef anf entrepreneur,f yourf ownf person,f havef af brand,f youf
shouldf considerf beingf anf independentf contractor.
If hadf considerf wheref If workedf nowf orf havef previouslyf workedf andf iff gigf employeesf weref
prevalentf andf dof If thinkf thisf wasf prevalentf andf If dof thinkf thatf thef gigf economyf isf af freef
marketf systemsf inf whichf temporaryf positionsf aref commonf andf organizationf hiref
independentf workersf forf shortf termf commentsf andf workingf af gigf economyf jobf canf teachf
youf usefulf skillsf forf yourf professionalf careerf andf canf improvef yourf communicationf andf
customerf servicef skills.f If hadf seenf thisf firsthandf withf co-workersf havingf secondf jobsf inf
thef gigf careerf fieldf andf hadf tof structuref theirf workf schedulef tof dof theirf secondf job.So,f inf
retrospect,f iff youf aref havingf troublef findingf thatf so-calledf dreamf job,f joiningf thef “gigf
economy”f couldf setf yourf careerf onf thef rightf pathf untilf youf findf orf landf somethingf fullf
timef andf permanent.f Thef gigf economyf isf partf off af shiftingf culturalf andf businessf
environmentf thatf alsof includesf thef sharingf economyf asf af peer-to-peerf (P2P)f basedf activityf
off acquiring,f providing,f orf sharingf accessf tof goodsf andf servicesf thatf isf oftenf facilitatedf byf
af community-basedf onlinef platform,f Af giftf economyf isf onef inf whichf servicesf orf goodsf aref
givenf withoutf anf agreementf asf tof af suitablef paymentf orf tradef tof bef madef inf return,f andf orf
af barterf economyf thatf isf af cashlessf economicf systemf inf whichf servicesf andf goodsf aref
tradedf atf negotiatedf ratesf andf moref flexiblef jobs.f Thef culturalf impactf off thef gigf economyf
continuesf tof change;f forf example,f thef COVIDf 19f pandemicf hasf hadf af significantf effectf onf
hiringf trends.
If wouldf definef thef gigf economyf asf peoplef thatf aref notf regularf employeesf off af businessf orf
corporationf butf ratherf af personf thatf contractsf tof dof work.f Theyf aref moref orf lessf self-
employedf andf sellf theirf skillsf andf expertisef tof companiesf andf notf anf employeef thatf
dedicatesf 40+f hoursf af weekf tof onef companyf tof earnf anf hourlyf orf salaryf wage.f If havef
manyf softf skillsf thatf If couldf bringf tof thef gigf economyf butf inf termsf off hardf skills,f If dof notf
havef anyf specializedf skillsf likef anf electricianf orf graphicf designer.f If guessf If couldf bef anf
insurancef consultantf butf thatf doesf notf soundf appealing.f Although,f If dof occasionallyf drivef
forf DoorDashf tof helpf payf forf school.f If wouldf notf likef tof bef af contractf workerf andf If
preferf tof bef anf employeef becausef If likef tof havef af steadyf income,f companyf providedf
benefitsf likef healthf insurancef andf paidf leave,f andf promotionf opportunities.f If workf inf
governmentf sof theref aref manyf vendorsf thatf wef usef tof conductf businessf thatf offerf
specializedf servicesf onf contract.f Evenf thoughf If amf consideredf af millennial,f If definitelyf dof
notf preferf thisf typef off workingf situation.f Thef gigf economyf describesf af laborf marketf
wheref contractorsf andf freelancersf aref compensatedf forf short-termf activitiesf andf
assignmentsf ratherf thanf full-f orf part-timef employment.f Communication,f empathy,f andf
intelligencef aref necessaryf forf anyf trade,f butf thef skillsf youf canf bringf tof thef gigf economyf
aref Self-direction!f If havef hadf yearsf andf yearsf off experiencef asf anf employee,f butf neverf asf
af contractor.f If findf af guaranteedf incomef isf betterf thanf beingf paidf perf projectf wheref workf
mightf notf comef in.f However,f If wouldf lovef tof hearf aboutf thosef whof havef hadf gigf
experiences.f yf daughterf didf lotsf off tempf workf backf inf thef dayf andf shef enjoyedf itf af lot.f If
viewf thef Gigf Economyf asf opportunityf forf allf eagerf tof eventuallyf becomef theirf ownf boss.f
Peoplef aref startingf tof realizef thatf youf mustf getf upf andf workf af ninef tof five,f 40-50f hoursf af
weekf tof becomef successful.f Education,f whilef stillf valuablef forf developingf thef future,f itf
takesf patiencef andf time.f Whereasf someonef withf anf ideaf andf creativityf canf comef inf andf
disruptf anf entiref marketf overf time.f If amf af jackf off allf tradesf asf theyf say.
If usedf tof workf forf Homef Depotf andf Searsf whilef livingf inf Toronto.f Iff itf wasf onef thingf If
learnedf fromf thatf job,f it’sf thatf thef individualsf whof aref willingf tof putf inf thef workf andf
sometimesf evenf havef af littlef luckf canf gof quitef farf asf af contractor.f Contractorsf aref moref
flexiblef andf tendf tof havef moref timef onf theirf hands.f Employeesf onf thef otherf handf tendf tof
bef setf nf theirf waysf andf somewhatf programf tof af routine.
Gigf Economyf isf anf opportunityf forf allf eagerf peoplef tof eventuallyf becomef theirf ownf bossf
andf thatf peoplef aref trulyf startingf tof realizef thatf youf mustf getf upf andf workf af ninef tof five,f
40-50f hoursf af weekf tof becomef successful.f If alsof agreef withf thatf educationf isf af valuablef
commodityf forf developingf thef future,f butf itf doesf takesf patiencef andf time.f Thisf isf alsof anf
excellentf wayf off lookingf atf itf inf thatf youf statedf thatf someonef withf anf ideaf andf creativityf
canf comef inf andf disruptf anf entiref marketf overf time.f If amf af jackf off allf tradesf asf theyf sayf
isf af goodf wayf off listingf off yourf skillsf inf thef gigf economyf andf beingf ablef tof listf yourf
skillsf .If hadf alsof workedf atf Homef Depotf forf af couplef off yearsf inf Oklahomaf andf canf attestf
toof youf aref pointingf outf thatf itf isf truef thatf iff youf aref willingf tof putf inf thef workf andf
sometimesf evenf havef af littlef luckf canf gof quitef farf asf af contractorf orf asf inf anyf jobf thatf
youf putf forthf thef effort.f Contractorsf aref moref flexiblef andf tendf tof havef moref timef onf theirf
hands,f iff theyf aref theirf ownf bossf andf thef Employeesf onf thef otherf handf tendf tof bef setf onf
theirf waysf andf somewhatf programf tof af routinef canf of,f iff youf lookf atf thef bigf picturef off
thingsf inf workingf onf yourf careerf orf jobf path.f Beingf af gigf employeef meansf moref
flexibilityf forf youf andf yourf family.f Youf aref ablef tof setf yourf ownf schedulesf andf stillf bef af
parent.f Whenf youf aref workingf asf anf employee,f mostf off thef timef youf havef af setf limitf onf
sickf andf vacationf leavef (iff youf aref evenf givenf any)f andf manyf companiesf makef youf usef
thatf leavef tof dof appointmentsf orf iff yourf childf isf sick.f If knowf fromf experiences,f 3f outf off 4f
off myf kidsf hadf Influenzaf A,f andf itf tookf af littlef overf 2f weeksf forf itf tof runf throughf myf
house.f If usedf allf off myf sickf timef onf myf kidsf beingf sick.f Nowf If havef tof choosef gof tof
workf sick,f orf notf getf paidf becausef If nof longerf havef anyf leavef leftf tof use.
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