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Fromf whatf If readf theyf havef manyf strengthsf onef thatf stuckf outf tof mef isf theirf improvementf
off thef company,f meaningf theyf aref alwaysf lookingf forf newf waysf tof improvef theirf productf
linesf orf theirf productsf inf general.f Whatf theyf canf improvef onf isf theirf safetyf measurementsf
.Onef off thef majorf onesf theyf reportedf orf wrotef onf wasf theirf pieces/products/partsf beingf
recalled.f If dof seef thisf af lotf withf otherf carf companiesf asf well.f sometimesf duringf
manufacturing,f theyf messf upf andf somethingf eventuallyf needsf recalledf suchf asf anf airf bagf orf
af seat.f Theyf absolutelyf dof butf theyf willf alsof havef thef competitionf fromf otherf carf companiesf
thatf aref alsof improving.f suchf asf thef hybridf carsf thatf aref mentioned.f Thosef aref thef "future"f
carsf sof itf makesf sensef thatf theirf competitionf wouldf bef otherf carf companiesf improvingf asf
Internalf brandingf isf atf af highf level.f Thef otherf areaf off production,f withf safetyf focusf needsf
tof bef revampedf tof catchf upf withf thef pastf qualityf theyf havef provided.f Thef internalf weaknessf
isf thef fastf amountf off growth,f withf reducedf focusf off quality.f Theref needsf tof bef af revampf off
thef qualityf controlf forf thef company.f Breakf intof multiplef divisionsf tof quadruplef checkf plansf
forf partsf andf production.f Toyotaf hasf thef brandf namef andf size.f Butf tof takef advantagef off allf
opportunities,f no.f Duef tof thef distractionsf andf pushf tof producef more,f moref quickly.f Theref
willf bef mistakesf continuedf tof bef made.f Reducingf thef actualf successf off growingf thef rightf
Toyotaf isf situatedf tof takef advantagef off opportunities,f butf duef tof thef lackf off importancef putf
onf qualityf off thef equipmentf beingf putf in/onf vehicles,f theref willf bef continuedf issues.f Ief
recalls,f negativef communicationf inf socialf media,f etc.f Externalf threatsf aref thef otherf
companies,f competitors.f Inf thisf typef off business,f vehiclef companiesf aref tryingf tof bef thef
leadingf companyf tof developf andf massf producef forf consumers.f Evenf thoughf Toyotaf spendsf
billionsf off dollarsf onf researchf andf development,f If thinkf theyf shouldf makef betterf usef off thisf
inf thef future.f Thisf researchf andf developmentf budgetf couldf bef dividedf tof investf moref intof
qualityf controlf thatf couldf helpf withf thef issuesf thatf theyf havef withf somef off thef vehicles.f
Toyotaf needsf tof focusf moref onf qualityf inf theirf productsf tof helpf eliminatef orf minimizef thef
amountf off problemsf inf thef vehiclesf thatf ultimatelyf costf thef companyf billionsf off dollars.f Asf
itf statesf inf chapterf 6,f “Presidentf Akiof Toyodaf concludedf thatf thesef problemsf weref partlyf
duef tof thef company’sf ‘excessivef focusf onf marketf sharef andf profits’f requiringf thatf thef
companyf reorientf itsf strategyf towardf qualityf andf innovationf .f If thinkf thatf thef strategicf
controlf couldf bef betterf andf makef betterf usef off thef feedbackf loopf thatf canf bef usedf tof rethinkf
thef goalsf off thef company.f If thinkf thatf thef companyf needsf tof developf af betterf sustainablef
competitivef advantagef tof keepf upf withf thef innovationf off otherf competitors.f Thef shortagef off
resourcesf andf issuesf thatf arisef fromf environmentalf threatsf suchf asf earthquakesf andf floodingf
shouldf bef addressedf beforef theyf happen.f Theref needsf tof bef af planf inf placef forf whatf tof dof
whenf thesef unfortunatef eventsf happenf andf howf tof handlef thef situation.f Thef internalf
strengthsf thatf Toyotaf couldf makef betterf usef off inf thef futuref wouldf bef tof justf continuef
improvingf theirf vehicles.f Toyotaf hasf alwaysf beenf veryf popularf carf andf peoplef seemf tof
alwaysf havef greatf thingsf tof sayf aboutf Toyotasf especiallyf beingf knownf forf vehiclesf thatf
"lastf long".f Thef internalf weaknessesf If feelf aref mostf insoortantf tof addressf aref recallsf becausef
theyf mustf bef addressedf asf soonf asf possible.f Anotherf internalf weaknessf If wouldf sayf isf strikef
becausef itf canf hinderf thef companyf fromf meetingf marketf demandsf whenf theyf aref supposef
to.f Toyotaf learnf fromf theirf weaknessesf andf itf makesf themf stronger.f Toyotaf isf situatedf tof
takef advantagef off allf itsf currentf externalf opportunitiesf becausef theyf aref af wellf knowf
companyf andf knownf forf greatf qualitiesf whichf isf advantagef comparedf tof anotherf companyf
whof isf notf knownf forf thef samef qualityf off vehicles.f If thinkf thef externalf threatf thatf Toyotaf
shouldf prioritizef wouldf bef theirf competitionf whichf isf Tesla.f Theyf shouldf focusf onf howf andf
whatf theyf canf dof tof comef outf onf topf andf becomef mostf valued.f If believef thatf onef off thef
bestf strengthsf thatf Toyotaf hasf isf thatf itf isf af well-knownf brandf off vehiclesf thatf isf knownf tof
outlastf thef competitorsf andf bef muchf moref dependable.f However,f thatf beingf saidf isf alsof onef
off thef highestf vehiclesf tof purchasef butf wef havef allf heardf thef sayingf off youf getf whatf youf
payf for.f Thef weaknessesf listedf inf thisf examplef isf somethingf thatf couldf happenf tof anyf
manufacturerf off vehiclesf If wouldf thinkf thatf mistakesf weref made,f andf thef managementf wentf
withf thef lowestf bidderf thatf wasf notf thef bestf productf andf causedf thesef problems.f Asf farf asf
externalf opportunitiesf If reallyf thinkf thatf Toyotaf hasf thef abilityf tof takef advantagef If justf amf
notf suref iff theyf havef thef timef tof producef somef off thesef newerf productsf fastf enoughf tof bef
competitivef inf thef market.f Inf Americaf Toyotaf willf alwaysf havef tof competef againstf thef GMf
whof makesf thef Chevyf Silverado,f andf itf willf alwaysf bef anf uphillf battlef butf inf certainf regionsf
off thef USf suchf asf largerf citiesf theyf willf alsof havef af problemf competingf againstf brandsf likef
Teslaf whenf chargingf stationsf aref easyf tof locate.f Thef internalf strengthsf off Toyotaf thatf makef
itf af betterf usef inf thef futuref If believef isf thatf Toyotaf hasf beenf atf thef forefrontf off technologyf
off vehiclef productionf andf hasf beenf thef leadingf sellerf off automobilef forf af longf timef duef tof
theirf innovatedf visionf off vehiclef improvementsf overf thef yearsf thatf hasf beenf trustedf allf overf
thef worldf forf theirf liabilityf asf beingf af strongf vehiclef companyf thatf makef excellentf longf
lastingf dependablef vehicle,f whichf hasf madef itf af strongf brandf companyf thatf hasf anf excellentf
productionf andf thef leaderf inf thef advancedf technologyf andf globalf supplyf chainf off motorf
vehicle.f Toyotaf isf phenomenallyf successfulf andf continuesf tof improvef onf thef advancementf
technologyf overf itsf competitorsf forf yearsf tof comef andf duef tof reckoningf itsf strengthf andf
weaknessf inf thef automotivef industry.If wouldf summarizef thef onef internalf weaknessesf thatf If
feelf aref mostf importantf tof addressf isf Toyotaf tryingf tof stayf aheadf off itsf competitorsf andf forf
af timef wouldf lookf atf quantityf insteadf off qualityf andf thef faultsf off thisf leadf tof recallsf onf thef
qualityf off theirf vehiclef andf withf suchf thingsf thatf wasf inf thef news,f orf thef thingsf everyonef
isf awaref off thesef recalls,f suchf asf thef faultyf airbagsf andf fuelf pumps,f whichf costsf livesf andf
millionsf off dollarsf forf thef companyf andf trustf inf buyingf af vehiclef duef tof thisf badf publicity.f
If believef thatf withf allf thesef issues,f Toyotaf hasf fallenf behindf otherf companiesf asf thef leaderf
inf automaker,f butf withf Toyotaf continuingf tof learnf fromf itsf automotivef technologyf faultsf
andf continuesf tof edgef backf tof itsf numberf onef spotf inf thef automotivef businessf isf af testamentf
off itsf fortitude.f Analyzationf off whetherf Toyotaf isf situatedf tof takef advantagef off allf itsf
currentf externalf opportunitiesf isf thatf Toyotaf hasf alwaysf beenf atf thef forefrontf off researchf
andf developmentf off automotivef vehiclef withf itsf innovativef technologyf andf continuesf tof bef
thef leaderf inf advancef off newf safetyf andf fuelf efficiencyf vehiclesf forf yearsf tof come.f If believef
thatf thef externalf threatsf Toyotaf shouldf prioritizef andf thatf couldf stopf Toyota’sf overallf
dominancef progressionf thatf threatensf thef companyf wouldf bef duef tof forf onef thef everlastingf
Covidf threatf thatf hasf weakenedf thef importf andf exportf off goods,f thef inflationf inf Japanf andf
otherf countriesf economy.f If believef thef onef mainf threatf wouldf bef thef increasingf technologyf
advancementf off otherf countriesf thatf isf givingf Toyotaf realisticf competitionf andf thatf Toyotaf
mustf fixf itf flawsf andf continuef tof adaptf andf stayf abovef itsf competitorsf inf thef advancementf
off technologyf off thef automotivef industry.f organizationsf mustf alsof monitorf trends.f Asf wef
aref discussing,f af bigf piecef off strategyf developmentf isf analyzingf internalf Strengthsf andf
Weaknesses.f Itf alsof involvesf understandingf externalf Opportunitiesf andf Threats.f Off course,f
thef acronymf SWOTf describesf thisf process.f Occasionally,f businessesf canf bef surprisedf byf af
newf technologyf orf trend.f Yet,f trendsf canf bef identifiedf earlyf iff thef organizationf isf properlyf
scanning,f Thisf isf whyf itf isf smartf tof considerf "SWOT-T"f whichf includesf Trends.f Toyotaf hasf
thef potentialf tof increasef productivityf andf promotef innovationf byf emphasizingf respectf forf itsf
stafff andf customers.f Theyf weref alsof thef pioneersf off leanf management.f Thef ideaf off zero-
emissionf vehiclesf isf beingf pursuedf byf carf companiesf usingf twof keyf technologies:f hydrogenf
fuelf cellsf andf electricf vehicles.f Toyotaf holdsf aroundf 5,680f globalf patentsf onf hydrogenf fuelf
Weaknessesf aref decisionsf thatf slowf downf growth.f Toyotaf hasf anf issuef withf f Althoughf
Toyotaf setsf thef standardsf forf qualityf control,f itsf designf andf productionf aren’tf flawless.f Forf
instance,f earlyf thisf yearf Toyotaf recalledf 700,000f vehiclesf becausef off af faultyf fuelf pump.f
Additionally,f itsf globalf presencef leavesf af lotf tof bef desired.f
Allf inf all,f Toyotaf hasf thef potentialf tof standf upf tof giantsf suchf asf Teslaf withf theirf hybridf
carsf iff givenf thef chancef andf withf thef correctf businessf skills.f Toyotaf canf makef betterf usef off
improvementf amongstf thef assemblyf line.f Theyf couldf findf outf thef strengthsf withinf eachf
employeef thatf playf af majorf rolef within.f Continuingf tof workf onf thef valuesf off whatf setf themf
asidef fromf otherf companiesf canf preventf simplef damagesf thatf mayf havef af greatf impactf onf
theirf progressf orf goalsf eachf year.f Althoughf Toyotaf hasf af greatf representationf onf notf hidingf
thef causef off differentf outcomesf suchf asf recallsf there'sf stillf alwaysf moref improvementf tof bef
If findf itf veryf importantf forf Toyotaf tof stabilizef thef preventionf off Toyota'sf acceleratorsf fromf
sticking.f Thef ultimatef goalf isf tof gainf greatf valuef tof itsf revenue.f Havingf af findf overf af billionf
dollarsf bringf greatf concerns.f Thisf willf bef veryf importantf tof placef onf thef forefrontf off
addressingf whatf couldf bef hurtingf thef company.
There'sf af lotf off competitionf butf toyotaf havef af highf rankf inf salesf forf Hybridf cars.f Whichf
couldf becomef af greatf advantagef withinf itsf currentf externalf opportunities.f If alsof thinkf
Toyotaf needf tof addressf whatf couldf bef hurtingf thef companyf inf Japanf findf outf areasf thatf
wouldn'tf causef damagef tof thef companyf orf justf considerf relocatingf tof preventf loss.
If thinkf competitionf mayf bef thef leastf off Toyota'sf concerns.f Maintainingf highf productivityf
andf profitabilityf whilef complyingf withf tightf qualityf controlf requirementsf mightf putf
managementf inf conflictf withf labor.f Workersf atf af Toyotaf manufacturingf factoryf inf Indiaf
recentlyf wentf onf strikef overf laborf issues.f Suchf problemsf makef itf difficultf forf thef
organizationf tof meetf marketf needs.f Companiesf thatf specializef inf manufacturingf seemf tof
focusf onf quantityf overf qualityf sadly.
If thinkf anotherf issuef theyf aref havingf otherf thanf thef countlessf recallsf andf shef safetyf issuesf
ayf bef duef tof thef actualf marketf itself.f Duef tof finances,f manyf peoplef justf aren'tf goingf outf
andf buyingf vehiclesf rightf now.f Unlessf theyf aref willingf tof givef af majorf taxf break,f itf won'tf
work.Theirf namef alonef takesf themf farf inf thef industry,f duef tof theirf background.f Itf isf
importantf tof keepf tryingf newf thingsf inf thef environment/business.f Also,f thef weaknessf fromf
promotingf andf sellingf productsf thatf mightf notf bef readyf isf af flaw.f Costingf af companyf af
largef amountf off money,f andf mediaf issues.f Itf wouldf bef helpfulf iff theyf slowedf downf tof reallyf
testf eachf piecef off equipmentf beingf onf af vehiclef theyf aref producing.f Itf seemsf likef itf comesf
downf tof pushing,f speedf off releasingf newf productsf tof thef industry.f Importantf tof takef timef
andf makef suref itf isf tested,f andf thef rightf productf forf customers.theyf shouldf focusf onf
emphasizingf respectf forf theirf employees.f Af companyf doesn’tf workf withoutf allf off thef
employees.f Iff youf treatf yourf employeesf poorlyf theyf givef youf poorf work.f If don’tf thinkf af lotf
off companiesf reallyf havef Thef graspf onf thisf concept.f Lookingf atf bigf corporationsf acrossf
Americaf andf evenf aroundf thef worldf af lotf off themf seef theirf employeesf asf af numberf insteadf
off usf humans.f Toyotaf isf af firmf thatf producesf excellent,f long-lasting,f dependablef vehicles.f
Myf familyf hadf af Toyotaf automobilef thatf wasf passedf downf fivef timesf betweenf myf siblingsf
andf me.f Evenf thoughf itf wasf old,f itf workedf wellf forf manyf years,f butf nowf thatf newf
technologyf isf beingf integratedf intof automobiles,f thef corporationf facesf moref challenges.f
Mostf automakersf havef adoptedf qualityf programsf intof theirf manufacturing.f Asf youf mayf bef
aware,f Sixf Sigmaf isf onef off thef moref popularf qualityf programs.f Af friendf off minef attainedf
thef levelf off "blackf belt."f Sixf Sigma trainersf progressf throughf af seriesf off levelsf similarf tof
martialf arts.f Thef highestf levelf off Sixf Sigmaf training isf thef blackf beltf whichf involvesf
attendingf classes, practicalf applicationf off thef qualityf program,f andf designingf af changef
programf projectf forf anf organization.f Myf friendf oncef toldf mef thatf thef Totalf Qualityf
Managementf (TQM)f processf showsf anf organizationf whatf mustf bef changed tof gainf
efficiencies,f but thef Sixf Sigmaf program provides thef method tof makef thef needed changes.f
Off course,f asf af Sixf Sigmaf practitionerf hef isf af biasedf source.f Thef sizef off thef company,f andf
marketf sharef tendsf tof reducef thef valuef off thef partsf thatf aref appliedf tof af vehicle.f Inf af way,f
companiesf canf becomef sloppyf orf notf asf focusedf onf thef qualityf off thef parts.f Justf gettingf
productsf inf consumersf hands.f Thisf canf becomef anf issue,f longf term.f Thef valuef off af brandf
canf becomef less,f consumersf mayf purchasef less,f andf thef brandf namef canf becomef tarnished.f
Importantf forf bigf companiesf tof stepf backf andf rememberf whyf theyf started.f Tof mef anf airbagf
isf af bigf dealf tof mef whenf itf comesf tof safety.f If amf gladf theyf aref recallingf andf tryingf tof fixf
thef problems.f Everyf carf companyf hasf recalls,f itf happens.f Toyotaf isf af companyf thatf isf
knownf forf theirf carsf lastingf longerf thanf most.f If seef Toyotaf improvingf andf headingf towardsf
thef directionf off hybridf cards.f Toyota'sf externalf andf internalf scanningf tof understandf theirf
businessf environment.f Onef criticismf off SWOTf isf thatf thef individualsf inf thef organizationf
whof performf thef analysisf mayf bef biased.f Thisf couldf bef inf thef formf off beingf reactive,f orf
justf af preconceptionf thatf theyf dof notf realizef becausef theyf aref performingf af processf orf
seeingf somethingf everyday.f Anf outsidef perspectivef mayf bef neededf tof accuratelyf seef
strengths,f weaknesses,f opportunities,f andf threats.f Thisf isf oftenf wheref anf outsidef consultantf
mayf bef employed.f Perhapsf youf mayf evenf performf thisf rolef forf anotherf organization.f
Demingf helpedf thef Japanesef tof becomef leadersf inf manufacturing.f Whenf If attendedf Totalf
Qualityf Managementf (TQM)f trainingf If rememberf thef instructorf remarkingf thatf inf thef latef
1970sf andf earlyf 1980s,f thef worstf Japanesef automakerf hadf af betterf qualityf recordf thanf thef
bestf Unitedf Statesf automaker!f Afterf severalf decadesf off emphasisf onf quality,f thisf isf nof
longerf true.f Thef automobilef manufacturerf bestf knownf forf Totalf Qualityf Managementf andf
Just-in-Time supplyf chainf managementf isf Toyota.f However,f evenf Toyotaf hasf recentlyf
experiencedf qualityf issues resultingf in massf recalls.f Offeringf moref sizablef rebatesf isf af reallyf
greatf ideaf especiallyf focusingf onf thef newerf vehicles.f Theref seemsf tof bef highf demandf forf
usedf vehiclesf andf offeringf rebatesf forf newf vehiclesf mayf raisef theirf demand.f Toyotaf isf
cateringf tof thef marketf off environmentallyf friendlyf vehiclesf likef hybridf andf electricf carsf andf
iff theyf weref tof researchf andf findf waysf tof makef thosef carsf moref affordablef If believef theirf
businessf wouldf skyrocket.
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