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If wouldf likef workingf forf af companyf thatf followsf af moref people-focused,f Theoryf Yf view.f
Thef reasonf forf thatf isf becausef theyf focusf onf theirf employeesf andf theref isf nof
micromanaging.f Theoryf Yf managersf believef thatf employeesf dof notf needf supervisionf
whichf kindf off givesf employeesf thef chancef tof figuref outf whatf worksf bestf forf them.f Notf
havingf tof performf af testf af specificf wayf butf inf af wayf thatf youf understand.f If feelf likef If
wouldf notf likef workingf forf af companyf withf af Theoryf Xf view.f Af companyf followingf
Theoryf Xf viewf off itsf employeesf willf bef onf yourf back.f If thinkf employeesf wouldf bef
monitoredf andf supervisedf tof af thoroughf extent.f Followingf thef Theoryf Xf view,f thef
companyf isf likelyf tof believef thatf thef employeesf dislikef workf sof theyf usef rewardsf andf
punishmentsf tof ensuref youf aref doingf yourf jobf andf iff youf aren'tf thenf theref aref
punishments.f If havef workedf forf companiesf withf bothf Theoryf Yf viewf andf Theoryf X.f If
currentlyf workf forf af companyf thatf hasf af Theryf Yf viewf andf itf isf sof peacefulf andf suchf af
positivef workplace.f If personallyf wouldf likef tof workf inf af Theoryf Yf environmentf basedf onf
thef managerf stylef thatf wouldf oversee.f f Theoryf Yf managersf havef anf optimisticf opinionf off
theirf people,f andf usef af decentralized,f participativef managementf style.f Thisf encouragesf af
moref collaborativef andf solidf relationshipf betweenf managersf andf teamf members.f f Peoplef
havef greaterf responsibility,f andf managersf encouragef themf tof developf theirf skillsf andf
suggestf improvements.f Showingf employeesf positivef reinforcementf regularly;f butf unlikef inf
Theoryf Xf organizations,f theyf aref usedf tof encouragef openf communicationf ratherf thanf tof
controlf staff.f Theoryf Xf managersf tendf tof takef af pessimisticf viewf off theirf people,f andf
assumef thatf theyf aref naturallyf unmotivatedf andf dislikef work.
Workf inf organizationsf thatf aref managedf likef thisf canf bef repetitive,f andf peoplef aref oftenf
motivatedf withf appraisalf andf differentf typef off managementf style.f f Thisf typef off managerf
wouldf bef difficultf tof appease.f f Inf thef past,f If havef workedf forf bothf typesf off managers.f f
Thef mostf effectivef managerf wasf thef mostf trustingf one.f f Asf anf employee,f feelingf asf
thoughf thef managerf knewf If wouldf getf thef workf donef wasf motivationf forf mef tof
accomplishf setf goals.f f Thef theoryf off wouldf If likef workingf forf af companyf thatf followsf af
people-focused,f Theoryf Yf view,f off itsf employees,f thenf If wouldf sayf yes.f Thef reasonf isf
thatf havingf beenf inf thef militaryf inf af supervisorf positionf andf havef usedf thisf typef off theoryf
tof motivatef peoplef andf havef af people-focusedf organizationf stemsf fromf Theoryf Y,f whichf
isf af viewf off thef organizationf thatf considersf employeesf tof bef capable,f creative,f responsible,f
andf motivatedf tof workf andf learn.f Beingf inf thisf typef off leadershipf orf managerf positionf inf
thef militaryf If hadf tof havef af moref collaborativef approach,f centeringf myf leadershipf onf trust,f
valuingf creativef problemf solving,f andf managingf byf wayf off providingf employeesf withf
tools,f opportunities,f andf visibilityf tof dof theirf jobsf wellf tof thef bestf off theirf abilities.
If havef alsof usedf thef Theoryf Xf whilef inf thef military,f butf inf af differentf environment.f Thisf
environmentf isf usuallyf whenf If hadf tof trainf incomingf personnelf intof thef militaryf orf intof
ourf organization.f Thef Theoryf Xf stylef wasf usefulf inf thatf itf encouragesf usef off tightf controlf
andf supervision,f andf itf impliesf thatf employeef isf af littlef reluctantf tof organizationalf changesf
forf nowf andf thef theoryf Xf isf basedf onf thef assumptionf regardingf thatf off thef typicalf workerf
andf thisf managementf stylef assumesf thatf thef typicalf workerf hasf littlef ambition,f avoidsf
responsibility,f andf isf individual-goalf orientedf untilf trainedf intof thef militaryf concept.
Thef typesf off managers/companiesf thatf If hadf workedf forf inf thef pastf usingf thef Theoryf Xf orf
Theoryf Y,f If wouldf sayf againf whilef inf thef military.f Thef Theoryf Xf isf af motivationalf
theory,f whichf involvesf highf supervisionf andf controlf overf thef subordinates,f andf greaterf
degreef off centralization.f Thef Theoryf Y,f isf anf advancedf theory,f whereinf itf isf assumedf thatf
thef workersf aref self-directedf andf initiative-taking,f forf growthf andf developmentf andf takesf
activef partf inf decisionf makingf andf If havef supervisedf overf threef hundredf peoplef duringf myf
militaryf careerf andf hadf tof usef thesef typesf off theoryf thatf wasf neededf inf variesf leadershipf
positionf withf personnelf highf andf lowf inf myf commandf inf makingf importantf decisionsf inf
reachingf thef overallf teamf objectivef orf goal.f Innovationf tof mef isf thef keyf thingf thatf willf
drivef mef tof Theoryf Y.f If amf af personf thatf lovesf af challengef andf likef tof learnf newf things.f
Havingf constructivef criticismf willf assistf withf bringingf thef bestf outf off youf thatf canf bef
appliedf tof af greatf workf ethic.f Whenf workingf forf af companyf youf wantf themf tof knowf andf
believef thatf youf havef allf thef toolsf tof bef responsiblef forf numberf one.f If believef thatf goesf
withoutf sayingf whenf youf becomef off agef tof startf workingf inf thef realf world.f Theoryf Yf
allowsf youf tof bringf yourf skillsf off whatf youf canf applyf tof helpf makef af companyf growf onf af
consistentf level.
Theoryf Xf seemsf tof bef analyzedf inf af wayf forf onef tof lookf within.f Figuringf outf howf youf
canf bef af greatf assetf tof af companyf isf whatf If alsof seef inf Theoryf X.f Thatf isn'tf suchf af badf
ideaf butf knowingf firsthandf whatf tof expectf andf howf thingsf aref donef stillf canf resultf inf
applyingf yourselff tof Theoryf Y.f If wouldn'tf wantf tof wastef myf timef orf anyonef elsef timef onf
whatf If wantf tof dof asf farf asf af careerf orf af job.f If willf lookf moref sof tof af growingf companyf
survivingf inf thisf worldf isn'tf af jokef nowadays.f Employees,f likef myself,f aref motivatedf byf
thef valuef off theirf contribution,f accordingf tof Theoryf Yf supervisors.f Theoryf Yf managersf
choosef af moref participatoryf managementf approach,f concentratingf theirf leadershipf onf trust,f
emphasizingf creativef problemf solving,f andf managingf byf givingf theirf peoplef thef tools,f
incentives,f andf visibilityf theyf needf tof performf theirf jobsf well.f If dof personallyf dof notf likef
thef aspectf off theoryf Xf becausef itf suggestsf workersf aref lazyf andf requiref muchf supervision.f
If thinkf workersf deservef muchf moref creditf andf certainlyf moref respect.f Withf thatf beingf
saidf If mayf likef onef aspectf off theoryf xf whichf isf "Peoplef mustf bef constantlyf directed,f
prompted,f rewarded,f orf punishedf inf orderf tof completef theirf work."f Whilef If dof notf meanf
thisf tof bef micromanaging,f If believef af workplacef needsf af certainf amountf off properf
structuref tof thrive.f If personallyf preferf workingf forf af companyf thatf isf peoplef focused.f If
workf forf anf electricf companyf andf havef beenf inf bothf situationsf throughoutf myf career.f If
willf sayf thatf If canf seef thef prosf andf consf off bothf Theoryf Yf andf Theoryf Xf fromf anf
employee'sf pointf off view.f Onef off thef biggestf prosf forf Theoryf Yf wouldf bef thatf asf af
servicemanf If amf allowedf tof bef flexiblef andf makef myf ownf schedulef forf thef dayf asf longf asf
If getf myf workf completed.f Thef biggestf conf off thisf howeverf isf thatf whenf somethingf goesf
wrongf orf isf notf completedf onf schedulef thatf blamef comesf downf completelyf onf me.f Whenf
If usef tof bef onf af constructionf crewf however,f If wasf notf inf chargef off thef jobsitef sof iff
somethingf wentf wrongf itf allf comef backf tof thef foreman.f If thinkf biggestf prof off Theoryf Xf
wouldf bef lessf stress,f butf thef biggestf conf isf thatf If wasf neverf inf controlf off thef situationf orf
jobsite.f If believef fromf myf experiencef thatf bothf thesef situationsf aref possiblef inf thef samef
companyf itf allf dependsf onf yourf jobf title.f If personallyf wouldf ratherf workf forf af companyf
thatf isf people-focused,f andf havef faithf inf itsf employees.f Thef reasonf If wouldf choosef af
companyf thatf utilizesf theoryf yf isf thatf whenf youf putf faithf inf someone,f itf givesf themf
confidence,f notf onlyf inf themselvesf butf alsof inf theirf employer.f Whenf youf treatf yourf
employeesf withf respectf andf placef yourf trustf inf themf andf theirf abilityf tof dof theirf job,f yourf
employeesf willf inf turnf notf onlyf workf harderf forf youf butf willf alsof trustf youf asf theirf
employer.Af companyf runningf onf Theoryf Xf would,f inf myf opinion,f bef af difficultf companyf
tof workf for.f Notf onlyf dof youf havef tof provef yourselff rightf awayf andf workf evenf harderf tof
abolishf thef company'sf establishedf belieff thatf youf aren'tf willingf tof workf unlessf you'ref
constantlyf underf theirf thumb,f butf youf alsof havef nof roomf tof breathef orf bef human.f Humansf
makef mistakesf andf theoryf Xf doesn'tf seemf likef af companyf thatf wouldf toleratef thatf veryf
humanf feature.If havef workedf forf manyf companiesf inf myf lifetime,f withf managersf whof
wouldf makef finef examplesf off bothf theoryf xf andf theoryf y.f Mostf off myf experiencef inf
restaurantsf wouldf bef af goodf examplef forf theoryf y,f wheref theyf givef youf yourf trainingf andf
letf youf run.f Wheref theoryf xf wouldf playf intof myf workf historyf comesf inf withf callf centersf
andf otherf industriesf thatf runf onf commission.f Asf af smallf businessf owner,f If tryf tof bef moref
theory-yf inf myf approachf tof thosef whof workf withf andf forf me.f Iff theyf needf closerf
supervisionf If off coursef dof so.f If thinkf mostf off usf inf thef classf wouldf agreef thatf af companyf
withf af peoplef focus,f Theoryf Yf view,f wouldf bef highlyf preferable.f Personally,f If findf
workingf forf myf currentf employerf tof bef onef off thef bestf choicesf inf myf life,f andf theyf aref
incrediblyf peoplef focused.f If findf theirf handsf offf approachf andf encouragementf inf carryingf
outf myf dailyf tasksf hadf madef mef veryf confidentf inf whatf If do,f andf theirf increasedf
satisfactionf withf myf jobf performancef hasf leadf tof af numberf off promotions.f Withf eachf stepf
upf If findf myselff confrontingf newf challenges,f butf givenf freef reignf inf howf If wishf tof
organizef teamsf inf howf tof overf comef them.f Itf hasf beenf af trulyf upliftingf experiencef andf
onef thatf makesf mef eager,f everyday,f tof comef tof workf andf achievef more.Thef theoryf Xf
approach,f inf contrast,f remindsf mef off severalf unenlightenedf companiesf thatf If havef workedf
forf thatf viewf theirf laborf asf moref cogsf inf af machinef thanf opportunitiesf forf growth.f Inf thisf
highlyf regulatedf environment,f If havef foundf myselff diminished,f andf reluctantf tof stayf forf af
longf time.f Needlessf tof say,f If wouldf findf myselff eagerlyf seekingf outf thisf typef off companyf
thatf stiflesf thef creativef spirit.Asf discussed,f If havef workedf forf severalf Theoryf Xf companiesf
before.f Mostf involvedf unskilledf labor,f andf narrowf careerf paths,f howeverf somef thatf weref
criticalf positionsf alsof employedf thef Theoryf Xf methodology.f Onef suchf companyf wasf af
largef hospital,f thatf If workedf inf twof separatef departments.f If assumef partf off thef logicf
behindf thisf wasf anf abundancef off caution,f shouldf someonef notf followf thef exactingf stepsf off
hospitalf procedures.Thef companyf If workf forf now,f thatf employsf thef Theoryf Yf approach,f isf
somewhatf surprising.f If workf forf af veryf largef constructionf companyf thatf encompassesf
manyf differentf constructionf groupsf andf industries.f Thisf largef companyf wouldf neverf bef
faultedf forf seeingf it’sf lowest,f newest,f orf mostf unskilledf laborersf asf meref cogs,f however,f
wef encouragef evenf ourf freshestf employeesf tof influencef tasksf withf theirf creativity.f Itf isf
trulyf astonishingf thef levelf off respectf andf freedomf If wasf givenf freshf inf thef field,f andf wasf
ablef tof makef myf workf crewf moref efficientf withf longf reachingf changes,f evenf asf thef
newestf personf onf thef crew.f Itf wasf refreshingf andf empowering.
theoryf yf isf af betterf companyf tof workf for.f If dof thinkf thatf itf allf dependsf onf people'sf
experiencef inf thatf areaf becausef theoryf xf isf similarf tof anf apprenticeshipf inf manyf trades.f
Theref aref alsof manyf peoplef inf thef workforcef todayf thatf wantf tof workf theirf fortyf hoursf
andf gof homef withoutf anyf stressf off havingf tof worryf iff theyf didf everythingf theyf couldf havef
donef inf thatf workf week.f Wef wantf tof bef valuedf andf tof bef af partf off somethingf thatf hasf
value!f If thinkf thatf isf af goodf standardf off wheref societyf isf headed.f Oncef If readf anf articlef
aboutf howf thef workplacef isf startingf tof valuef companyf perks.f Heref isf anf articlef aboutf thef
amenitiesf (yesf amenities)f Googlef offersf tof theirf employeesf thatf theirf office.f This,f
especiallyf forf someonef myf age,f seemsf likef somef sortf off fairyf tale.f wouldf bef af theoryf Yf
managerf if believef coachingf upf myf employeesf andf settingf outf af solidf trainingf philosophy.f
Wheref wef havef coachablef employeesf willingf tof learn,f willingf tof buyf inf culturalf off
teamworkf andf wef aref allf heref tof achievef thef samef goal.f Alsof makingf suref ourf partnersf
aref happyf asf wellf withf thef servicef wef aref providing.
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