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No,f If wouldn’tf likef tof followf af Theoryf Yf perspectivef inf af workf environment.f Simplyf
becausef manyf timesf peoplef canf thinkf theyf knowf what’sf bestf forf themf andf itf neverf seemsf
tof workf outf thatf way.f Inf myf experiencef inf thef workf environment,f peoplef needf tof bef toldf
notf necessarilyf whatf tof dof orf howf tof dof it.f Theyf needf reassurancef thatf thef jobf descriptionf
innf whichf theyf hadf appliedf forf orf aref assignedf tof isf beingf donef correctly.f Whenf peoplef
aref startingf offf atf af lowerf endf off af company,f theyf tendf tof needf thef experiencef andf thef
experiencef off beingf toldf whatf tof dof isf thef reasoningf behindf themf movingf upf inf thef
companyf throughf perfectingf theirf areaf off expertise.f Yes,f Theoryf Yf promotesf self-growthf
andf creativity,f butf If havef witnessedf peoplef bef creativef whilef beingf toldf whatf itf isf tof do.f Iff
If hadf tof choosef betweenf workingf forf af companyf thatf focusesf onf theoryf Xf orf theoryf yf If
thinkf If wouldf alwaysf choosef af theoryf y.f If camef tof thisf conclusionf becausef afterf learningf
aboutf whichf theoryf isf whatf If preferf tof workf somewheref thatf If amf notf watchedf byf everyf
movef If make.f Nowf If knowf thatf sometimesf companiesf havef tof dof thisf especiallyf forf
employeesf thatf aref slackersf butf iff you’ref doingf yourf jobf correctlyf andf gettingf everythingf
donef thenf If don’tf seef whyf youf wouldf havef tof bef watchedf over.f If havef workedf forf
companiesf thatf followf bothf theories.f Itf wasf hardf whenf If wasf beingf watchedf allf dayf everyf
dayf itf madef thef workf environmentf moref tense.f Everybodyf knewf thatf theyf weref beingf
watchedf sof thereforef yesf thef workf gotf donef andf gotf donef correctlyf butf itf wasf moref off af
hostilef workf environmentf thanf onef withf moref relaxedf rulesf andf faithf inf theirf employees.f
iff I’mf doingf allf off myf workf correctlyf inf af timelyf mannerf If thinkf If shouldf bef ablef tof workf
onf myf ownf asf longf asf that’sf partf off myf jobf descriptionf iff If amf notf requiredf tof workf inf af
teamf orf af groupf thenf justf letf mef bef andf getf myf workf done.f If wouldf likef workingf forf af
companyf thatf followsf peoplef focused,f Theoryf Yf views,f off itsf employees.f If saidf thisf
becausef itf givesf employeesf thef freedomsf tof completef jobsf dutiesf atf af peacefulf pace.f Whenf
employeesf aref peaceful,f theyf aref moref likelyf tof completef workf dutiesf better.f Theoryf Xf
makesf employeesf stressful,f andf itf seemsf likef af toxicf workf environment.f Theoryf Z.f f f Thef
namef camef fromf thef ideaf thatf thisf theoryf goesf beyondf Xf &f Y.f Itf camef fromf Williamf
Ouchie’sf workf tof determinef whyf Japanesef organizationsf weref out-producingf Americanf
organizationsf inf thef latef 1970’sf andf earlyf 1980’s.f Ouchief attributedf theirf successf tof
factorsf suchf asf long-termf employment,f workersf mayf workf forf af singlef companyf forf muchf
off theirf lives.f Also,f emphasisf onf qualityf management,f Japanf hasf longf beenf anf innovatorf
forf qualityf systemsf tof ensuref consistency.f Theyf aref knownf forf sharedf decision-makingf asf
well.f Well,f tof startf If wouldf ratherf workf withf peoplef whof aref motivatedf andf aref willingf tof
workf justf becausef it’sf anf opportunityf tof helpf thef communityf asf wellf asf themselves.f
Workingf inf af xf communityf youf dealf withf moref attitudef andf peoplef whof aren’tf asf
motivatedf orf constantlyf complain.f Itf bringsf thef energyf off thef environmentf downf asf wellf
asf production,f becausef theyf willf onlyf dof whatf theyf wantf atf thef pacef theyf want.Inf thef pastf
If havef af workedf withf allf typesf off management.f somef wheref veryf Motivatedf andf hadf highf
energy,f butf atf thef samef timef theyf wheref hiringf inf friendsf andf peoplef whof weren’tf readyf
agef wisef orf thosef whof pretendedf tof getf thef job.workingf inf anf xf environmentf wouldf notf
onlyf helpf af companyf fail,f butf itf wouldf alsof keepf thosef whof aref willingf tof workf out.Wef
dof havef groupsf off peoplef whof workf forf thef moneyf &f dof af goodf jobf asf well,f atf leastf fromf
whatf wef seef andf possiblyf hear…f Nowf af daysf youf neverf knowf thef intentionsf off anyonef
evenf yourf employees.f If wouldf likef tof workf forf af companyf thatf followsf Theoryf Yf becausef
theyf letf theirf employeesf havef freedomf andf trustf theyf willf getf theirf jobsf done.f If likef beingf
ablef tof dof thingsf inf myf ownf way,f notf necessarilyf givenf exactf directionsf onf howf itf needsf
tof bef done.f If wouldf notf likef tof workf forf af companyf thatf followsf Theoryf Xf becausef If dof
notf wantf someonef lookingf overf myf shouldersf allf dayf long.f If likef wheref If amf givenf
freedom,f andf iff If needf somef helpf orf anythingf If canf askf forf it.f Itf makef mef uncomfortablef
whenf someonef isf justf watchingf mef basicallyf waitingf forf mef tof makef af mistake.
If havef workf forf bothf types.f Whenf If workedf forf af companyf thatf followsf Theoryf X,f If didn'tf
lastf long.f If needf af companyf thatf appreciatesf isf workers,f andf trustsf them.f Whenf If workedf
forf af companyf thatf followsf Theoryf Y,f itf wasf honestlyf onef off myf favouritef jobsf If havef
everf workedf at.f Theref thingf wasf "Bef You"f whichf meansf bef whoeverf youf are.f Asf longf asf
thef workf isf gettingf done,f andf donef correctly,f theyf dof notf caref whatf youf havef tof dof tof getf
itf donef orf whof youf are.f Iff youf aref enjoyingf workf thenf theyf aref happy.f Theyf alsof gavef af
lotf off incentivesf tof notf onlyf recruitf moref people,f butf keepf theirf currentf employees.f If
preferf tof workf forf employersf whof usef Theoryf Yf systemsf becausef theyf trustf theirf
employeesf andf givef themf thef freedomf tof create,f whichf keepsf themf motivatedf tof workf andf
learn;f companiesf havef manyf employees,f eachf off whomf hasf differentf perspectivesf andf
ideasf fromf whichf companiesf canf benefitf greatly;f companiesf canf achievef amazingf resultsf
byf notf limitingf them.If dislikef workingf forf firmsf whof employf Theoryf Xf becausef theyf
monitorf andf controlf individuals;f whenf thisf happens,f thef workf atmospheref isf usuallyf
difficult;f theyf treatf peoplef likef robotsf thatf don'tf caref whatf theyf thinkf andf onlyf caref aboutf
gettingf thef product/servicef done.If workedf forf af companyf thatf usedf Theoryf X,f butf itf hadf af
lotf tof dof withf thef typef off jobf If did.f Itf wasf af factoryf thatf recordedf videof tapes,f andf If wasf
partf off thef teamf thatf hadf tof preparef blocksf off videof recordingf byf supplyingf thef cassettesf
thatf neededf tof bef recordedf andf pickingf upf thef onesf thatf hadf alreadyf beenf recorded.f Itf wasf
suchf af physicallyf demandingf jobf thatf itf hadf nothingf tof dof withf beingf creative,f innovative,f
orf learningf somethingf new.f If wouldf sayf sincef If personallyf workedf inf onlyf thef Theoryf Yf
viewf If canf onlyf sayf If wouldf likef thatf becausef If havef notf experiencef anyf otherf model.f Myf
employerf allowsf theirf peoplef tof takef responsibilityf forf theirf workf andf bef moref off af
guidingf handf insteadf off controlledf isf onef thatf trustsf itsf peoplef tof getf thingsf done.f Theyf
havef allowedf mef tof growf andf gainf af lotf off knowledgef evenf withf thef upsf andf downf inf myf
experiences.Inf thef Theoryf Xf If canf sayf If mostf likef wouldf notf enjoyf workingf itf becausef
havingf someonef overf myf shouldersf allf dayf everydayf wouldf irritatef mef andf makef mef bef
likef thef restf off thef crowdf andf notf evenf wantf tof work.f Althoughf itf seemsf likef itf wouldf justf
makef eachf dayf off workf seemf longerf andf anyf workf thatf needsf tof bef donef wouldf feelf
forced.Myf currentf jobf runsf underf thef Theoryf Yf view.f If amf allowedf tof bef creative,f andf
problemf solvef anyf situationf inf af greatf manner.f Evenf whenf if havef beenf wrongf wef havef
amazingf teamf andf coachesf tof guidesf tof thef watf wef wantf allf ourf suppliersf tof bef field.f If
wouldf ratherf workf forf af companyf thatf followsf Theoryf Yf insteadf off Theoryf X.f If currentlyf
workf forf af companyf thatf championsf its'f people.f Wef putf trainingf andf developmentf off
teamsf inf frontf off businessf becausef iff youf dof notf teachf yourf peoplef howf tof runf af
successfulf businessf youf willf neverf bef successful.f Anf employerf thatf allowsf theirf peoplef tof
takef responsibilityf forf theirf workf andf bef moref off af guidingf handf insteadf off controlledf isf
onef thatf trustsf itsf peoplef tof getf thingsf done.f Itf alsof createsf af positivef workf environmentf
wheref peoplef believef theyf canf bef creativef andf reallyf makef af differencef inf dayf tof dayf
operations.f Af managerf orf companyf thatf followsf af Theoryf Xf viewf wouldf bef veryf
overwhelmingf tof workf withf forf mef becausef If wouldf alwaysf bef monitoredf andf controlled.f
If enjoyf makingf myf ownf choicesf andf comingf upf withf ideasf tof betterf thef businessf andf
companyf If workf for.f If havef workedf forf af companyf thatf hasf af Theoryf Xf viewf andf youf
startf tof feelf asf iff youf cannotf bef trustedf tof dof yourf job.f Itf becomesf moref off af burdenf tof gof
tof workf andf thef companyf thatf If workedf atf withf af Theoryf Yf viewf madef mef wantf tof bef
theref everyday.f If feelf likef workingf forf af companyf thatf followsf af people-focused,f theoryf
viewf isf af lotf better.f One,f thef employeesf aref capable,f creative,f responsiblef andf motivedf tof
workf andf learn.f Thatf isf thef typef off personf If amf andf If definitelyf wantf thosef typef off peoplef
aroundf me.f If feelf likef thef employerf hasf moref trustf inf theoryf Yf andf canf countf onf thosef
typesf off employeesf af lotf more.f Nowf thef opposite,f theoryf X.f If feelf likef workingf withf af
companyf thatf constantlyf needsf af managerf tof lookf overf youf whilef youf workf isf superf
inconvenientf whenf theyf canf bef doingf somethingf else.f Theref isf absolutelyf nof trustf inf thatf
worker.f Onef off thef worstf characteristicsf af personf canf havef isf beingf lazyf andf itf saysf theyf
aref unwillingf meaningf theyf don'tf wantf tof learnf orf workf andf that'sf terrible.f If wouldf notf
wantf tof workf forf anf employerf thatf isf theoryf X.f I'mf notf suref iff itf isf thef jobsf If dof butf If
havef onlyf workedf forf Theoryf Yf managersf andf companies.f Luckilyf If havef beenf trustedf
andf canf takef responsibility.f Everythingf runsf smootherf whenf peoplef canf bef trustedf andf aref
willingf tof learnf andf work.f It'sf hardf tof motivatef af lazyf personf tof work.f If wouldf absolutelyf
preferf tof workf inf thef Theoryf Yf settingf becausef If amf wantingf tof workf harderf andf enjoyf
workingf forf someonef whof thinksf theirf employeesf opinionsf matter.f Alsof thatf theyf aref
capablef off doingf af jobf correctlyf withoutf beingf thoughtf negativelyf about.f If thinkf beingf
ablef tof makef decisionsf andf alsof FAILf isf allf partf off learningf inf life.f Theoryf Xf wasf
describedf asf kindf off af controllingf environment.f Theyf dof notf putf trustf inf theirf employeesf
andf theyf thinkf allf workersf dof notf havef thef wantf orf willf tof workf sof theyf havef tof "make"f
themf byf beingf strict.f Althoughf If likef structure,f If dof notf likef controllingf environments.f If
likef tof bef ablef tof thinkf forf myselff andf withf thef Xf theoryf itf showsf theyf don'tf thinkf wef aref
capablef off doingf so.f If havef workedf inf placesf wheref theoryf Yf wasf presented.f If enjoyedf
workingf there,f theref weref flawsf off coursef butf Itf wasf alwaysf ablef tof bef solved.f everyonef
wasf motivatedf tof workf evenf onf theirf toughf days.f If wouldf preferf tof workf af companyf thatf
followsf thef Theoryf Yf viewf becausef itsf employeesf aref motivatedf andf responsible.f That'sf
thef kindf off workerf If am.f Theoryf Yf employersf dof notf micro-managef andf aref lenientf withf
control.f If dof notf likef tof bef micro-managedf becausef If amf ambitious.f If takef pridef inf myf
workf andf committedf tof personalf achievements.f Theoryf Yf employeesf seekf responsibility.
Thef Theoryf Xf viewf saysf employeesf aref notf willingf tof workf andf havef nof ambition.f If amf
notf thisf typef off employee.f Theoryf Xf employeesf aref supervisedf atf mostf timesf becausef theyf
tendf tof bef lazyf andf threatenedf orf forcedf tof work.f Thef employersf controlf theirf employees'f
actions,f andf thef employeesf avoidf responsibility.If havef workedf forf bothf Theoryf Xf andf Yf
companies.f Myf Theoryf Xf supervisorf wouldf alwaysf micro-manage,f andf If didf notf likef thatf
atf all.f Oncef If amf givenf af jobf tof do,f If dof itf inf af timelyf mannerf andf atf thef bestf off myf
ability.f Thef environmentf atf thatf jobf wasf negativef andf stressfulf tof me.Myf currentf jobf runsf
underf thef Theoryf Yf view.f If amf allowedf tof bef creative.f If meetf weeklyf withf myf supervisor.f
Shef givesf mef myf tasksf forf thef weekf withf thef deadlines.f Asf longf asf thef tasksf aref donef byf
thef timeline,f theref aref nof issues.f If dof thinkf thatf If wouldf likef workingf forf af companyf thatf
isf moref peoplef focusedf takingf thef Theoryf Yf approach.f If likef thatf thef ideaf isf tof putf moref
trustf andf decisionf makingf intof thef handsf off thef employeesf andf usingf lessf controllingf
meansf tof getf thingsf done.f Myf currentf jobf reallyf focusesf onf employeef inputf andf allowingf
usf tof makef decisionsf withf littlef guidancef andf influence.f If likef thatf If havef thef opportunityf
tof makef importantf decisionsf withoutf havingf tof gof throughf managementf tof getf approval.f If
dof notf likef workingf inf af Theoryf Xf environment.f If havef hadf af jobf wheref managementf
wouldf controlf everyf aspectf off whatf If wasf supposedf tof do.f If wasf toldf howf andf whatf tof dof
ratherf thanf askedf whatf If thoughtf wouldf bef af goodf coursef off action.f If understandf thatf thisf
typef off managementf isf necessaryf forf somef stafff thatf dof notf havef thef capacityf tof makef
informedf decisionsf butf thisf isf notf whatf If prefer.f Thef moref menialf jobsf thatf If havef hadf inf
thef pastf seemf tof havef moref off af Theoryf Xf managementf stylef wheref thef furtherf If progressf
inf myf careerf If havef moref responsibilityf inf decisionf making.
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