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Thed self-assessmentd wasd ad greatd toold tod gaged myd Emotionald Intelligence.d Id personallyd feel,d
basedd offd thatd assessment,d Id wouldd haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad goodd leader.d Id
wasd abled tod scored and 8d ord higherd ind thed self-awareness,d self-management,d sociald awarenessd (d
ord empathy),d andd relationshipd managementd (d ord sociald skills).d Id wasd notd surprisedd ond thed
puttingd myselfd ind otherd shoesd ord thed sociald skills.d Ind myd personald life,d Id tendd tod alwaysd thinkd
ofd thed otherd persond andd howd theyd mayd bed feeling.d Also,d Id tryd veryd hardd tod notd justd comed outd
andd argued whend someoned ord somethingd upsetsd ord offendsd me.d Id usuallyd letd thingsd god prettyd
quicklyd ord dod notd evend noticed themd sometimes.
Fromd thed Bigd Fived OCEAN,d Id feeld thatd alld ofd themd ared equallyd importantd andd abled tod assistd
ind beingd ad mored inclusived leader.d Thed oned Id guessd Id wouldd leand mored towardsd focusingd ond
firstd wouldd bed personalityd traits.d Thisd wouldd maked itd easierd tod related withd andd empathized
withd whend Id understandd thed recurringd regularitiesd ord trendsd ind ad person'sd behaviord ind relationd
tod theird personality.d Understandd howd thed operate,d basically.
Fromd alld thed ineffectived leadersd Id haved hadd ind thed past,d whichd isd onlyd liked 2.d Bothd ofd themd
demonstratedd thed inabilityd tod showd empathyd ford theird teamd andd evend showd actived listening.d Id
wouldd evend god asd fard asd sayingd theyd bothd showedd thed lackd ofd concernd tod evend attemptd tod
empathized withd theird employees.d Thisd wasd major.
Skillsd associatedd withd beingd and inclusived leaderd ared andd shouldd bed portable.d Theyd shouldd bed
abled tod adaptd andd growd andd bed carriedd outd tod teamsd ind theird ownd wayd tod reachd thed teamd asd ad
unitd andd thed teamd membersd individually.d Id haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad successfuld
leader.d Id amd certainlyd ind tuned withd myd ownd emotionsd andd thed whyd andd howd ofd whatd Id amd
feelingd atd anyd givend moment.d Id amd alsod ind tuned withd howd othersd feel,d oftend absorbingd theird
energyd andd mirroringd theird feelings.d Id practiced minimizingd myd interactionsd withd thosed whod
ared knownd tod haved ad negatived dispositiond aboutd themselves,d and organization,d ord otherd
people.d Id liked tod drawd thosed conclusionsd fromd myd ownd experiences.
Id amd certainlyd ofd opennessd tod experience!d Id haved ad broadd mind,d andd oftend thinkd ofd thed bigd
pictured first.d Id liked tod workd backwardsd tod determined thed strategy.d Id enjoyd meetingd peopled
fromd newd andd interestingd placesd andd learningd ofd theird backgroundsd andd howd theyd ared usedd tod
doingd things.d Justd understandingd thed basicd natured ofd howd someoned elsed isd differentd thand youd
cand helpd youd utilized thosed differencesd tod thed advantaged ofd thed organization.
Thed mostd ineffectived leadersd Id haved beend associatedd withd wered notd conscientious.d Mostd wered
unorganizedd ind whatd theyd wantedd ord whatd thed goald wasd and/ord howd tod reachd thed goal.d Theyd
couldd notd effectivelyd communicated ord plan.d Somed tookd theird positiond tood seriously.
Leadersd cand portd theird skillsd intod anyd settingd andd succeed.d Thed savvyd natured ofd effectived
leadershipd willd allowd thatd persond tod reconfigured thed skillsd tod fitd thed situation.d Basedd ond myd
assessmentd results,d Id dod believed Id haved thed necessaryd emotionald intelligenced tod leadd andd haved
actuallyd heldd bothd ad leadd andd managementd positiond ind thed past.d Now,d itd wasd notd easyd
adjustingd tod ad leadershipd positiond especiallyd sinced workingd ford ad corporated companyd
involvedd ad lotd ofd moldingd ofd myd character,d ideas,d andd evend beliefsd alld ford thed benefitd ofd thed
institution.d Now,d whatd helpedd throughd thed processd ofd leadingd ad bigd groupd ofd subordinatesd
wasd myd character/traitd ofd beingd and extravert.Beingd abled tod connectd withd peopled isd notd easyd
andd communicationd aboved alld isd important,d butd gettingd thed respectd andd attentiond requiresd ad
littled bitd ofd beingd creatived ond howd youd treatd everyone.d Asd easyd asd itd mayd seem,d workingd withd
multipled personalitiesd isd fard fromd easy.d Youd haved tod bed preparedd tod talkd tod alld typesd ofd
characters.d Beingd abled tod leadd isd alsod ad matterd ofd knowingd howd andd whend tod listend vsd
command.d Knowingd howd tod holdd accountabilityd ond yourd employeesd whiled doingd thed samed
ford yourselfd isd alsod cruciald dod developingd trust.
Id believed Id haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad successfuld leaderd andd thed surveyd
confirmedd myd feelings.d Id ratedd highd ind sociald awareness,d Id haved empathyd towardsd others,d andd
Id feeld liked Id cand catchd ond tod whatd othersd ared feelingd andd thinking.d Id amd ad goodd listenerd whend
peopled needd someoned tod talkd to,d sometimesd alld peopled needd ord wantd ared tod bed heardd andd
acknowledged.d Id cand alsod gived themd adviced andd guided themd byd puttingd myselfd ind theird shoes.
Thed Bigd Fived OCEANd personalityd traitd Id feeld willd assistd med thed mostd andd thatd Id alsod feeld
stronglyd aboutd isd conscientiousness.d Id liked tod plan,d stayd organizedd andd taked myd
responsibilitiesd seriously.d Whend itd comesd tod workd ord school,d Id feeld thed mostd comfortabled
whend Id amd abled tod pland myd dayd andd weekd aheadd howeverd Id alsod haved and opend mindd thatd
unplannedd incidentsd happend butd becaused Id stayd organizedd andd ond task,d Id allowd myselfd extrad
timed ford thed unknown.
And ineffectived leaderd thatd comesd tod mindd wasd highd ind neuroticism.d Unfortunately,d asd ad
manager,d shed wasd thin-skinnedd andd didd notd taked criticismd well.d Asd ad matterd ofd fact,d whend
ourd superiorsd wouldd comed downd ond herd ford herd behaviord shed becamed veryd moodyd andd
somewhatd unprofessionald withd herd staff.d We,d herd subordinatesd paidd thed priced ford herd stress.
Skillsd associatedd withd beingd and inclusived leaderd ared portable.d And inclusived leaderd willd learnd
howd tod workd withd othersd andd learnd fromd eachd other'sd ideasd andd backgroundsd andd thatd cand
assistd ad leaderd whereverd theyd mayd go.d Fromd thed resultsd ofd thed self-assessmentd Id believed Id
haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad successfuld leader.d Id tryd tod alwaysd findd waysd tod bed
empatheticd withd othersd andd focusd ond waysd Id cand understandd ord related tod thed situation.d Thisd
allowsd med tod haved ad betterd communicationd styled ind orderd tod traind properly.d I'ved beend toldd
becaused Id tryd tod understandd andd communicated welld withd others,d myd teamd seesd med asd ad
managerd theyd cand comed tod ifd theyd haved anyd questionsd ord concerns.Havingd emotionald
intelligenced componentsd definitelyd assistd withd beingd and inclusived leaderd becaused itd providesd
self-awarenessd asd welld asd sociald awareness.d Id believed manyd departmentsd haved highd turnoverd
ford thed reasond theyd disliked theird manager.d I'ved beend ind thatd situationd whered Id couldn'td god tod
myd managerd ford anythingd ford feard thatd Id bed reprimandedd liked ad childd ord toldd Id wasd wrongd
withoutd takingd thed timed tod explaind thed reasoning.d Bothd ofd myd childrend playd ind sportsd andd oned
thingd I'ved noticedd ifd thed coachd thatd getsd listenedd tod ord thatd maked and impactd ared thed coachesd
thatd used effectived communication.d Ifd you'red justd yellingd atd thed playersd andd tellingd themd howd
horribled theyd ared playing,d howd isd thatd beingd and effectived leader?d Itd comesd downd tod
understandingd yourd surroundings,d analyzingd thed situation,d andd communicatingd thed
informationd ind relatabled wayd tod everyone.d Thesed skillsd ared thusd portabled skillsd whichd willd
constantlyd bed ind used ind ad leadershipd role.d Id haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad leaderd .d Id
haved ad heartd tod teach,d tod delegate,d andd tod helpd others.d Thered ared manyd greatd componentsd thatd
maked upd ad greatd leaderd suchd asd beingd truthful,d beingd firm,d beingd ad greatd teacher,d andd
thoroughlyd communicating.d Id feeld communicationd isd keyd withd everythingd ind life.d Ifd bothd
partiesd understandd thed taskd atd handd andd howd tod executed and errord wontd bed and issued ind thed end.d
Whend youd haved and agreeabled personalityd traitd you'red abled tod putd othersd befored yourself.d Thisd
isd ad greatd traitd tod haved asd and inclusived leaderd whend itd comesd downd tod decisiond makingd .d Itd
willd helpd youd tod seed whichd choiced isd thed smartestd ,d andd whichd choiced cand caused failure.d Nod
oned isd perfectd whichd meansd yourd answerd mayd notd alwaysd bed thed rightd answer,d ord thed rightd
stepd tod take.Beingd and analyticald thinkerd isd alsod ad greatd traitd tod beingd and inclusived leader.d And
analyticald thinkerd isd ad persond drivend byd curiosityd tod getd tod thed bottomd ofd thingsd andd solved ad
problemd ord findd and answer.d And analyticald thinkerd wouldn'td chosed thed quickestd andd mostd
easiestd routed tod taked ford ad quickd answer,d butd insteadd thed routed whichd wouldd gived themd and
mored efficientd answerd byd researchingd multipled possibilities.d Whend Id thinkd ofd thed pastd leadersd
Id workedd underd mostd ofd themd wered greatd leadersd ,d whiled somed ofd themd wered ineffectived
leaders.d Ad commond personalityd traitd thed ineffectived leaderd possessedd wasd lackd ofd Selfd
Awareness,d andd theird lackd ofd thisd causedd themd tod notd realized whend itd wasd timed tod exercised
humility.d Skillsd ared portabled ford and inclusived leader.d Whend you'red abled tod dod somethingd welld
you'lld mostd likelyd haved tod used thatd setd ofd skillsd again.d Id believed Id haved thed EId tod bed ad goodd
leaderd becaused Id dod welld withd Empathy.d Id taked thed timed tod putd myselfd ind thed otherd partiesd
shoes.d Thered ared ad lotd ofd externald factorsd thatd cand influenced employeed performanced
negatively.d Takingd thed timed tod listend andd helpd irond outd issuesd cand getd thed employeed backd ond
trackd quickly.d Ifd notd thed problemd cand festerd andd bringd thed wholed teamd down.d Id tryd tod instilld
thisd ind thed leadersd Id haved workingd ford me,d becaused thingsd ared rarelyd blackd andd white.d Ad lotd
ofd conflictd cand bed resolvedd byd beingd empathetic.
Opennessd tod newd experiencesd andd agreeablenessd haved helpedd med tod bed ad betterd leader.d Id amd
alwaysd readyd tod heard newd waysd ofd doingd things,d andd Id tryd tod fosterd ad workd environmentd builtd
ond mutuald respectd andd teamwork.d Everyoned hasd ad partd tod play,d andd asd longd asd wed ared alld
doingd ourd partd thed jobd getsd done.
Lackd ofd emotionald intelligenced wouldd bed ad commond factord ford ad lotd ofd myd previousd leaders.d
Ad lotd ofd themd wered toxic,d andd wouldd yell,d ord used threatsd tod getd thed peopled underd themd tod dod
whatd theyd want.d Rarelyd didd theyd god beyondd thed surfaced informationd tod findd outd thed whyd ofd
things,d andd theyd justd tookd everythingd atd faced value.
Id thinkd inclusived leadershipd wouldd bed usefuld ind anyd industry.d Itd wasd ind thed militaryd whiled Id
wasd in,d andd nowd thatd Id amd ind thed agricultured industry,d itd isd justd asd importantd asd ever.d Myd
performanced evaluationsd rated howd muchd ofd and inclusived leaderd Id am,d andd itd isd partd ofd
successiond discussionsd atd myd company.d Afterd completingd thed self-assessmentd ond Emotionald
Intelligence,d Id scoredd thed following:
1. Youd ared highd ind self-awarenessd “Thed abilityd tod readd andd understandd yourd ownd
emotionsd andd moods.”
2. Youd ared highd ind self-managementd “Thed abilityd tod controld yourd emotions,d andd tod
behaved reliably.”
3. Youd ared highd ind empathyd “Thed abilityd tod readd otherd people’sd emotionsd andd tod
understandd theird perspective.”
4. Youd ared highd ind sociald skillsd “Thed abilityd tod developd meaningfuld interpersonald
relationshipsd andd tod communicated clearlyd withd others.”
Fromd myd results,d Id dod believed thatd Id haved whatd itd takesd tod bed ad successfuld leader.d Basedd ond
myd EId results,d Id wouldd bed abled tod controld myd emotions,d butd alsod taked cared ofd othersd andd leadd
byd example.d Leadersd mustd haved positived sociald skills,d bed sensitived tod others’d feelings,d butd
alsod bed abled tod leadd ad staffd andd getd deadlinesd finished.Tod bed and inclusived leader,d Id feeld thatd
thed mostd importantd personalityd traits/componentsd ared conscientiousnessd andd openness.d
Leadersd shouldd bed awared thatd everyoned shouldd feeld welcomed andd acceptingd tod others.d Beingd
inclusived ind thed workplaced allowsd alld differentd culturesd andd diversitiesd tod workd together.d
Lookingd backd atd ineffectived leadersd thatd Id haved hadd ind thed past;d theyd didd shared ad fewd
commond attributes.d Somed ofd thed personalityd traitsd thatd theyd hadd wered insensitivity,d ad lackd ofd
self-awareness,d andd wered notd empathetic.d Thesed traitsd wered detrimentald ind beingd ad successfuld
leaderd andd wered unabled tod motivated ourd teamd members.Id believed thatd skillsd associatedd withd
beingd notd onlyd ad greatd leader,d butd and inclusived leaderd ared portabled skills.d Anyd successfuld
leaderd shouldd bed abled tod achieved newd skillsd andd taked themd withd themd whereverd theyd go.
Overall,d thed topicd ofd emotionald intelligenced isd extremelyd interestingd andd Id thinkd itd wouldd
behoved employersd tod haved alld managementd completed EId testing.d Id dod agreed thatd ifd Managersd
tookd thed timed tod listend tod employees,d itd wouldd allowd themd tod getd backd ond trackd (pendingd thatd
theyd didd needd tod haved correctionsd maded tod theird work).d Byd communicatingd effectivelyd withd
oned another,d wed cand allowd ourselvesd tod growd asd leadersd butd alsod setd thed exampled ford ourd
teamd members.d Beingd opend isd ad greatd exampled ofd howd tod becomed ad betterd leader!d Ifd wed
engaged andd opend ourselvesd tod newd opportunitiesd ord learningd methods,d wed cand growd intod thed
leaderd wed strived tod be.Thed mostd effectived leadersd certainlyd haved empathy.d Itd seemsd thatd
leadersd ared constantlyd playingd ad gamed thatd attemptsd tod avoidd beingd naturallyd empatheticd andd
ond thed otherd handd overlyd so,d ord showingd nod empathyd atd all.d Communicationd andd honestyd
alsod playd ad partd ind thed relationshipd betweend leadersd andd followersd andd thed amountd ofd
empathyd given.Id agreed withd youd thatd youd needd tod bed and analyticald thinkerd tod bed ad leader.d Asd
ad leaderd youd ared alwaysd positionedd withd newd issuesd ord problemsd thatd mustd bed solved.d Youd
needd tod used yourd analyticald skillsd tod workd throughd themd andd find,d asd youd mentioned,d thed
possibilitiesd ford ad solution.d Id thinkd thatd isd actuallyd oned ofd thed mostd difficultd traitsd tod learn.Id
believed consistencyd isd and essentiald traitd tod possessd asd ad leader.d Whend you'red ond taskd andd abled
tod keepd upd withd yourd scheduled ind ad repetitived mannerd itd showsd thatd you'red honestd andd
dependable.d Asd ad leaderd beingd honestd isd whatd helpsd floatd thed shipd yourd teamd hasd tod believed
you'lld telld themd thed truthd nod matterd what.d Yourd teamd alsod hasd tod believed thatd you'lld alwaysd bed
thered ford themd andd what'sd bestd ford thed business.Id foundd myselfd thinkingd thatd eachd ofd thed
traits/characteristicsd notedd wouldd bed greatd tod haved whetherd someoned hadd goalsd ofd beingd ad
leaderd ord not.d Perhaps,d thed onlyd differenced couldd bed thatd ad trued leaderd possessesd eachd ofd
thosed traitsd atd ad veryd highd level.Now,d tod me,d consistencyd mightd justd bed thed trickiestd ofd alld
traits.d Ifd oned isd leadingd ad ratherd larged group,d thend differentd messagesd wouldd needd tod bed
conveyedd tod eachd subd groupd ind differentd ways.d So,d ifd consistencyd tod oned persond meansd tod
used thed samed styled overd andd overd withd ad groupd thatd isd notd receptived tod thatd style,d thend itd cand
bed assumedd thed somed ofd thed subd groupsd willd losed trust.d Liked tryingd tod feedd meatd tod ad
vegetariand overd again.d Thed leaderd couldd breakd downd thed needsd andd wantsd ofd thed groupd asd ad
whole,d thend somehowd drilld downd tod determined whichd subsetsd ared present.d Ifd thed leaderd cand
consistentlyd conveyd ad blanketd messaged tod thed groupd whiled addressingd thed needsd andd wantsd ofd
eachd subset,d thend successd wouldd bed achieved.d Thed benefitsd ofd knowingd yourd emotionald
intelligenced resultsd ared multifaceted.d Theyd couldd included thed abilityd to:
understandd co-workers,d empathized withd them,d andd knowd howd tod bestd interactd withd themd
knowd howd tod adjustd tod meetd deadlinesd taked criticismd welld andd improved basedd ond feedbackd bed
opend tod makingd adjustmentsd andd improvingd thed overalld workplace.Id believed thatd goodd
leadershipd needsd ad balancedd approachd usingd thed qualitiesd ofd thed Bigd Fived Oceand andd
Emotionald Intelligence.d Withd everyd situationd beingd different,d ad leaderd needsd tod determined
whatd worksd bestd ind ad particulard scenariod tod achieved positived results.d Thinkingd aboutd itd
further,d havingd empathyd helpsd usd understandd whatd peopled ared goingd throughd andd conveyd ourd
needsd ind ad wayd thatd willd bed constructive.d Havingd ad balancedd emotionald intelligenced willd helpd
leadersd accuratelyd assessd thed situationd andd persond ord groupd thatd hed ord shed isd leadingd andd gived
themd thed toolsd tod activelyd stayd ind tuned withd theird teamd needsd goingd forward.d Asd youd
mentionedd above,d evend thed attemptd ofd empathizingd withd employeesd andd recognizingd theird
feelingsd isd majord andd cand helpd maked ad workingd environmentd muchd mored effective.
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