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Id amd confidentd ind thed resultsd thatd Id receivedd fromd takingd thed selfd assessmentd thatd Id possessd
thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad successfuld leader.d Myd selfd assessmentd resultsd rankedd med
moderated ind selfd awareness,d andd highd ind selfd management,d empathy,d andd sociald skills.d Alld
fourd ofd thesed traitsd ared veryd importantd tod becomingd and effectived leader.d Thed 2d personalityd
traitsd thatd willd assistd med becomingd ad mored inclusived leaderd fromd thed bigd fived OCEANd traitsd
ared conscientiousnessd andd agreeableness.d Whend itd comesd tod conscientiousnessd Id amd veryd selfd
disciplined,d dependable,d hardworkingd andd goald driven.d Whend itd comesd tod agreeablenessd Id amd
veryd trustworthy,d helpfuld andd easyd tod getd alongd with.d Thesed twod personalityd traitsd ared veryd
portabled andd haved provend tod bed veryd successfuld whend workingd withd clientsd asd ad reald estated
agent.d Alld ofd thed effectived leadersd Id haved hadd ind myd lifed asd coaches,d mentorsd andd bossesd
haved alld hadd ad balancedd blendd ofd intelligenced andd emotionald intelligence.d Bothd ofd thesed
factorsd allowedd themd tod becomed confidentd leadersd ind theird fieldd ofd leadershipd andd wered welld
likedd andd admiredd byd everyoned theyd workedd with.d Theyd alld hadd thed heartd ofd ad teacherd andd
wantedd tod seed med growd andd achieved myd goals.d Id thinkd Id haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod
bed ad goodd leader.d Thed assessmentd resultsd showd thatd Id haved thed abilityd tod monitord thed actionsd
ofd myselfd andd othersd effectivelyd andd used thatd informationd asd ad guided tod howd Id willd actd andd
respondd tod situationsd asd theyd arise.d Evend whend Id amd facedd withd stressfuld ord tensed situations,d
Id remaind calmd andd gatherd factsd befored acting.d Id amd easilyd approachabled andd findd thatd Id workd
welld withd othersd fromd alld backgrounds.Itd isd hardd tod pickd justd oned ofd thed OCEANd Traits,d
Intelligenced componentsd ord Emotionald components.d Tod bed and effectived leaderd youd haved tod
balanced themd alld dependingd ond thed situation.d Ifd Id hadd tod pickd one,d Id thinkd Neuroticismd isd
important.d Remainingd calmd ind ad situationd willd maked youd approachable.d Ifd youd losed yourd
temperd andd flyd offd thed handle,d itd wouldd damaged workingd relationships.d Againd itd isn'td anyd
mored importantd thand another,d itd justd dependsd ond thed situation.d Interpersonald andd
Intrapersonald skills,d trustworthinessd andd otherd Emotionald Intelligenced componentsd ared justd asd
important.d Ifd someoned doesn'td trustd you,d thend theyd willd neverd buyd offd ond yourd
leadership.Reflectingd backd tod thed leadershipd ofd ad softwared integrationd projectd Id wasd on,d
leadershipd wasd one-sidedd andd thed teamd wasd alld overd thed place.d Thed projectd leadd couldn'td
clearlyd conveyd whatd hed wantedd andd wasd mored focusedd ond gettingd somethingd doned ond timed
ratherd thand listeningd tod thed issues.d Oftend timesd whend ad newd problemd arose,d hed wouldd showd
signsd ofd irritation,d playd thed blamed game.d Additionally,d oned teamd memberd witnessedd himd
talkingd aboutd herd ind ad negatived mannerd tod anotherd memberd ofd thed team.d Hed reallyd didn'td cared
howd itd gotd done,d justd thatd itd wasd doned ond timed sod hed couldd meetd hisd goald atd hisd upcomingd
review.d Severald thingsd couldd haved maded himd ad betterd leader.d Beingd sympatheticd tod thed team,d
trustworthy,d perceptiond ofd hisd actionsd andd thatd ofd others,d problem-solvingd skillsd andd ind
generald leadershipd skillsd thatd wouldd fosterd ad positived outcome.Portabled andd Non-portabled
skillsd ared importantd bothd ared justd asd importantd tod possess.d knowingd whatd itd takesd tod dod thed
workd (experience,d andd haved technicald skillsd tod getd thed workd doned isd justd asd important.d Afterd
takingd thed selfd assessment,d Id amd confidentd Id cand bed ad successfuld leader.d Id receivedd highd
scoresd ind self-awareness,d selfd management,d empathyd andd sociald skills.d Beingd abled tod
understandd yourd ownd emotionsd asd welld asd otherd peoplesd andd howd tod communicated withd eachd
individualsd basedd ond theird needsd isd halfd thed battle.d Id wasd alwaysd taughtd thatd leadershipd isd
70%d peopled andd 30%d process.d Asd timed wentd byd Id realizedd howd trued thatd was.d Thed hardd partd
ofd beingd ad leaderd isn’td developingd processes,d it’sd learningd howd tod effectivelyd communicated
withd yourd team.d Ifd oned cand conquerd that,d thend trustd andd relationshipsd ared built.d Peopled willd
wantd tod workd withd youd tod achieved thed goals.
Tod bed and inclusived leaderd youd haved tod bed selfd awared and open.d Withd thatd beingd said,d Id wouldd
sayd ford med thed mostd importantd bigd fived oceand personalityd traitd thatd wouldd assistd med ind beingd
ad mored inclusived leaderd wouldd bed openness.d Youd haved tod bed opend tod otherd peoplesd
viewpointsd andd ideasd ind orderd tod haved ad teamd thatd cand effectivelyd solved issuesd ord determined
bestd practices.
Whend Id thinkd backd aboutd somed ofd myd pastd ineffectived leaders,d Id don’td thinkd itd wasd justd oned
traitd thatd causedd themd tod bed ineffective.d Luckilyd Id haved workedd underd somed greatd leaders.
Basedd ond myd self-assessmentd Id haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad goodd leader.d Id ratedd
highd ond alld thed emotionald intelligenced sub-componentsd ford (self-awareness,d self-
management,d sociald awareness/empathy,d andd relationshipd management/sociald skills).d Id haved
hadd thed privileged tod becomed ad leaderd earlyd ind lifed tod bed abled tod learnd fromd myd mistaked andd
bed mentoredd alongd thed wayd tod maked med ad successfuld leader.Id thinkd myd personalityd traitd fromd
thed Bigd Fived OCEANd personalityd traitsd wouldd bed empathy.d Id tryd tod taked thed timed tod
understandd others’d emotionsd andd understandd howd tod placed myselfd ind otherd peopled shoes.d Id
haved thed understandingd diversityd andd cand identifyd thatd peopled comed fromd alld sortsd ofd
differentd backgrounds.d Id taked prided ind developingd othersd andd ensuringd thatd nod isd leftd behindd
thatd assistd med ind beingd ad betterd inclusived leader.Ad commond attributed thatd causesd leadersd tod
bed ineffectived communicationd andd notd willingd tod bed opend tod theird employees.d Thisd makesd ad
leaderd ineffectived becaused communicationd keyd tod bed successfuld withd completingd taskd andd
beingd abled tod listen,d shared ideas,d traind other,d andd beingd ad teamd player.d Youd willd bed
consideredd unapproachabled fromd yourd superiors,d peer,d andd subordinates.d Id thinkd skillsd
associatedd withd beingd ad inclusived leaderd shouldd bed portabled andd leadersd shouldd bed abled taked
alld thed skillsd theyd haved learnedd andd adaptd andd continued tod growd andd shared thisd knowledged tod
maked theird teamd stronger.
Myd long-timed mentord andd friendd hasd beend workingd ond myd emotionald intelligence.d Id amd ad
greatd leader,d mentord andd coach,d ad goodd supervisord butd lackd thed empathyd neededd tod perfectd
mentoringd andd leadership.d Myd VPd onced saidd "thed placed couldd bed ond fired andd I'dd neverd knowd
becaused you'red alwaysd sod calmd andd yourd faced neverd showsd emotion".d Muchd tod ad faultd thatd
workedd ford med andd againstd me.d Emotionald intelligenced isd thed abilityd tod tapd intod stressd relief,d
andd tod overcomed andd diffused challenges.d Ind stressfuld modesd Id taked overd andd dod itd alld ond myd
own,d Id neglectd thed teamd andd god solod andd tendd tod harbord feelings.d Butd Id amd workingd ond this,d
I'md gettingd better.Amongd thed Bigd Fived Oceand personalityd traitsd opennessd wouldd bed myd
primaryd traitd thatd makesd med thed mored inclusived leader.d Id haved alwaysd appreciatedd havingd ad
diversityd ofd peopled aroundd thed table.d Wed can'td alld think,d ord bed thed same.d Thed diversed
perspectives,d opinionsd andd cognitived backgroundsd ofd ad groupd isd mored powerful!d Ineffectived
leadersd ared one-sidedd andd siloed,d theyd don'td 'playd well'd ind ad teamd aspect.d Id hadd ad supervisord
liked thisd andd learnedd severald hardd lessonsd fromd her.d Basedd ond myd selfd assessmentd id dod
possessd enoughd emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad goodd leader.d Emotionald intelligenced
insinuatesd tod thed knackd tod recognized andd achieved one’sd ownd feelings,d asd welld asd thed
sentimentsd ofd others.d Emotionald intelligenced isd usuallyd saidd tod incorporated ad fewd skills:d
namelyd emotionald awareness,d ord thed abilityd tod identifyd andd named one’sd ownd emotions;d thed
abilityd tod harnessd thosed emotionsd andd applyd themd tod tasksd liked thinkingd andd problemd solving;d
andd thed abilityd tod managed emotions,d whichd includesd bothd regulatingd one’sd ownd emotionsd
whend necessaryd andd helpingd othersd tod dod thed same.d Thed emotionallyd intelligentd ared highlyd
consciousd ofd theird ownd emotionald states,d evend negatived onesd fromd frustrationd ord sadnessd tod
somethingd mored subtle.d Theyd ared abled tod identifyd andd understandd whatd theyd ared feelingd andd
beingd abled tod helpd managed thatd emotion.d Becaused ofd this,d thed emotionallyd intelligentd haved
highd self-confidenced andd ared realisticd aboutd themselves.d Ad persond highd ind emotionald
intelligenced isd notd impulsived ord hastyd withd theird actions.d Theyd thinkd befored theyd do.d Thisd
translatesd intod steadyd emotiond regulation,d ord thed abilityd tod reduced howd intensed and emotiond
feels.d Takingd angerd ord anxietyd downd ad notchd isd calledd down-regulation.d Thed emotionallyd
intelligentd cand shiftd gearsd andd lightend mood,d bothd internallyd andd externally.d Basedd ond myd
self-assessmentd Id haved emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad goodd leader.d Id believed thatd myd emotiond
doesd notd getd ind thed wayd whend itd comesd tod myd profession.d Id evend getd impressd ond howd atd myd
previousd jobd Id hadd patienced andd howd Id actedd ind professionald wayd whend wed hadd and issued withd
patients.d Id thinkd myd personalityd traitd fromd thed Bigd Fived OCEANd personalityd traitsd wouldd bed
conscientiousness,d Id liked tod pland thingsd andd liked tod bed veryd organized.d Id cand alsod sayd thatd Id
cand bed ad littled perfectionistd whend itd comesd tod myd jobd andd liked tod askd questionsd whend Id amd
notd sured aboutd somethingd befored makingd ad decision.d And attributed Id considerd ineffectived
leaderd wouldd bed lackd ofd communicationd andd lackd pfd empathy.d Ad skilld ford beingd inclusived
leaderd ind myd opiniond wouldd bed shared knowledged withd employeesd andd bed opend tod newd ideasd
fromd employees.d Communicationd willd alwaysd bed thed keyd ford ad goodd leaderd andd alsod ad goodd
listenerd whod cand alsod learnd fromd others.d Basedd ond thed resultsd fromd myd self-assessmentd Id
believed thatd Id dod haved thed emotionald intelligenced tod bed ad successfuld leader.d Myd resultsd showsd
thatd Id amd highd ind 3d outd ofd thed 4.d Id believed thatd Id haved whatd itd takesd tod bed ad successfuld leaderd
becaused Id haved ad highd leveld ofd emotionald intelligenced givingd med thed abilityd tod understandd
howd emotionsd cand affectd people.d Id amd veryd awared ofd myd ownd feelingsd too.d Thed Bigd fived
OCEANd personalityd traitd thatd Id thinkd willd assistd med ind beingd ad mored inclusived leaderd wouldd
bed Agreeableness.d Id chosed thatd oned becaused Id haved ad lotd ofd compassiond andd Id amd oned tod putd
asided myd interestd ford others.d Anyoned thatd knowsd med willd agreed thatd Id amd veryd helpful,d kind,d
considerated andd generousd andd thed listd goesd ond butd thesed ared thed traitsd thatd wouldd maked med ad
greatd leader.d Ad commond attributed thatd alld ineffectived leadersd thatd Id haved camed acrossd possessd
selfishnessd andd ared quickd tod blamed othersd ratherd thand takingd accountability.d Skillsd ared veryd
portabled whend beingd and inclusived leaderd ind myd opinion.
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