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Id defined leadershipd asd gettingd peopled tod dod whatd youd wantd becaused theyd wantd to.d Nod
threatening,d nod transactions,d justd doingd thed thingd youd wantd becaused youd askedd themd to.Thed
biggestd improvementd tod leadershipd skillsd comesd fromd exercisingd empathy,d treatingd peopled
withd respect,d andd notd waitingd tod addressd employeed concerns.d Id usuallyd recommendd Jamesd
Hunter'sd "Thed Servant"d tod myd employeesd becaused hed touchesd ond alld ofd thesed subjects.Id haved
beend leadingd sinced 2002,d sod Id definitelyd thinkd Id haved whatd itd takesd tod bed ad leader.d Id haved
definitelyd maded mistakesd alongd thed way,d butd thed teamsd Id haved leadd haved alld beend successful,d
andd mored importantly,d thosed folksd thatd workedd ford med wentd ond tod bed goodd leadersd ind theird
ownd right.d Developmentd isd importantd ford anyd skill,d andd leadingd isd nod exception.d Youd needd
practice,d andd lotsd ofd feedback.d Leaningd ond thed mored experiencedd peopled aroundd youd cand getd
youd throughd hardd timesd asd ad leader.d Needd thed teamd tod stayd late?d Hered isd whatd Id didd whend
myd teamd hadd tod dod it.d Understaffedd andd youd needd mored fromd thed peopled youd have?d Thisd isd
whatd wed didd tod coverd ourd gaps.Ifd Id wasd coachingd and aspiringd leaderd aboutd inclusiond andd
diversity,d Id wouldd suggestd theyd participated ind anyd locald organizationsd theyd could.d Volunteerd
leadershipd stilld countsd asd leadership.d Myd companyd isd veryd large,d sod wed haved corporated andd
locald inclusiond andd diversityd elements.d Id bringd myd newd supervisorsd alongd withd med tod
meetingsd andd haved themd helpd outd withd events.d Thed textbookd definesd leadershipd asd ad
complexd phenomenond involvingd thed leader,d thed follower,d andd thed situationd tod influenced
othersd ind achievingd ad goal.d Id defined leadershipd asd and actd performedd byd and individuald ord ad
groupd ofd peopled whod cand effectivelyd motivate,d andd mored peopled tod achieved thed samed goal,d
whichd isd beneficiald tod thed company,d employees,d andd thed peopled thed companyd serves.Artd ofd
leadershipd isd designedd tod teachd andd provided leadersd withd directlyd related,d easilyd appliedd
toolsd andd techniquesd thatd cand bed implementedd withind anyd corporated culture,d Thed "Artd ofd
Leadership"d isd designedd tod assistd leadersd withd makingd adjustmentsd basedd ond thed currentd
situation.d Thed "Artd ofd Leadership"d isd designedd tod assistd leadersd tod recognized thatd alld
situationsd mustd bed addressed,d butd notd alwaysd ind thed samed way.Afterd completingd thed self-
assessmentd Id dod believed Id haved whatd itd takesd tod leadd ind thed workplace.d Id haved scoredd highd
ond eachd sectiond ofd thed assessment.d Id haved provend myselfd asd and effectived leaderd ind thed
workplaced ond severald occasions.d Id wasd classifiedd asd and effectived leaderd becaused Id wasd
alwaysd willingd tod listend tod myd teamd andd valued theird input.d Id haved notd hadd formald trainingd ond
beingd ad leader,d Id guessd youd couldd sayd Id amd oned ofd thosed "Bornd Leaders".Growthd andd
Developmentd ared vitald tod becomingd ad mored inclusived leaderd becaused liked anyd otherd
art/scienced trainingd isd ad must.d Thed businessd worldd isd and ever-changingd placed andd ind orderd tod
growd andd developd trainingd isd ad must.Id wouldd coachd ord mentord aspiringd leadersd tod betterd
appreciated diversityd andd inclusiond byd encouragingd themd tod spendd timed withd theird teamd tod
gaind insightd intod thed differencesd andd learnd tod valued whatd eachd persond hasd tod offer,d despited
theird differences.d Differentd doesd notd meand bad,d itd isd justd different.d Thed textbookd saysd itd best,d
leadershipd isd widelyd arguedd andd mostd peopled disagreed ond itsd definition,d thed textd saysd itsd ad
complexd phenomenond involvingd thed leader,d thed followersd andd thed situation,d sod thatd meansd
leadershipd cand bed definedd differentlyd basedd ond dynamics.d Sod leadershipd isd thed processd ofd
influencingd and organizedd groupd towardsd achievingd itsd goals.Leadershipd isd bothd and artd andd ad
science.d Thed artd ofd leadershipd isd alld aboutd thed skilld ind deployingd thed properd tacticsd ind ad
situationd tod influenced othersd ind achievingd ad goal.d Certaind situationsd calld ford certaind measuresd
andd thed artd ofd leadershipd mayd showd youd howd tod moved andd pivotd throughoutd them;d andd notd
used ad one-cased scenariod ford alld situations.Id haved whatd itd takesd tod leadd ind thed workplace.d I'ved
combinedd structure,d organizationd andd highd adaptivityd tod bed successful.d Id cand bringd poised
andd structured andd stilld bed agile.d Leadd whend neededd andd scaled backd whend othersd strengthsd
rised tod getd thed overalld bestd resultd fromd ad group.d Leadershipd isd aboutd growing,d conceptsd
changed sod muchd youd haved tod bed 'upd withd thed timesd andd techniques'.d Leadersd needd ongoingd
trainingd tod bed inclusive.d Id justd completedd USF'sd DEId trainingd ind Octoberd ofd lastd yeard andd
learnedd sod muchd andd haved ad greaterd appreciationd ford diversityd andd inclusiond thatd isd neededd
whend peopled workd together.d Youd reallyd dod getd thed bestd fromd diversity.d Leadershipd tod med isd
thed actd ofd takingd ond managingd throughd influenced ratherd thand ad dictatorshipsd andd
understandingd thed dynamicsd ofd ad teamd effortd ratherd thand benefitsd ofd thed
individual.Leadershipd isd definitelyd and artd andd notd everyd managerd isd ad leader.d Ad leaderd cand
bed justd ad partd ofd workd team,d notd necessarilyd thed managerd ofd thed department.d Asd Id
mentioned,d it'sd understandingd howd tod used influenced andd beingd tactfuld ond communication.d
It'sd notd easyd tod alwaysd comprehendd thed differenced ofd tellingd someoned whatd tod dod ratherd
thand showingd andd havingd themd understandd thed importanced ofd thed task,d whiled feelingd valuedd
ford it.d Id myselfd haved hadd tod learnd thed difference.d Id believed itd comesd withd timed andd itd alsod
dependsd ond eachd manager'sd viewpoint.d Whatd isd mostd importantd tod thatd individual?d Thed
growthd ofd theird teamd asd ad wholed ord themselvesd asd and individual?Id thinkd Id haved learnedd
aboutd leadershipd mored sod nowd thatd I'md ind management.d Id loved tod seed individualsd exceld andd
growd withind theird career.d That'sd whatd isd importantd tod me.d Id continued learningd everyday,d butd
Id alwaysd focusd aroundd waysd tod influenced andd strategized especiallyd aroundd diversityd andd
inclusion.d Thed onlyd wayd tod getd betterd atd anythingd isd tod develop.d Findd whatd isd lackingd andd
applyd methodsd tod improved thosed opportunities.Ifd Id hadd tod coachd ord mentord aspiringd leadersd
ond howd tod betterd appreciated diversityd andd inclusion,d Id wouldd explaind howd importantd itd isd tod
haved multipled viewpoints.d Everyd personsd opiniond mattersd andd youd mightd bed abled tod bed
successfuld withd justd yourd ownd viewd ford ad shortd time;d however,d tod bed mored successfuld youd
haved tod lookd aroundd youd andd graspd littled bitsd ofd informationd fromd everyone.d That'sd reallyd
thed onlyd wayd tod grow,d tod notd bed stuckd ind thed samed mindsetd andd understandd howd wonderfuld
itd isd tod haved diversityd andd inclusiond bed ad partd ofd thed workspace.
Hered ared somed ofd thed characteristicsd ofd leadership:
Leadershipd stemsd fromd sociald influence,d notd authorityd ord power
Leadershipd requiresd others,d andd thatd impliesd theyd don’td needd tod bed “directd reports”
Nod mentiond ofd personalityd traits,d attributes,d ord evend ad title;d thered ared manyd styles,d manyd
paths,d tod effectived leadership
Itd includesd ad goal,d notd influenced withd nod intendedd outcome
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